22 Facts You Didn’t Know About Shower [Infographic]

The human being has a tendency for not noticing most common things in their life. Have you ever wondered remembering what you had for dinner last weekend? If you are like most human you can’t remember it. But why this happens? Our brain simply ignores the less important matter to process the most prioritized things.

Well, this is not our topic today and not knowing everything is also not a fault by the way, we will be discussing about 22 facts about shower that you didn’t know before. Some funny, weird and interesting shower habits of man and women, showering in day vs night and benefit of cold shower vs hot shower presented in the form of infographic below.

TLDR; This post not going to make you an expert about anything but for sure after having a look on this infographic you can surprise your friend by telling them how long time their girlfriend spend taking shower 🙂

showerhacks infographic


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