The Best LED Shower Head – Buying Guide & Reviews For 2021

Modern people have developed a good taste in home improvement during the past few years. That includes the aesthetics of their bathroom. They are keen to use fashionable LED shower heads for bathing. These bathing tools provide intuitive features along with pleasing aesthetics.

The LED shower heads add a classy look to your shower space with changing lights and a variety of modes. But choosing a LED shower is a hard task. Numerous brands sell these shower heads, but most of them aren’t worth it. If you’re going for something innovative, you should go for the good ones.

To help you figure it out, we have come up with the best LED shower head list. I’ve done extensive research, so you don’t have to. You’ll find a wide variety of options.

Best LED Shower Head – Comparison

PictureNameSettingsDimensions (Inches)Price
Ello&Allo LED Shower HeadEllo&Allo LED Shower Head3 Setting18.31 x 8.27 x 59.06Check Latest Price
Shower Door Direct ShowerheadShower Door Direct ShowerheadAutomatic6 x 6 x 6Check Latest Price
HotelSpa Ultra-LuxuryHotelSpa Ultra-Luxury10 Setting6 x 4 x 9Check Latest Price
Dream Spa AquaFanDream Spa AquaFan3 Setting10 x 10 x 5Check Latest Price
HotelSpa Neon Ultra-LuxuryHotelSpa Neon Ultra-Luxury7 Setting6 x 9 x 4Check Latest Price
Fyeer Rainfall Shower HeadFyeer Rainfall Shower Head3 Setting17 x 16.5 x 3Check Latest Price
KAIRY LED Handheld Shower HeadKAIRY LED Handheld Shower Head1 Setting10.4 x 4.6 x 2.9Check Latest Price
Hiendure LED Shower HeadHiendure LED Shower Head3 Setting13.1 x 12.6 x 2.8Check Latest Price
Sprinkle Contemporary LEDSprinkle Contemporary LEDAutomatic8.5 x 18.2 x 6.2Check Latest Price
Suguword Rain Shower HeadSuguword Rain Shower HeadAutomatic16.6 x 16.2 x 3.9Check Latest Price

 10 Best LED Shower Head – Reviews

1. Ello Allo Stainless Steel Shower Panel LED Shower Head

Ello&Allo Stainless Steel Shower Panel LED Shower Head

Ello&Allo is a great brand when it comes to bathroom essentials. Showerheads included. Now, the stainless-steel LED panel by the manufacturer has been a huge success. Though the construction is stainless steel, it can also be availed in brushed nickel finish.

The showerhead not only comes with LED lighting, but it also has temperature control. The default water temperature is set at 38 degrees Celsius. The appearance of the showerhead is very futuristic. There are multiple knobs, and all of them have different functionalities.

Four jet nozzles are there to let you control the force of the water coming out. There is a handheld shower that also comes with the package. The knobs are there to give you control of the water settings. You can use the heads individually or combine them according to your needs.

While the panel is made of stainless steel, but the faucet is made of brass. The hose that carries the water to the handheld head is 59 inches long. So, you have plenty of room to move. It’s a wall-mounted system, so it’s better to have a professional install it for you.

The manufacturer offers 2 years of limited warranty which is fair considering that it’s an electronically controlled system. The shower head gives you six different modes like rainfall, massage spray, waterfall, and so on.

What We Like:

  • Utilization of technology
  • Innovative and futuristic design
  • Adds a modern look to the bathroom
  • Has great aesthetics
  • Six different modes for water control
  • Comes temperature control

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Comes with a big price tag
  • Limited warranty for only 2 years

2. Shower Door Direct Color Changing Showerhead

Shower Door Direct Color Changing Showerhead

Shower Door Direct LED Color Changing Showerhead is manufactured by Shower Door Direct, and it is your standard LED showerhead with multi-color LED Lights. The fixed mount showerhead can be adjusted to any height thanks to the shower arm that comes with it.

The water pressure operates the showerhead, and the lights tend to fade when water is turned on. This shower tool has bright lights with Red, Green, and Blue color options. The only issue is that the showerhead requires frequent cleaning or the lights will eventually stop working.

It’s stainless steel construction with a high gloss finish. The stainless steel ensures that there is no rust and chrome finish adds the aesthetic looks to the modern bathrooms.

What We Like:

  • Stimulating and attractive to children
  • People have four different color pallets to choose from
  • Installing this shower head is as simple as it can get without any tools
  • You can adjust the angle of this showerhead to your preference
  • Rust resistant
  • Chrome finish for extra shine

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Reports of the lights not working after some time

3. HotelSpa Ultra-Luxury LED Showerhead

HotelSpa Ultra-Luxury LED Showerhead

Next in our list of Best LED Shower heads is the HotelSpa® Ultra-Luxury Temperature Color-Changing 5-Setting Handheld LED Showerhead. The uniqueness of the showerhead lies in its LED lights. They change colors with water temperature variations. It’s pretty uncommon to find in a handheld model.

The user will have 5 different modes of water spray to try. In short, this shower head is the perfect tool if you want a bath that especially is meant for you.

The hose of the showerhead is flexible and adjustable so that anyone can have a great bath. This equipment is meant for the hotels and spacious bathrooms for a spa-like treatment for the users.

What We Like:

  • You can get as many as 30 different combinations to work with
  • Six spray settings to choose from
  • On top of the “Ultra-Luxury” facilities, you’ve got LED functionality as well
  • LEDs indicate the water temperature
  • You have “Self Cleaning” nozzles that make maintenance task more manageable

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The washers might leak after a certain period

4. Dream Spa AquaFan 12 Inch Chrome Bathroom Shower Head

Dream Spa AquaFan 12 Inch All Chrome Bathroom Shower Head

Dream Spa is another brand that is pretty famous for its innovative designs. The AquaFan is one of the flagship models. It’s a 12-inch shower head that comes only in chrome finish. The LED installed in the head changes color as well.

The built-in LCD monitor looks fantastic on it. The head itself looks like a fan. Hence, the name AquaFan. It has 123 Rub Free jets for maximum convenience while cleaning. The shower head is a fixed model that is powered by water pressure. You don’t need any electricity and can save the utility bill!

One drawback is that this best LED shower head doesn’t allow variable water settings. It’s a rainfall model. The design is so cool that it can complement any modern bathroom very nicely. If you’re looking for a unique gift idea, this showerhead can help you with that as well.

The LED is an excellent touch to the overall design. I already mentioned that the jets are very easy to clean and ensure a smooth shower experience. The wide water flow will easily drench both of your shoulders simultaneously.

The LCD screen changes color with temperature! How cool is that? When the water is below 95F, it’s blue. Green means moderately warm, between 95F-109F. Red means hot and flashing red means extremely hot. Don’t use it as shower water.

One of the great perks of this shower head is that you don’t need any professional help to install it. All you have to do is remove your existing showerhead and install it. Don’t forget to apply Teflon tape before installing though.

What We Like:

  • Modern and simple design
  • Temperature sensor and monitoring display
  • Display changes color with temperature
  • No tools required for installation
  • The wide flow of water
  • Elegant and curved showerhead design
  • Amazing value for money

What We Didn’t Like:

  • No panel to control the temperature

5. HotelSpa Neon Ultra-Luxury Handheld Showerhead

HotelSpa Neon Ultra-Luxury Handheld Showerhead

HotelSpa® Neon Ultra-Luxury Temperature Color-Changing Handheld Showerhead is the LED shower head from the famous brand HotelSpa®. With this showerhead, you can enjoy neon LED lights with up to 7-setting water flow.

A range of water speeds will grant you options that you will find useful when you fancy something different while showering.

Among the other advantages, you will get a bracket to adjust the angle of the shower head. So, if you want the water to cover specific parts of your body, it’s possible with HotelSpa®. One can use this as a fixed overhead shower head or hold it in his hands if he chooses.

What We Like:

  • Polished chrome finish complements bathroom décor
  • You can install it completely tool-free
  • 7 water settings to choose from
  • Easy cleaning
  • Universally compatible
  • The spa experience at home
  • Adjustable bracket for more flexibility

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Comes with a hefty price tag comparing to other models
  • Multiple reviews stated that the lights are not all that bright for people to work with.

6. Fyeer 16 Inches Rainfall Shower Head

Fyeer 16 Inches Rainfall Shower Head

If you consider yourself a fan of square shower heads, consider this one as the best option for you. The design is so simple yet so elegant. The entire head rotates 360 degrees which is an excellent feature if you want to change things up a little.

The construction of the shower is very high-quality. It’s solid stainless steel 304. This variant of stainless steel is known for its strength and rust resistance. The valves that control the water pressure are made of ceramic core material to ensure that there are no leaks in the near future.

Just like the high-end models, the LED on this one changes color with temperature as well. Although there is no monitor so you can’t see the exact water temperature. But the blue, red and green color tone will aid you in understanding the temperature well.

It’s a rainfall shower model, so the water spray is very consistent and soft. It’s a 16-inch shower head which is enormous considering other models in our list. You can get your whole body cleaned without moving much.

The full kit for installing the shower head comes included in the package. The head, necessary rubber, screws and G1/2 connectors all are included. You don’t need any tools to install it. Just follow the manual.

The lights change color automatically, thanks to the included temperature sensor. You don’t even need electricity or batteries to power the lights, as the shower head works with water pressure. The shower head is very thin which looks very good in interior bathrooms. It’s mounted on the ceiling so you might need to reconfigure your water lines.

What We Like:

  • Wide 16 inches shower head
  • Temperature sensor included to control shower temperature
  • LED lights change color with temperature
  • The full installation kit is included in the package
  • Saves water and energy
  • High-quality valves to prolong the lifespan

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Only one water setting
  • No display to show accurate water temperature

7. KAIRY LED Handheld Shower Head 7 Color

KAIRY LED Handheld Shower Head 7 Color Bathroom Shower Head

Let’s get out of the regular shower heads. It’s time for a handheld model. It’s a great model for people who are looking forward to entering the world of LED shower heads. It costs less than $20, so there is no way that you can go wrong.

The LEDs installed in the shower head change color automatically every few seconds. There are no water temperature sensors so you can’t monitor it. The colors are just there to add a nice touch to your showering experience. Whar very interesting is, it can stimulate babies and kids to take a shower regularly. The lights are powered by the water pressure alone. No electricity or batteries required.

Despite being a cheap item, the build quality is surprisingly good. The shower hose that comes with the head is stainless steel. There is a stainless steel overhead bracket that lets you adjust the angle of the shower head.

The installation is pretty straightforward. You can add it with your existing showerhead or install it separately. The necessary things like Teflon tape, rubber washers, etc. are also included in the package. You can do it yourself if you follow the manual.

The adjustable bracket is an excellent addition to the assembly. It means you can attach the hose to the bracket and use it as a regular shower head as well. It uses a swivel to let you control the angle. It’s a very high-quality stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about it rusting.

What We Like:

  • Very economic model
  • Let’s you switch up the position
  • Adjustable bracket
  • 7 color LED lights that change automatically
  • Excellent build quality considering the price
  • Full installation kit comes included with the package

What We Didn’t Like:

  • No temperature sensor

8. Hiendure LED 12 inches Shower Head

Hiendure LED 12 inches Shower Head

Another square LED shower head. This one is from Hiendure. It’s not as big as the Fyeer one, but it’s moderately large at 12 inches. It’s a cheap model but has an excellent build quality. The entire assembly is constructed with 304 stainless steel.

The stainless-steel body is finished in brushed nickel. It’s very easy to clean and you won’t notice in fingerprints as well. Surprisingly, it comes with an integrated temperature sensor. It’s very unlikely to see a sensor in sub $50 bathroom shower heads.

The 12-inch shower head should be enough to cover the full body of an average person. There is a total of 196 nozzles for extraordinary shower experience. The nozzles will clean themselves as well. They feature anti-clog and anti-leak design which will last a long time.

The LED that comes with the shower head has three colors. Blue, Green, and Red. The red color flashes when the water is extremely hot. Although there is no display, you can understand the temperature by looking at the color of the LED.

It’s a rainfall model so you don’t get any options to change the water setting. It can be installed both on the wall and the ceiling. The package comes only with the shower head which is a bummer. So, you might need help from a plumbing professional to install it properly.

The dimensions of the shower head are universal. It should fit any shower hole in your bathroom. And it uses G1/2 connections to operate. The operating pressure is rated at 15 which is pretty standard.

What We Like:

  • High quality yet affordable
  • Color changing LED lights
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • 12-inch size for a wide range of water flow
  • 196 anti-clog nozzles for maximum smoothness
  • Lifetime breakage warranty from the manufacturer and 30 days free replacement guarantee

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Installing kit not included
  • No temperature display

9. Sprinkle Contemporary LED Color Rainfall Shower Head

Sprinkle Contemporary LED Color Rainfall Shower Head

If you consider yourself a luxury person, this might be the best LED shower head for you. Sprinkle is a very well-known brand and it mainly focuses on luxury items, like the Contemporary color changing shower head.

It’s a square shower head with an area of 1600 square inches. It’s enough to wet your entire body in one go. The construction features super-thin stainless steel and high-polish chrome finish. It looks awesome and there is no risk of rusting as well.

As it’s a luxury option, you can control the temperature of the water with a remote. Yes, it’s a remote-controlled model. The LED lights follow the same principle. There are multiple water settings like waterfall, rainfall, spray patterns and massage.

The LED lights are configurable in 64 different color options! The remote has pretty much every option you need. You can change the colors manually or set it to auto. The colors for the LED are pink, purple, blue, green and red.

The packaging is very high-quality as well. There is enough protective material inside that it can save the shower head from a blast. It’s a quite heavy item so the padding is necessary. It weighs approximately 20 pounds.

This model from Sprinkle comes with all the necessary mounting hardware included. You don’t need professional help to install it. This shower head is an extreme example of what money can buy you. It’s an expensive investment and there is no doubt about it.

What We Like:

  • A very high-end model
  • The build quality is top of the line
  • Totally customizable LED light system
  • Temperature control
  • Remote controlled access
  • State of the art packaging
  • All mounting hardware included in the package
  • Wide area for the water to come out
  • Three modes for spray settings

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Very expensive
  • No display to see the temperature

10. Suguword 16 Inch Rain Shower Head Square Brushed Nickel

Suguword 16 Inch Rain Shower Head Square Brushed Nickel

I am a big fan of big shower heads. So, when I see one, I can’t help but review it. The Suguword is no different. It’s a square 16 inch LED shower head for your bathroom. It’s fairly cheap and I think it’s a good way to finish the reviews after the luxurious madness from Sprinkle.

This shower head is made of stainless steel, the best kind. There are no plastic or fragile parts in the entire assembly. Water won’t corrode or rust this model anytime soon. The LED light installed inside the shower head works flawlessly with the water pressure.

There is a temperature sensor as well. So, when the LEDs change color, you’ll know the state of the water. It will eliminate the possibility of you accidentally burning yourself. The color scheme is pretty straightforward as most of the water temperature-sensitive models.

There is a rotatable ball joint that connects the shower head to the water lines. It means that you can rotate the shower head according to your needs at any given time. The installation is very easy. You can do it yourself by following the user manual.

The 16×16 inch size is very good for a relaxing bath. The nozzles are high-quality and won’t clog easily. The nozzles are covered in silicone to prevent any growth of lime and dirt. The water flows at a 2.5 GPM rate which means you can save 30% water without compromising the performance.

The ultra-thin stainless steel construction and shiny chrome finish make it one of the best choices as a LED shower head. It’s affordable, it works and it has all the necessary functionalities like temperature sensors.

What We Like:

  • High-quality construction with stainless steel
  • Comes in brushed nickel and chrome finish
  • LED unit works with temperature
  • Swivel ball joint for rotation
  • Strong and consistent water pressure
  • Save 30% on the water with the 2.5 GPM flow rate
  • Large area to wet your body quickly

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Only one water setting
  • No temperature display

Final Verdict

As we come to the end of our list featuring the best LED shower heads, 10 astonishing bathing tools found their way on the list. Although they possess LED lights with some similar features, these brands have specific areas where they are unique.

If you want the ultimate spa experience in the bathroom, go for the Sprinkle Contemporary by all means. Ello&Allo is an excellent choice in the mid-range. The KAIRY handheld one is a great option for beginners.

Each of the models is suitable for different types of people with varying tastes for aesthetics and functionality. So, when choosing one for yourself, pay close attention to things you expect from these showerheads. In short, keep your needs in mind while selecting the ideal one. Let my guide help you, but the final decision is always yours.

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