Best Automatic Soap Dispenser For 2021

A germ and bacteria-free home shouldn’t be an option for you, it’s a must-have. Especially when you are working with children, this should be a high priority area for a safe and healthy home. Soap dispensers are made to ease hand cleaning and add class and luxury to your bathroom and kitchen decor.

But not any dispenser can serve this purpose, automatic hand dispensers are the best. You won’t have to touch them for them to work. In fact, touching helps spread bacteria. With automatic soap dispensers, you only get worry-free cleaning.

Best Automatic Soap Dispenser – Comparison

PictureProduct NamePrimary MaterialColorPrice
Krois Automatic Soap DispenserKrois Automatic SoapStainless steel and ABS plasticNickelCheck Latest Price
Umbra Otto Automatic Soap DispenserUmbra Otto Automatic SoapPlasticNickelCheck Latest Price
Leapair Update Countertop DispenserLeapair Update CountertopStainless steelSilverCheck Latest Price
Automatic Foam Soap DispenserAutomatic Foam SoapStainless SteelWhiteCheck Latest Price
Premium Touchless SoapPremium Touchless SoapStainless steel and ABS plasticChampagne SilverCheck Latest Price
EcoDefy Soap and Sanitizer DispenserEcoDefy Soap and SanitizerStainless SteelChampagneCheck Latest Price
PerPik IR Sensor Soap Liquid DispenserPerPik IR Sensor SoapStainless SteelCheck Latest Price
Svinz 15 OZ. Touchless Soap DispenserSvinz 15 OZ. TouchlessPlasticChromeCheck Latest Price

10 Best Automatic Soap Dispensers – Reviews

I have researched some of the best automatic soap dispensers and prepared a must-read article if you are concerned about health in your home.

1. Krois Automatic Soap Dispenser

Krois Automatic Soap Dispenser

Krois Automatic Soap Dispenser is one of the favorite soap dispensers I have had. It is a touch-free, high efficient pump translating to consistent dispensing.

This is made possible by its advanced infrared ray human body technology that makes intelligent reactions when triggered by body proximity.

The unit comes with an adjustable 3 mode volume setting that makes the whole operation controllable in terms of dispensing volumes.

You can use your favorite soap with this model, this adds convenience to its efficiency. I know you will love it. I highly endorse it.


  • Easy operation
  • Has an adjustable volume
  • Can work with any soap
  • Is automatic and touch-free
  • Quick sensitivity to hand proximity


  • Customers have mentioned default in some units of the same

2. Umbra Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser

Umbra Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser

The Umbra Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser is one of a kind. You will certainly fall in love with the elegance and sleek look of this unit.

This metallic nickel unit with black accent blend will suit your kitchen and bathroom décor.

Capable to use with any dish liquid, the unit dispenses a fixed amount which is not too much and not too little. You can also view liquid levels via the window in the front

Such capabilities make this a high-end yet very affordable dispenser for home use. Such qualities are rare to find. Order one before stocks last.


  • Lovely, sleek design
  • Automatic and hands-free
  • Very affordable
  • Visibility to liquid levels
  • Durable


  • Some units don’t work consistently

3. Leapair Update Countertop Dispenser

Leapair Update Countertop Dispenser

One of the items that will aid is combating germ infections in your home is a soap dispenser. Not any dispenser can do this trick for you.

The Leapair Update Countertop Automatic Soap Dispenser is one of the few dispensers with a reputable dispensing.

It has infra-red sensors that detects movement and dispense liquid soap without any hassle. Its durable stainless steel construction is also something to talk about.


  • Durable steel construction
  • Touch free dispenser for less germ spread
  • Scratch free
  • Sturdy and attractive design


  • Some models have batteries leaking
  • Some dispense too much soap

4. Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser

Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser

The Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser is a soap saver. It can use up to 75% less soap than other soap dispensers in the industry.

You also have the choice of diluting your liquid soap with water for luxurious foam for hand washing.

The model is also a space saver for your home. It can be mounted on your kitchen or bathroom wall and save up large spaces other dispenser have failed to. This is a unique feature compared to others.

It also eliminates the spill over common with other dispensers. If you want to save on space and soap, this model is for you. Order one now –


  • You can control the amount of soap to dispense
  • Is more efficient with batteries that last up to a year
  • Unit can be wall mounted
  • Easy soap set up
  • Responsive sensor


  • Batteries may be a little hard to get

5. Premium Touchless Soap Dispenser

Premium Touchless Soap Dispenser

This Product currently not available in amazon USA, you can buy it from

This dispenser is an automatic with the latest touch free infrared sensor technology that ensures an easy to use operation.

You like other dispensers in the market, you won’t use your hand when operating, just washing.

An added advantage with the Premium Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser is the 3 volume adjustable setting that will ensure precise volume is dispensed and no waste. Its brushed stainless steel is also a plus for me.

It can work on any soap, unlike other brands with particular brand recommendation. Subsequently, you can use your favorite brand with this dispenser. Go get this –


  • Has an adjustable volume
  • Works with any soap
  • Is a brushed stainless steel
  • Long lasting battery
  • Sleek and neat design


  • Sensor not as sensitive
  • Some sensors are defective

6. EcoDefy Soap and Sanitizer Dispenser

EcoDefy Soap and Sanitizer Dispenser

The elegant look and touchless features of the EcoDefy Automatic Touchless Hand Soap and Sanitizer Dispenser will make your children want to wash their hands more.

My kids found it magical and wash as often as possible, so I have no issues with germ spreading in my home.

The brand comes with an adjustable soap volume dispensing. This ability, I have found it thoughtful especially when the kids love using it. I can also use it with any liquid for example body lotion

All said and done, the dispenser is of premium quality and has a sleek design that you will surely love on your kitchen sink and bathroom. I highly recommend it


  • Sleek and stunning design
  • The hands free capability minimizes germ spread
  • Easy and adjustable soap volume
  • Money saving battery use
  • You can use any soap


  • Not as durable

7. PerPik IR Sensor Soap Liquid Dispenser

PerPik IR Sensor Soap Liquid Dispenser

If you can stand odd-looking dispensers that make your bathroom look ugly, then you will love the Stainless Steel Automatic Soap Liquid Dispenser.

It has a really sleek and beautiful look for a soap dispenser that will harmonize or even improve the look on your bathroom.

Apart from this, the dispenser is a multipurpose, meaning you can use other liquid soaps, detergents, hand sanitizers and even shower gels for your home. This dispenser will serve a great purpose for your kitchen and bathroom use.

Other unique features with this design are its fingerprint free resistance capability, hassle-free refilling and a slip resistant base.


  • Durable stainless steel hand sanitizer
  • Multipurpose
  • Touchless dispenser
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Precise and ergonomic design


  • Some do not work as expected

8. Svinz 15 OZ. Touchless Soap Dispenser

Svinz 15 OZ. Touchless Soap Dispenser

The Svinz 15 OZ. Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser is a hands-free dispenser with infra-red sensor activation.

This helps prevent the spread of bacteria and in turn, promotes good health.

With this unit, you will notice preciseness in dispensing the soap liquid, and you won’t have to worry about unintentional dispensing. Quality with this dispenser is the ability to accommodate twice the capacity of other dispensers meaning you won’t have to refill it as frequently.

I love its ability to hold a large capacity of soap, which is not common with other dispensers in the market. For this reason, among others, I highly recommend it for you.


  • Sensor activation
  • Is a large capacity dispenser
  • Is an accurate dispensing
  • Volume control switch allows volume adjustments
  • It’s not just for hand soap but other uses as well
  • The unit is energy efficient


  • Some are faulty
  • Slow speed dispenser

9. Soap Dispenser by Lathered Elegance

Soap Dispenser by Lathered Elegance

The Premium Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser is an original brand by Lathered Elegance.

The company has a reputation of producing some of the best dispensers in the market today.

It may be confused with other brands buy its quality product is unmatched. I will dive in some of the best features I found with this model. First of all I really love the advancements of the precise dispensing ability.

This means less mess on my kitchen and bathroom floor. Moreover, the five levels of adjustment is a plus for me. This lathered elegance’s brand also has a pretty firm base that prevents tip overs. Its high liquid capacity capability is the icing to the cake. You will love it.


  • It is automatic and touchless
  • Can hold twice the amount of soap other dispensers can
  • Has 5 dispenser levels
  • Not just for soap
  • Sleek design
  • Perfect amount dispensed


  • Some units have clogging issues

10. OPERNEE Touchless Soap Dispenser

OPERNEE Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser might be the solution to your home’s germ infection problems.

This is an original second generation dispenser, meaning it is more durable and solid.

A notable feature with this dispenser is its anti-leakage and waterproof capabilities which are enabled by the technology that comes with a second generation brand. You will almost certainly have no such problem with this model.

Of course, the model is an automatic if you are wondering. The advantage with this brand is its durability and anti-aging proficiency. You can be sure this model will serve you long enough. I recommend it.


  • Has an anti-leakage and waterproof capability
  • Durable and long working time
  • Adjustable dispensing amounts
  • Touch-free and sensitive
  • Affordable
  • Scratch free


  • Some have sensor issue

Factors To Consider When Buying A Soap Dispenser

When you are searching for the best soap dispenser, you want to get the best quality. Here are a few things that will help you choose the best soap.

Quality And Elegance

I have always advocated for a high-quality material dispensers. Affordability should never be prioritized ahead of durability. That is unless you plan to use it for a day. Stainless steel high-quality dispensers are elegant and should last for long.

Remember dispensers are for everyone’s use including visitors; you may want to consider one that adds glamour to your home.


Age groups of the users can affect the decision to buy certain brands of dispensers. When you are buying for children, hand sanitation is important. Of course, you will want them to use it more often. Therefore an attractive design with colors or an animated one will promote hand cleaning habits among your kids.


Such factors like the size of your family determine the capacity to go for. If you have children, consider the fact that they will want to use it more and therefore a large capacity can be ideal. Otherwise, I would recommend one that will hold liquid for a week minimum.

Soap Type

Some dispenser demands certain types of soap. This can be an inconvenience when you have a favorite soap you intend to use. However, most of the dispensers I have reviewed have the ability to use any soap. It is, therefore, critical to check on this fact. You should also consider the fact that you might use body lotions.


Think about the spots you will place your dispenser. If space is enough, then you are free to settle on bigger capacity dispensers. However, if your space is small, a smaller version will be ideal

Final Verdict

I hope I have convinced you on the importance of a soap dispenser for your home. I also hope I have as well guided you in choosing the ultimate soap dispenser. This article should guide you in all these endeavors.

What more can I say? I have said it all here. So what are you waiting for? Order one and get the best deal and value for your money.

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