Best Shower Curtain Rods 2021 – Combination of Need & Style

Your bathroom is one crucial place that you should keep waterproof. For your safety and cleanliness, it is important to ensure that water is entirely kept in the shower area. Shower doors and glass tubs do an awesome job of keeping the water in the shower area.

However, you can also do the same with a shower curtain. If you want to use a shower curtain, you need to look for the best shower curtain rod that will match other bathroom accessories.

You should look for a sturdy shower curtain rod that will be strong enough to hold even the heaviest shower curtain. The rods come in different designs. You can get models that allow you to hang both the curtain and the liner.

Best Shower Curtain Rod – Comparison

PictureProduct NameSize (Inches)MaterialPrice
Roomdividersnow SILVER Tension RodRoomdividersnow SILVER80-120Stainless SteelCheck Latest Price
Kingston Brass CC3175 RodKingston Brass CC317551-1/2 – 63MetalCheck Latest Price
Ex-cell Curved Shower Curtain RodEx-cell Curved Shower40-72MetalCheck Latest Price
BrioF Shower Curtain RodBrioF Shower Curtain46-76Stainless SteelCheck Latest Price
Moen TR1000BN Tension RodMoen TR1000BN Tension44-72SteelCheck Latest Price
InterDesign Cameo Small Tension RodInterDesign Cameo Small25-43MetalCheck Latest Price
Room DividersNow Silver Tension RodRoom DividersNow Silver80-120Stainless SteelCheck Latest Price
Zenna Home 771SS Tension RodZenna Home 771SS44-72SteelCheck Latest Price
InterDesign Wall Mount Curved RodInterDesign Wall Mount41-72Brushed Stainless SteelCheck Latest Price
Zenna Home E35604SS, NeverRust RodZenna Home E35604SS45-72AluminiumCheck Latest Price

Factors To Consider – Best Shower Curtain Rod

Before you choose a shower curtain rod that you want to buy, there are a number of factors that you should put in mind. These factors are meant to guide you in the selection process to ensure that you make a wise decision.

Size Of The Curtain Rod

You cannot purchase a shower curtain rod blindly without looking into the size that you need considering the space it will cover. You should be able to choose the correct size to ensure that it fits perfectly to the bathroom opening you are going to cover up.


The material used in constructing the curtain rod should always matter. You should be able to purchase a rod that is made of steel rather than one made of plastic because steel construction lasts longer than ones made of plastic and also more sturdy and stronger than plastic.

Design Shape

There are two types of shower rods, and there are those that are curved and those that are straight. The ones that are curved don’t take a lot of space and adds you more room compared to those that are straight. More people choose the curved design over the straight design.

Type Of Wall

You should always consider the material of the wall where the shower curtain will be hanged. If the wall of your shower is a tile, you can use a tension rod or spring-enabled rod that expands by twisting and adheres to the wall with friction. This type also there is no need of drilling the walls.

Bathroom Décor

Everybody has his or her décor in their bathroom. There it is good to look for a shower curtain rod with a design that will complement your bathroom décor. Put into consideration the pattern, style and material of the shower curtain. You can also consider the colors of the towels, walls, and mats.

Top 10 Shower Curtain Rods – Reviews

I have prepared this guide to provide you with the best options when it comes to the best shower curtain rod. Any of these rods that I have covered here will be awesome if you have a shower curtain in your bathroom.

1. Roomdividersnow SILVER Tension Rod

Roomdividersnow SILVER Tension Rod

The Roomdividersnow SILVER Tension Curtain Rod is attractive, affordable and perfect for a variety of window and room sizes as there is no drilling required at all.

It presents you with a creative and easy way to hand curtains within minutes.

It is designed with extra strong hold. The rod is installed using spring loaded tension between tension between walls and hold strong with clear rubber and grips. Yes, an absolutely clean installation.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Unbeatable design
  • Heavy-duty tension rod
  • Quality construction
  • Works great in big spaces
  • High strength tub steel


  • Plastic end grips are not that durable

2. Kingston Brass CC3175 Rod

Kingston Brass CC3175 Rod

It is good to have a shower rod that is adjustable.

TheKingston brass cc3175 adjustable hotel single curved shower curtain rod is adjustable up to a maximum of 63″.

It is constructed using a solid brass to make it compact and sturdy to serve you for quite a long period. ts amazing design gives your bathroom an incredible look.


  • Great design
  • Durable and reliable
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a user manual
  • Mounting hardware included


  • Doesn’t fit every shower opening

3. Ex-cell Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Ex-cell Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Installing a shower curtain rod can be difficult, but that is never the case when it comes to theEx-cell Curved Shower Curtain Rod.

You simply mount the brackets to the wall and snap the rod into place, and you are good to go.

It mounts exactly the way you need it to. I can assure you that it is the best curtain shower rod that you are looking for. It will perfectly fit into your bathroom design as well.


  • Easily adjustable
  • All hardware is included
  • Reliable
  • Durable enough
  • Easy to install


  • Heavy

4. BrioF Shower Curtain Rod

BrioF Shower Curtain Rod

The BrioF shower curtain rod long rust proof tension adjustable rods features a super powerful vacuum suction cup for long time use

Installing it is quite an easy task once you follow up the instructions on the user manual and it also weighs less.

It will only take a few minutes of your time. The stainless steel makes the curtain rod strong and sturdy making it durable.


  • Easy to install
  • 100% rubber suction cup
  • Stainless steel
  • Durable and convenient
  • Adjustable rod


  • Suction may be difficult to maintain

5. Moen TR1000BN Tension Rod

Moen TR1000BN Tension Rod

Easily add a curtain to your bathroom by using the Moen TR1000BN Tension Rod.

The fast lock installation system is designed for easy, quick, and secure installation saving you from the hassle of drilling holes in the wall.

The rod features decorative covers that help conceal the mounting contracts for a clean and seamless look. It is available in three different finishes giving you the chance to choose the best finish that you see fit for your bathroom. The finishes resist corrosion to ensure a long-lasting style and performance.


  • Warm, reflective brushed nickel finish
  • Good warranty
  • Three corrosion-resistant finishes
  • Hardware free installation
  • Adjustable


  • The tension rod is not curved

6. InterDesign Cameo Small Tension Rod

InterDesign Cameo Small Tension Rod

The InterDesign Cameo Small Shower Curtain Tension Rod is designed with new patented constant tension rod that provides a strong and sturdy hold.

The technology eliminates wall walking and ensures constant tension.

The tension technology of this rod eliminates damaged bathroom walls. This keeps the rod from slipping after putting on the shower curtain. It is solidly constructed and therefore sturdy enough.


  • Corrosion and rust resistant
  • Adjustable shower curtain rod
  • Steel construction
  • Coated,non- slip foot
  • Constant tension
  • Rust-proof bronze finish


  • Only fit specified amount of space

7. Room DividersNow Silver Tension Rod

Room DividersNow Silver Tension Rod

You don’t have to waste your time doing any drilling to fix the Room DividersNow Silver Tension Curtain Rod.

There is no need for that because all you have to do is simply adjust the rod to the size of the available space.

Let the spring loaded tension do the rest and you are perfectly good to go. It is the perfect solution for your space.


  • Easy and secure installation
  • Top quality tension rod solutions
  • Unbeatable great design
  • Heavy duty
  • Solid construction


  • Plastic end grips are not that durable

8. Zenna Home 771SS Tension Rod

Zenna Home 771SS Tension Rod

It is a plus to own and adjustable curtain road that can be completely adjusted to fit standard bathrooms.

The Zenna Home 771SS Tension Bathroom Shower Curtain Rod gives you the chance to upgrade the look of your bathroom in minutes.

It is well and solidly constructed to make it last for a long period.There is no need for drilling.


  • Easy twist tight installation
  • Holds up to 30 pounds
  • Durable chrome finish
  • Decorative ends
  • Steel construction


  • Only fits specific openings.

9. InterDesign Wall Mount Curved Rod

InterDesign Wall Mount Curved Rod

The InterDesign Shower Curtain Rodis one rod that has a decorative cover that hides the wall mount bracket and expands.

The fact that it is curved provides more shower space.

It has an attractive design that adds color to your bathroom and fits the design of the bathroom.

The functional and adjustable curtain rod is perfect for your bathroom, bathtub.


  • Corrosion and rust resistant
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Wall mount hardware included
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Brushed finish


  • Cannot be installed without screwing the ends

10. Zenna Home E35604SS, NeverRust Rod

Zenna Home E35604SS, NeverRust Rod

The Zenna Home E35604SS, NeverRust Aluminium Double Curved Shower Curtain Rod is well designed and double curved to increase mo5re elbow room and shower space.

It is rust resistant as it is constructed with aluminum to make it last long compared to steel and stainless steel.

It is worth the purchase. The screw-mounted brackets allow you to install the rod o your bathroom wall securely.


  • Rust proof
  • Double curved
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Aluminium construction
  • Drywall installation


  • Doesn’t come with curtain hooks

Final Verdict

The above-reviewed shower curtain rods are all well-built and very much durable. They are great for the price and worth the purchase. You can choose any design and shape that matches your bathroom accessories.

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