Best Bathroom Vanities – Supreme Guide & Reviews in 2021

Do you want to give your bathroom a makeover without spending a lot of money? Then buying a bathroom vanity is one cost-effective solution. It is a free-standing dressing table that can change the overall look and feel of a room. It usually contains a counter space, a sink, and storage.

Unlike fancy shower heads, expensive flushing toilets or tankless water heater for your bathroom, bathroom vanities can make the bathroom look more stylish without you breaking the bank, so to speak.

Best Bathroom Vanities – Comparison

PictureProduct NameMaterialsDimensions (Inches)Price
46" Cottage look Abbeville Sink46″ Cottage look Abbeville SinkWhite marble top, wood21.5 x 46 x 34Check Latest Price
Legion Furniture WLF6020-WLegion Furniture WLF6020-WManufactured Wood24 x 18.8 x 34Check Latest Price
 Stufurhome GM-5116-48-TR 48-InchStufurhome GM-5116-48-TR 48-InchManufactured Wood22 x 48 x 36Check Latest Price
 Design House 545095Design House 545095satin nickel hardware21 x 36 x 33.6Check Latest Price
Elecwish 24" Modern Elecwish 24″ Modern Aluminum,Steel, Wood,Glass24 x 18.5 x 33.8Check Latest Price
Silkroad Marble Stone Silkroad Marble Stone Natural Stone, Solid Wood72 x 22 x 36Check Latest Price
Simpli Home Chelsea 48" Bath VanitySimpli Home Chelsea 48″ Bath VanityWood21 x 48 x 35Check Latest Price
 46" Cottage look Abbeville 46″ Cottage look Abbeville White marble top,wood46.75 x 21.75 x 34Check Latest Price
Hamilton Shutter Double VanityHamilton Shutter Double VanitySolid birch35 x 61 x 22Check Latest Price
Premier Faucet 106724 Premier Faucet 106724 Satin nickel,wood21 x 36 x 33.5Check Latest Price

How To Choose Bathroom Vanities

There are certain factors that you will need to consider when choosing the best bathroom vanity.

1. Decide on the style

Bathroom vanities come in different styles. The traditional-styled bathroom vanity, for instance, has classic lines and embellished trim work. It also has subdued color schemes and feature-style cabinets.

The contemporary-styled bathroom vanity, on the other hand, is characterized by monochromatic colors with a combination of smooth textures and sleek materials.

Casual bathroom vanities are more relaxed and uncomplicated compared to the two previously mentioned styles. It is more functional, too. Eclectic bathroom vanities are known to have a unique combination of textures and colors.

2. Consider the material

The Bathroom vanities are also made of various materials like solid wood. Of this material type, oak, maple, and cherry are the three most widely used. Solid wood can be stained or dried for the right finish and tone. But the downside to buying a bathroom vanity made of solid wood is that you’ll have to pay more. Solid wood is always expensive.

On the other hand, veneer is a more affordable option to solid wood. Laminates, meanwhile, are equally cheap. Its synthetic finish is not only rugged but also demands very minimal maintenance.

3. Determine Available Space

Obviously, you will have to measure the available space in your bathroom first before you buy a bathroom vanity. You also have to ensure that the bathroom vanity won’t get in the way of door openings both for the entry and the shower. You will also have to keep in mind other features like outlets and mirrors, making sure that you will still be able to use/access them even if you add a bathroom vanity.

Most bathroom vanities have a standard counter top height of 31 inches. Widths can range from 24, 30, 48, and 60 inches. You’ll have to consider other people in your household, like if you have children. Lower counter tops may be needed if you have kids.

Other Considerations

  • Storage—if you are to add a vanity to the master bathroom, then you might want a unit with ample space. But if the vanity is to be placed in the guest room or a room which isn’t regularly used, then storage may not be that important.
  • Color and finish
  • Remodeling considerations—if you are to get new vanity, you might have to fit it to the existing plumbing, or even install new flooring if the new vanity has a different footprint
  • Assembly—the top rated bathroom vanities come in fully assembled
  • Warranty

10 Best Bathroom Vanities – Review

1.46″ Cottage look Abbeville Bathroom Sink vanity


If you are looking to spruce up your bathroom, why don’t you add this cottage-style sink cabinet? It comes fully assembled, with a crystal white marble countertop, a white under mount porcelain sink, and shutter-style doors.

This 46 inch wide bathroom vanity can make your guest feel as if they are in the beach. It can add a casual elegance to any bathroom. There’s a large storage compartment where you can put items like towels and toiletries. Back-panel pre-cut openings are also available for easy plumbing access.

This is a great addition despite being a bit pricey. Also you will have to buy the faucets separately. Another common complaint is that the drawers don’t slide that easily. Some consumers said they had to wax the wood so that the drawers would be able to slide in and out easier

2.Legion Furniture WLF6020-W Bathroom Vanity


This single sink bathroom vanity features a white ceramic top. Made of manufactured wood, it comes fully assembled.

With a width of 24 inches, this vanity should fit well in your bathroom even if you don’t have much space in that part of the house.
It has a contemporary style that makes it a good addition to a small bathroom, and convenient pricing and look made this # 2 in our bathroom vanities list.

There’s a shelf under the cabinet where you can place extra toiletries and towels. You can even add a decorative accent to it to make your bathroom even more inviting. The cabinet, meanwhile, has slow close hinges. It’s not the most spacious cabinet but it should be good enough for storage of some towels.

3.Stufurhome GM-5116-48-TR 48-Inch Vanity


This is an excellent addition to a spacious bathroom. It has a width of 48 inches, so make sure you have enough space for this.
It has a traditional style, with intricate designs that can add sophistication to your bathroom. Its marble top also gives it a unique touch.

There’s an oval sink in this vanity. It measures about 15 inches wide and 11.5 inches from the front to back. It is also around six inches deep. In terms of storage, there’s plenty of space for your toiletries as there are nine drawers and two doors in this vanity.

Many reviewers .com are satisfied with this vanity. They say that it has made their bathroom even more appealing. But a common complaint is that the unit doesn’t have a faucet with it. There’s also no mirror in this vanity.

4.Design House 545095 Wyndham White Vanity


This is another good addition to a medium-sized bathroom. It is about 36 inches wide, with a height of 31.5 inches and a depth of 21.5 inches.
It is made from satin nickel hardware, with a nice white gloss finish. Design House backs it up with a limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Many reviewers .com are impressed with this vanity. They say that it looks very good in their bathrooms. They say that its subtle vintage design meshes well with its modern construction.

The two drawers, they add, provide enough storage for their towels. The cabinets also have soft-close hinges.

The main beef owners have with this vanity is that some of their units had slightly damaged corners.

5.Elecwish 24″ Modern Bathroom Vanity


If you are looking for a bathroom vanity with a minimalist design, then this is one unit you ought to take a look at.

It is made of eco-MDF wood which its manufacturer says should last for a long time. It has a decorative tempered glass inserted on its cabinet front.

With a dark brown finish, it should add some elegance to your bathroom. It also has a water-proof and hard-to-scratch finish. Chrome foot pads protect all four legs of the vanity.

The opening base shelf is spacious enough for items like laundry baskets. The wooden countertop is very attractive, aside from having enough space for toothbrush holder and a bottle of handwash soap. While it doesn’t come assembled, many owners said they didn’t encounter a lot of problems in assembling it.

6.Silkroad Exclusive Countertop Marble Stone Vanity


This is a traditional bathroom vanity that is made of solid wood, with a natural stone top. It measures 72 inches wide, 22 inches deep and 36 inches tall. It comes fully assembled, with a pre-drilled access for an eight inch widespread faucet.

Despite being one of the most expensive in this list, you won’t likely regret getting this bathroom vanity. It has a bronze finish, with three drawers right smack in the middle of the unit.

There are also two cabinets on the side of this vanity. All these storage options should be spacious enough for all your stuff.Plus, there are two sinks in this bathroom vanity. There’s also a lot of space in the countertop for your decorative items like a flower vase.

This is a very good choice if you have a large bathroom. It’s just very heavy at 300 pounds so you might need some help in installing this in your bathroom.

7.Simpli Home Chelsea 48″ Bath Vanity


This is a mid-priced vanity that can make your bathroom look more inviting again. It has a soft white lacquer finish. Complementing it is a white china sink that is undermounted and measures 13 inches by 15 inches. It is made of veneer wood.

There are three cabinets in this bath vanity, with two drawers on the bottom part. The drawers have dimensions of about 18 inches by 13 inches by 4.75 inches.

It can hold items like towels and hair dryer. The countertop has enough space for other bathroom essentials like toothbrush holders.

Many reviews .com indicate that this it is an attractive and well-made bathroom vanity. It comes pre-assembled, too

8.46″ Cottage look Abbeville Bathroom Sink vanity


This is another example of a bathroom vanity that can make your bathroom look more appealing. It has a cottage look, with one large marble countertop and a white porcelain sink.

There is a large storage compartment in this vanity, with back panel pre-cut opening. It measures 46 inches wide, 21.5 inches deep, and 34 inches tall.

There’s a lot of storage options in this vanity. Aside from the one large cabinet, it has six small drawers measuring about 7.5 inches wide. You can also make use of the extra space underneath the sink for storing other bathroom essentials.

Made of solid wood, this bathroom sink vanity should last a long time. Many reviewers .com think so, too. The only real disappointment they had with their vanities is the color. Most of them thought it is colored green, but the unit is actually more of grayish.

9.Hamilton Shutter Double Vanity


This bathroom vanity can make your dull-looking bathroom appear more beautiful. It has a classic cottage design with louvered doors and recessed drawer panels.

Its grant countertop is pre-drilled for a couple of three-hole faucets with width of about 8 inches. There are also dual undermount sinks in this vanity although the backsplash and faucet are predictably not included.

Many satisfied owners say they like the soft sand color of the unit, with bits of whites, blacks, and browns. They say the color doesn’t show dirt, which is good as you don’t have to clean this vanity every time that you are in the bathroom.

The drawers and door are soft-close in nature, thus kids won’t be able to slam them at all.

10.Premier Faucet 106724 Sonoma RTA Vanity


With its sleek design and espresso finish, this vanity can be the centerpiece of your bathroom.

Its door frames and drawer are made of solid wood, with the rest of the cabinet made of particleboard. It doesn’t come assembled but fortunately, assembly is a breeze.

There are three drawers to the right side of a big cabinet underneath this vanity. Those storage options should be enough for towels and other toiletries.

Most owners however say this vanity doesn’t come with a sink and faucet. But aside from that disappointment, this is still a solid bathroom vanity you may want to add in your bathroom.

Final Verdict:

These best bathroom vanities are all highly recommended additions to your bathroom. I highly recommend these units, and picked them after hours of research. It’s simply up for you to decide which of these vanities will work best for your space.

These top bathroom vanities come in various styles and sizes, so you may be a bit overwhelmed in buying a unit for your bathroom. You can choose the right bathroom vanity by taking into consideration factors like style, materials, and the available space in your bathroom. You must also weigh in other factors like storage, color, finish, and of course, the price of the bathroom vanity.

Whichever bathroom vanity you eventually buy in this list, I can assure you that you will be adding a bathroom vanity that can make your bathroom look more attractive.

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