Best Bathtubs For 2021 – Tested & Reviewed By Experts

A handful of home enthusiasts realize that buying the best bathtub for their bathroom isn’t as easy as it look. One has to be well-prepared and willing to do the research scouring hundreds of bathtubs to find the ideal one.

Once you go through all the top rated bathtub reviews and user comments, you’ll find that selecting the best one for yourselves requires a bit more than choosing the size or the color of the bathtub. The good thing is, you have many choices that you can pick from. The sad part is, you have FAR TOO MANY choices to pick from!

If you are dwindling as to which size to select, which material to select and how comfort plays a significant role in your choice; this article is specially tailored for YOU.

This piece will deal with the factors you need to consider to purchase a bathtub. So, let’s begin, shall we?

Best Bathtubs in 2021 – Comparison

PictureProduct NameSizeMaterialsPrice
OVE Rachel 70-Inch Acrylic BathtubOVE Rachel 70-Inch Acrylic Bathtub50 – 60 GallonsAcrylicCheck Latest Price
61 Cast Iron Slipper Tub61 Cast Iron Slipper Tub46 GallonsCast IronCheck Latest Price
AKDY F210 Free Standing BathtubAKDY F210 Free Standing Bathtub79 GallonsAcrylicCheck Latest Price
American Standard 2422V002.011 EvolutionAmerican Standard 2422V002.011 Evolution74 GallonsAcrylicCheck Latest Price
American Standard 2393.202.020 PrincetonAmerican Standard 2393.202.020 Princeton42 GallonsPorcelainCheck Latest Price
D-Code Acrylic Soaking BathtubD-Code 29.53 x 16.54 Soaking Bathtub16.54 GallonsAcrylicCheck Latest Price
KOHLER K-1123-0 Archer 5-Foot BathKOHLER K-1123-0 Archer 5-Foot Bath58 GallonsAcrylicCheck Latest Price
American Standard 2460.002.020 CambridgeAmerican Standard 2460.002.020 Cambridge50 – 60 GallonsPorcelainCheck Latest Price
KOHLER K-715-0 Villager Bath TubKOHLER K-715-0 Villager Bath Tub30 – 40 GallonsEnameled Cast IronCheck Latest Price
American Standard 2764014M202.011American Standard 2764014M202.01158 GallonsAcrylicCheck Latest Price
AKDY F278 Bathroom White ColorAKDY F278 Bathroom White Color95 GallonsAcrylicCheck Latest Price
American Standard 2461.002.020American Standard 2461.002.02050 – 60 GallonsAmericastCheck Latest Price
KOHLER K-1150-LA-0 BANCROFT Bath TubKOHLER K-1150-LA-0 BANCROFT Bath Tub50 – 60 GallonsAcrylicCheck Latest Price

13 Best Bathtubs – Reviews

Let’s face it, researching the best bathtub takes time, right? What if I knew a way around that? Well, fortunately for you, I went ahead, did the research myself, and handpicked 13 of the top bathing tubs that you can buy. Let us look at these products and short reviews.

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1. OVE Rachel 70-Inch Acrylic Bathtub

OVE Rachel 70-Inch Acrylic Bathtub

If you prefer high-end bathtubs with top-notch finish, OVE Rachel 70-Inch Acrylic Bathtub is a good option as far as Acrylic bathtubs go. This freestanding bathroom accessory syncs perfectly with contemporary bathroom fittings, thanks to the glossy acrylic finish.

This can adapt to any surface, thanks to the leveling legs. Also, fiberglass reinforcement makes it robust to withstand any misuse. You can even use specific “Deck Mounting Facets” that enhance the performance of the bathtub. But you’ll have to buy them separately.

The package includes a drain plug. Just pull it, and water will exit the tub. Also, an overflow is included if you can’t use the drain plug. OVE Rachel 70-inch tub is lightweight when you consider it as a freestanding bathtub. Samuel, my friend, could carry it comfortably over to his bathroom in about 15 minutes’ time. As far as the safety standards go, the bathtub is ULC or the CSA which are the gold standard.


  • It is a lightweight tub.
  • This freestanding tub is designed to last long.
  • Certified for safety standards.
  • Matches with almost any type of bathroom.


  • Installing this piece of furniture is tedious task.
  • It could use a bit of space inside.

2. 61″ Cast Iron Slipper Tub

61 Cast Iron Slipper Tub

If you are into clawfoot bathtubs, you’ll love 61″ Cast Iron Slipper Tub from Chariton. This bathroom accessory provides you a 14-inch overflow design. You can easily get in and out of the tub. The cast iron construction grants this Clawfoot bathtub durability.

It retains the water temperature for a long time. You can enjoy long hot baths with this one. At the same time, the interior is made of porcelain. The feet of this luxury bathtub comes with bronze construction. These two factors grant the elegance to this bathroom accessory. The design is especially suitable for a luxurious bathroom setting. The texture prevents you from slipping up.

One blemish is that it doesn’t really bode well for tall people. The lavish bathtub is not a fussy one maintenance-wise. People can clean the porcelain interior nicely and without hassle.


  • Affordable furniture considering it’s clawfoot.
  • The bronze legs are much better than what you see in pictures.
  • Great construction for such a price.
  • Comfortable bathtub to own.


  • Not for people over 6’2”

3. AKDY F210 Free Standing Bathtub

AKDY F210 Free Standing Bathtub

Next in line is this amazing F210 AKDY Free Standing Bathtub that boasts a “Double Wall” construction. What this type of design does is it retains the heat. Two walls trap your body heat inside of the tub when you get into it. As a result, you can enjoy a soaking bath while relaxing your muscles. The design plays a significant part in deciding your comfort level as well.

The bathtub has a contoured design. That helps people to recline when they want and the way the want to. An added bonus is the fact that AKDY F210 Free Standing Bathtub has 79 gallons of water capacity. As a parent, you can enjoy a bath with your kids in this bathtub. It never feels “Overfilled” with more people inside.

The fact that it is a “Freestanding” bathtub adds another dimension to it. You can use it in any bathroom without the parts needed for setup. However, AKDY F210 Free Standing Bathtub comes with adjustable feet that help to put the bathroom accessory “In Level” with uneven surfaces. The bathroom accessory comes with a drainage pipe.


  • This acrylic bathtub is safe for people.
  • Using this bathroom furniture is safe for environment.
  • Durable piece of furniture.
  • You can move it around without much of a hassle.
  • This bathing tub has good tensile strength.
  • Holds a lot of water.


  • Installation can be a bit tedious at times.

4. American Standard 2422V002.011 Evolution

American Standard 2422V002.011 Evolution

The next contender on my list is also from American Standard. The 2422V002.011 Evolution has a dimension of 5-feet by 32 inches. People can have a soaking bath with this model where every part of their body can submerge under water. In fact, the bathtub is so deep that it is metaphorically called a pool. It is one of the best bathtubs in 2020 when it comes to acrylic.

American Standard Evolution even features a fiberglass coating. Reinforced fiberglass ensures that your bathtub remains tough and resistant to accidents.

The manufacturer have provided a backrest to keep your body upright. Also, you’ll have padded armrests. These armrests will give you an aristocratic feel while granting you the much-needed comfort.

As far as safety is concerned, the Evolution is slip-resistant. People with disabilities will also be able to use this bathroom furniture as it is ADA certified.


  • This bathing tub can be easily moved from place to place.
  • You can safely get in and out.
  • You can clean this in a jiffy.
  • Draining system is better than most tubs.


  • Floor of the bathtub is not exactly slip-resistant.

5. American Standard 2393.202.020 Princeton

American Standard 2393.202.020 Princeton

As with most American Standard products, 2393.202.020 Princeton Recess Bathtub is manufactured on American soil! This bathtub is lightweight (almost half of what cast iron measures), anyone can carry this into the bathroom and install it with minor assistance.

Setting this up is never a problem. You have an integral apron and tile flanges to set this thing up on your tiles and against your bathroom walls. The porcelain finish gives it a glossy look. Also, the Americast metal provides the sturdiness to last long. Not to forget, the bathtub comes with all the necessary items for installation.

American Standard makes sure you have the comfort you desire from a mid-range bathtub such as this. For that, you have the lumber support that contours to your body closely. Also, the headset makes sure your head remains upright while you bathe.

For safety, the inner surface is designed to be slip-resistant. Even the elderly people can enjoy their time in the bath with this bathtub around.


  • An easy installation process.
  • Comfortable and easy to use.
  • Lasts the test of time.
  • Comes with slip-resistant surface.


  • You’ll need some kind of support while installing it.

6. D-Code Acrylic Soaking Bathtub

D-Code Acrylic Soaking Bathtub

D-Code Acrylic Soaking Bathtub comes from Duravit. One good thing about this bathing tub is that it has a built-in outlet to release water once it gets used up.

The rectangle tub comes with Alpin finish which makes it cool to look at. You can gaze at it for hours and not get tired one bit. D-Code Acrylic Soaking Bathtub is most suited for soaking baths. It holds precisely 16.54 gallons of water. Mind you, it is only enough for one person at a time.

While D-Code Soaking Bathtub lacks in quantity of water, it makes up with quality. The acrylic finish retains water temperature “As it is” for longer. Also, there is a “Slope” backrest in place. Just so you can lay back and enjoy your time in the bathroom.

The product is extremely lightweight and easy to install as well.


  • Slanted backrest works to the advantage of users.
  • This furniture is wide and deep, the roomy bathtub provides a soaking experience.
  • Price vs. Performance ratio is better than expected.
  • Retains the water temperature for a long time.


  • No negative points to report thus far.

7. KOHLER K-1150-LA-0 BANCROFT Bath Tub


KOHLER K-1150-LA-0 BANCROFT Bath Tub is a symbol of the grace this company represents. It deserves to be in the top tier because of the construction and safety standards.

Installing this accessory is easy.

Kohler manufacturers included tile flanges that can easily fit onto any floor tile. If you want your bathtub to sit behind three walls, the wall alcoves fit into any type of wall you may have in your bathroom.

Bancroft features the molded lumbar arch design. This crucial feature offers you an extra barrier of comfort while you bathe in hot water after a tiring day’s work.

The apron system of this 5-foot bath keeps water from seeping into the wall behind your tub. The left-hand drain helps you to get rid of the water quickly.


  • This bathtub is safe for users of different age and size.
  • Setting this up is relatively simple.
  • Prevents people from unexpected slip-ups.
  • It’s easy to get in and out of the bathtub.


  • Long term use can lead to a few wear and tear over time.

8. American Standard 2764014M202.011

American Standard 2764014M202.011

When it comes to bathtubs, there are a lot of preferences for you to choose from and for the most part, it will come down to personal preference.

If you want to find a freestanding tub that looks great and has a sleek contemporary style, then this might be one of the best choices for you to choose from.

The tub is made from a high-gloss acrylic-capped ABS with fiberglass reinforcement so that you not only get a high quality tub, but you also get a great looking tub with a solid foundation.

This is going to be the perfect tub when it comes to a soaking tub as it also comes with an extra deep bathing well so you can quickly and easily relax and unwind from a busy day.

The wide accessory storage deck is also incredibly helpful to give you some of the best results possible. In addition to the tub itself, you also get a chrome freestanding tub filler with a hand spray and drain included as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Sleek and contemporary style
  • Fiberglass reinforcement
  • Extra deep bathing well
  • Complete bathtub kit

9. AKDY F278 Bathroom White Color

AKDY F278 Bathroom White Color

If you want to find one of the most unique looking bathtubs on the market and you’re hoping to get a great bathtub in the process, this might be one of the best ones for you to choose from.

It is made from an acrylic material which means that it will be strong and durable enough to last for a long time. The fittings that you need to install the bathtub are all included with your purchase so that you don’t have to worry about buying anything additional besides the bathtub itself.

In case the measurements of the bathtub are important to you, you’ll find that the length of the tub is around 63 inches, the width is just under 27 inches and the height is about 30 inches.

The tub filler is not included with your purchase so be sure to keep that in mind as well. With your purchase, not include labor but protects against any manufacture defects.

Highlighted Features

  • Acrylic material
  • Includes all fittings
  • Plenty large

10. American Standard 2461.002.020

American Standard 2461.002.020

If you want to have the choice of a couple different colors when it comes to your bathtub so that you can easily pick the one that matches best with your bathroom, this is going to be one of the best options for you because there are four colors to choose from.

In addition to all of the colors, you’re going to enjoy a durable Americast material that also has a glossy porcelain finish to it.

This particular bathtub also come with a right hand outlet as well as an integral apron. The entire floor of the bathtub is entirely slip-resistant so that you don’t have to worry about putting down a bathmat or something else to prevent any accidental falls while in the tub. When it comes to bathtubs, one of the best brands you can go with is american Standard so you don’t have anything to worry about.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable Americast material
  • Glossy porcelain finish
  • Integral apron
  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Great brand name

11. KOHLER K-1123-0 Archer 5-Foot Bath

KOHLER K-1123-0 Archer 5-Foot Bath

K-1123-0 Archer 5-foot Bath from Kohler comes with all the best qualities required for a bathtub. For instance, you have fiberglass construction that provides durability to the product.

The unique pattern of Archer gives you a 19-inch height to step over and get into the bathtub.

But, the inside of the tub holds as much water as a 21-inch bathtub would hold. This is due to the Slotted Overflow and Comfort Depth® design.This simple yet elegant look complements small to medium size bathrooms.

You can avail this aesthetically charming bathroom accessory at a modest price.If you want to do a three-corner installation, the package comes with tile flanges to facilitate that.

The only thing is, it requires K-7271, and K-7272 clearFlow slotted bath drains to be installed. People will have to buy these separately.As far as comfort goes, the molded lumbar arch does a great job.

It contours your body naturally while you use K-1123-0 Archer 5-foot for a bath.Safety-wise, this is one of the best bargains you can make. The textured bottom surface makes it slip resistant and perfect for the elderly people at home.


  • The aesthetics of this bathtub appeals to general people.
  • This bathtub comes with slip-resistant mechanism.
  • Durable piece of bathroom accessory.
  • It is comfortable whenever people use it.


  • Make sure to change the bottom tiles of your bathroom if you are installing it.
  • It will be hard if you don’t

12. American Standard 2460.002.020 Cambridge

American Standard 2460.002.020 Cambridge

When we are looking for the ideal bathtubs to fit your budget and grant you comfort, American Standard’s Cambridge 5-Feet Bath Tub easily fits onto the shortlist.

2460.002.020 Cambridge 5-feet bath tub from American Standard comes with Americast construction.

This gives you a lightweight bathtub to use (50% lighter than the cast iron).

American Standard Cambridge 2460.002.020 is easy to install, and you won’t have to schedule it for a later date. The 5-feet bath has a nice 32-inch width. This allows American Standard Bath Tub to fit into any corner of your bathroom. Then you have the “Tile Flange” that keeps this tub in place while you set it up for use.

Also, it goes well with standard alcoves. You don’t even need an added platform beneath the bathtub and onto the tiles. Cambridge 5-feet Bath Tub comes with its own apron to fix the problem.

The Linear contour of the apron allows you to sit in comfortably while you bathe in warm water. The curved bathtub well makes sure your body sinks in without any discomfort due to bending. Glossy porcelain finish is just the icing on the cake.


  • It is made of composite and lightweight metal named “Americast”
  • You can set it up with standard alcoves.
  • The linear contour works well to comfort your body.
  • Setting this up easier and quicker than you think.


  • It is heavier when you compare it to the acrylic bathtubs.
  • May prove to be a bit smaller than mentioned according to some reviewers.

13. KOHLER K-715-0 Villager Bath Tub

KOHLER K-715-0 Villager Bath Tub

In comes the great bathtub from Kohler. The patented Kohler® Cast Iron might feel a bit heavy, but it is easy to clean too.The bathtub can withstand anything you throw at it. At a length of 60”, the KOHLER K-715-0 Villager Bath Tub is deep enough for people to enjoy a soaking bath.

Setting up KOHLER K-715-0 Village is a breeze. Its integral apron makes installation easy no matter how big or small your bathroom is. Using this with a “Left Hand Draining System” is easy as well.

Perhaps the only blemish that you can associate with Kohler K-715-0 is it comes with enough room for one person only. Yes, only a person can fit into this bathtub for enjoying a quick and comforting bath.

This USA-made bathtub comes with another patented SAFEGUARD® technology. This bathroom equipment has a slip-resistant coating inside. You won’t have to apply various methods to make it so in the first place. Members of your family won’t hurt themselves by falling over the Kohler bathtub anymore.


  • Installs quickly and without any hassle.
  • Made in USA.
  • Slip resistant coating on the floor of this tub.
  • Comes with an easy “Left Hand” draining system.


  • A narrow bathtub and not deep enough for a few people.

Don’t Forget To Get A Free Installation Quote

Ok, now that you have read the reviews of our top products. Have you decided which one to get? Regardless of the model you choose, you need to consult with a licensed plumber about the installation. It’s better not to install yourself if you don’t have the prior plumbing experience.

You can get a free cost estimate from your local licensed plumber by filling the form below. You need to select Bathtub/Shower – Install/Replace and put your details. A local licensed plumber will contact you to discuss the installation.

Considerations for Buying Best Bathtub

I am no expert but with my experience of cycling through four (yes, you heard it right) different bathtub brands and looking into a significant amount of customer reviews on Bathtubs, I narrowed down a few things that you should check with these factors to select the perfect fit for your bathroom.

Let us get to the factors then.

If you need some video guideline, check out the following video attached:

What Material Are You Comfortable with?

Many of us have particular preferences concerning the material that goes into the making of a bathing tub. Ask yourselves, do you have favorites that you want to choose?

People can choose from Cast Iron, Acrylic, Americast, fiberglass construction, the Clawfoot models and so on, these all materials have pros and cons. Unless you are going for a particular type, you should know these materials differ in quality.

Also, choosing one over the other can either add to the cost of your bathtub or decrease it by a significant margin. Ideally, you’d want something as big as a bathtub to be durable. If a few bucks here and there can assure you of that, I don’t see why you shouldn’t go for one even with spending extra hundred bucks.

Measurements are Important!

Yes, they are. A small bathtub can prove to be a hindrance between you and that perfect bath after work. Measure the tub thoroughly to ensure you or your family members fit in nicely.

Keep in mind, the extra room is necessary for you to stretch your arms and legs and be comfortable in a bathtub. Also, a larger bathtub might not always be a good option if you have a small or a medium-sized bathroom. It won’t fit or look too big.

A spacious bathtub can add to your installation accessories and cost as well. Be very specific on how wide, narrow or deep you want your tub to be.

Check with the Weight of Your Bathtub

While many of us ignore this in plain sight, this aspect is mighty important. Depending on what type of product you choose, the weight of these things will vary. A simple plastic tub can weigh up to 60 pounds (I am measuring without water). When you add a gallon of water, the weight jumps up to 68.3 pounds. An average bathtub holds around 12–20 gallons of water per bath.

What is the total weight? Do the math.

Similarly, a “Whirlpool” style bathtub can weigh around 350–500 pounds depending on the brand you choose. Add to that the weight of water and you have a heavy commodity.

Your bathroom floors should hold their own while carrying all that pressure from above. I’ve seen my old bathroom floor tiles crack thanks to extra pressure exerted that they couldn’t take.

If you don’t have reinforced floors, a simple, lightweight tub is your best bet. You’ll do well to choose one from the freestanding tubs.

Who will Use the Tub?

It is a vital question. We might not realize this, but bathtubs aren’t exactly “One Size Fits All” materials. Yes, there are different bathtubs fit for various types of uses. Plus, there are specific ones that only an age group of people can use.

For example, if you want a bathtub for couples, you’d need one fit for two people. They must get in and get out of the tub comfortably.

For the elderly people, getting in and out is often the start of problems. You’ll need something that is easy to walk in and out of. Walk-in bathtubs are good choices in this case. Elderly people often slip up when bathing. You’ll need a product that is slip resistant and complements the seniors in your family.

For babies, choose something that is a bit on the “Safe” side of things. Shallow bathing tubs are great choices. They are not too deep and often are safe for the toddlers.

What About the Water Temperature?

People will tell you that water temperature matters. A relaxing bath in hot water rejuvenates you for the next day.

Soaking bathing tubs come with a special construction that allows them to retain the heat of your water for long period of time. Also, you might consider a water heater to supply you with hot water in the first place. The size and power of the heater will depend on the size of your bathtub. Bigger bathtub needs a heater with greater power.

Do You Want Extra Bells and Whistles?

All of us use soaps, shampoos, conditioners and other products (some of us even use rubber duckies) before or after bathing. If you consider putting them on the side of your bathtub, you’re going to need broader space on the side.

Even if you consider adding showers to your bathtub, some of the products already come with faucets and accessories attached that allow you to do that. For others, you’ll have to buy them separately.

Run a Live Test on the Bathtub

I’ll advise you to try out the product you choose. Yes, even bathtubs. I prefer getting inside the tub and feeling it firsthand. This will allow you to see if it fits your body, comforts your back, arms, and head, and if the surface of the product is slip-resistant or not.

Run a Check on Warranty Period

Bathtub (fancy or not) is an accessory you buy only once for at least 5 – 10 years if not more. However; the trick is, in most cases the warranty period is limited.

There are some things a warranty covers for. Others, not so much. A well-informed buyer must learn which parts or damage types are covered in the warranty period.

Final Words

Bathtubs are like add-ons to our bathrooms. These enhance the aesthetics, functionality, and diversity of bathrooms too. But only when you choose the right one for the job.

The “Right” bathing tub can lift our bathing experience and help us in maintaining better personal hygiene. Choosing the “Right One” has always been the problem. Even the best bathtubs won’t assist you if you don’t know what YOU need. After all, those are just users’ experiences based on their preferences.

Hopefully, this article with bathtub buying guide will help you in understanding few of the factors that play a vital role in making a bathtub perfect for you. Congrats, you now know about top products and factors that make them great in the first place. You can now make educated choices.

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