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A bathroom is the room of our personal hygiene activities. It contains a sink, shower, bathtub or more pieces of equipment. In some countries, a toilet is a part of the bathroom. In most counties, clearing the body on a regular basis is critical in the social aspect. So the bathroom. In America, we use the word bathroom to mean a room that contains a toilet, shower, sink, etc.

In ShowerHacks, our goal is to make you less stressed about selecting the right bathroom equipment.

As the industry is competitive as hell, dozens of brands are introducing new products every month and consumers are confused in choosing the best products. To lessen the hassle, we test the products and recommend you the best one that will suit your personal requirements.

We understand your unique aspect for your bathroom. As such, we made sure the equipment we have recommended here at ShowerHacks are not only the highest possible quality but also best concerning features and cost of the product.

We also made sure that the bathroom products we recommend are highly compliant with American regulations and standards. As we recommend multiple products for every criteria or type, we made sure to add in-depth reviews and side by side comparison for your convenience.

Recommended Bathroom Equipment (After Rigorous Testing)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About  Bathroom Equipment 

How do bathroom exhaust fans work?

There’s moisture and odor in the bathroom and exhaust fans help removing that from. It grabs the suctioned air and expel it outside. Making the bathroom air odor-free and breathable.

Can bathtub drains be replaced?

If there’s an access panel behind the tub then you can do some adjustments in the plumbing system. Just be prepared for the worms you’ll be seeing in the pipeline and don’t get freaked out.

How to replace bathroom faucets?

Replacing bathroom faucets is easy. First you need to turn off the water supply. There are valves under the sink. Then disconnect the supply lines. If you can’t reach the connection line then you can use a basin wrench.

How tall is bathroom vanities?

The height of the bathroom vanities can vary from individuals’ height. The standard height is 32”. For comfort the size can increase for another 4”.

Do fogless shower mirrors work?

Yes, fogless shower mirrors work. If you enjoy grooming then fogless shower mirror is something you should acquire in your bathroom. This mirror ensures that you get a clean view of yourself in the shower.

Are shower curtains washable?

Yes, Shower curtains are washable. If you have a washing machine in your house then the whole process is very easy. Just put half cup laundry detergent and half cup baking soda and put the shower curtains along with it. Your shower curtains will be good as new before you know it.

What are shower caps made of?

A Shower cap is a hat worn while showering to protect the hair from becoming wet. Maybe you want to take a shower but don’t want to wash your hair then you can wear this cap. Kids can also wears this for keeping their eyes safe from the shampoo that’s in their hair.

Are freestanding tubs hard to get into?

No, Freestanding tubs aren’t hard to get into. Just make sure the tub is not slippery and you have taken a proper grip of the corner before getting into the tub.

Can shower steam damage shower speakers?

Shower speakers are made keeping in mind that it will come in contact of water. Constant vapor will be present in the room. So it’s needless to say that shower steam won’t damage shower speakers in any way.

What kind of shower filters remove fluoride and chlorine?

Most shower filters can remove chlorine. But it takes special substances like activated alumina to remove Fluoride.

Does whirlpool tub need dedicated circuit?

Yes, Whirlpool tub requires a dedicated circuit. However the amount of it varies from one tub to another. Before having any whirlpool tub it’s advised to check the requirements.

Can a pedestal sink be wall mounted?

Pedestal sink can be wall mounted. It’s a very easy process. At first disengage the current water flow. Then properly drill in the wall. And then you can wall mount the pedestal sink in your bathroom.

Are medicine cabinets outdated?

Medicine cabinets were popular but day by day it’s losing its style. Though some people are still using a medicine cabinet, most people don’t recommend using it.

Are hair dryers bad for hair?

Hair dryers aren’t bad for hair if used properly. Using the hair dryer twice per week is reasonable. Extensive use of hair dryer can be harmful. Hair can be damaged by blow drying.