Best Shower Cap Reviews 2021 – Find The Right One

Shower caps are used to give your hair protection from the moisture, water, and humidity. A It cap keep your hair dry and does not let the moisture change the style of it. But when it comes to choosing the best shower cap, it’s very easy to get confused as there are thousands of models available on the market.

To make the confusions clear, I have spent a couple hours to see the top shower caps available on the market, and make a list of best options. This article is written based on my research.

Best Shower Cap – Comparison

PictureProduct NameWeightExteriorPrice
Betty Dain Stylish Design Terry Lined Shower CapBetty Dain Stylish Design Terry Lined Shower Cap3.2 ouncesWaterproof nylonCheck Latest Price
Goody Styling Essentials Shower CapGoody Styling Essentials Shower Cap1.6 ouncesWaterproof materialCheck Latest Price
blowpro The Perfect Shower Capblowpro The Perfect Shower Cap1.6 ounces Cotton terryCheck Latest Price
Betty Dain Stylish Design Mold ResistantBetty Dain Stylish Design Mold Resistant2.4 ouncesWaterproof nylonCheck Latest Price
 Niceeshop (TM) Microfiber Double Layers Elastic Niceeshop (TM) Microfiber Double Layers Elastic3.5 ounces PVC filmCheck Latest Price

Top 5 Best Shower Caps – Review

1. Betty Dain Stylish Design Terry Lined Shower Cap

Betty Dain Stylish Design Terry Lined Shower Cap

Betty Dain Stylish Design Terry Lined Shower Cap comes with wonderful built quality and fashionable design. The shower cap is made of nylon exterior, which is completely waterproof.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about getting the water inside the cap and touching your hair and the covered area.

The inside part of the shower cap is made of Plush Terry. The rich fabric will make your cap more comfortable with pampering feeling and prevent your skin from getting rusty.

The shower cap is made extra-large to fit most of the people. You can use it even if you have a short or long hair. The stylish and modern design of the cap made it an attractive model for the women.


  • You can adjust the rim that comes with it; fits most head sizes.
  • Terry-lined design will impress people of all ages.
  • The Lining is also soft and comfortable while you hold the cap in your hands.
  • The cap resists water and harmful Chlorine residue that may infiltrate your pipes.
  • People can reuse the cap where they want.


  • The shower cap loses the elasticity over time after continuous using.

2.Goody Styling Essentials Shower Cap

Goody Styling Essentials Shower Cap

My Goody Styling Essentials Shower Cap is available with great design and sewing quality, to let you enjoy it on your head for a long time.

The cap is made of large size with elasticity to fit on most of the heads. It does not matter what the size of your hair is, you can easily wear this shower cap.

Simply covering your head is not the job for the product. The water-resistant outer part will protect your hair, head and covered areas from the water. It will keep the hair dry and let you enjoy the shower.

The soft inner part will make it very comfortable cap for using for hours. You will not feel any rustiness with the soft part and the elasticity.


  • Unlike other shower caps, this one is unlined; it is quite durable as well.
  • It is also a good fit for people regardless of the head size they have.
  • The cap is big enough to cover the entire head and the hair too.
  • I’ve rarely seen a shower cap this comfortable and reasonably priced at the same time.
  • Sturdy design makes sure it lasts the long haul.


  • People have complained about the elastic band being loose from the get go.
  • People with shorter head sizes might find it difficult to use as it will be big on their heads.

3. Blow Pro The Perfect Shower Cap

Blow Pro The Perfect Shower Cap

The Blow Pro The Perfect Shower Cap is one of the most popular shower caps on the market.

The company made these shower caps considering the needs of the people, which is keeping the hair clean and dry while taking the bath. The cap protects your hairstyle from being damaged by the water and moisture.

The hair cap comes with 360 degrees of protection. It will cover your hair, ear completely from the humidity. The water-resistant outer part will ensure long-term protection. The cotton Terry line uses for protecting your hair with an extra line.

The inner part of this shower cap is made of soft materials. You can wear the cap for hours without feeling any tightness or other problems.


  • A Good option for people who want to balance performance and price.
  • The trick is its standard size that fits most of your heads without difficulties.
  • The cap won’t leak water and get soggy no matter how long you use it for.
  • You can wash it with a machine without worrying that much.
  • The fabric is good, you won’t find any faults even after repeated washing by a machine.


  • Reviewers thought of this product as a pricy one compared to others available.
  • Elastic quality may not be up to the mark for some of the users.

4. Betty Dain Stylish Mold Resistant Shower Cap

Betty Dain Stylish Mold Resistant Shower Cap

The Betty Dain Stylish Design Mold Resistant Shower Cap is waterproof with the excellent and lasting materials.

The outer part is made of PEVA plastics, mold resistant material that will protect your hair and covered areas from any kind of moisture and humidity.
The lining is used as an extra protection to ensure that your hair remains dry. The smart design and modern look of the shower cap make it a very lovable product for the ladies.

The caps are large in size and pleasing in design so that most of the people can use it. The length of the hairs will not get you into trouble. Also, you will find that this product will last longer than the others in the market too.


  • This one comes with a nylon exterior that is durable and withstands most things.
  • The PEVA Lining is stitched well to prevent any sort of leakage that you might face.
  • The fabric and the making of this shower cap prevents molds from building up in or outside.
  • This cap is oversized and suits most head sizes without any problems.
  • Did I mention it is waterproof? The nylon exterior makes it so.


  • Few reviewers found this cap smelly after it arrived. The smell disappears after a few uses.

5. Niceeshop (TM) Microfiber Bath Shower Cap

Niceeshop (TM) Microfiber Bath Shower Cap

The Niceeshop (TM) Microfiber Double Layers Elastic Reusable Waterproof Bath Cap Shower Cap comes with excellent design and built quality.

You will notice that the outer section of your cap is made with PVC materials, which is fully water resistant and protects your hair from the water.

As for the shower cap, it is made to fit on most of the heads. Meaning everyone can wear it. It can be stretched to 36cm/14.2inches diameter. With the elastic design, the cap fits comfortably on the heads with different lengths of hair too.

The inner part is made with superfine fiber materials, giving you a very ease and comfortable feel. You can enjoy your time without feeling anything over your head. The attractive design made it a very popular product.


  • This product on my list is washable by hand and/or machine unlike most of them out there.
  • The overall diameter is 36 centimeters and it provides flexibility for different head sizes to fit in.
  • The interior is PVC lined. It means you have a waterproof shower cap.
  • People can wear it nicely irrespective of the hair length they have.
  • The interior is slip-proof and it doesn’t come off that easily.
  • Design has a classy feel to it.


  • Many reviewers said the shower cap is a bit tight and that gives the head little room to sweat.
  • This shower cap is moderately pricy item.

Final Verdict

Choose the best shower cap that covers your hair and gives extra protection from the water. These caps are made of state-of-the-art materials which protect your head from harmful water chemicals in many ways.

High quality shower caps mentioned in the article can be perfect for you too. You can also opt for a detailed review of the products to know them better.

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