Best Shower Mirror – Experts Prefer These for 2017

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can just use any mirror in the shower when you shave or brush your teeth? Or you can use it just to make sure that you’ve gotten all the shampoo bubbles out of your hair.

Unfortunately, in real life the humidity and the how water can make things difficult for you. The mirror will simply fog up, and the humidity may make it impossible for regular suction cups to stick to the wall. Then it will just fall to the floor and a regular mirror will just shatter.

That’s why you need to get the best shower mirror that’s designed to deal with these problems.

Best Shower Mirror - Comparison

Top 9 Best Shower Mirror Reviews

1. Mirrorvana Fogless Bathroom Shaving Mirror

Mirrorvana Fogless Bathroom Shaving Mirror

Let’s begin this list with what’s arguably the most popular model in shower mirrors right now.

The Mirrorvana brand has gained an enviable reputation of making shower mirrors that tick all the boxes regarding the features you need.

Mirrorvana Fogless Bathroom Shaving Mirror has been chemically treated to be for-resistant. However, all chemicals like this eventually wear off, but you can just respray a new coating on the mirror when this happens.

Mirrorvana isn’t doing this to sell their own spray, as they’re still trying to make one of their own. That’s why they’re recommending the Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray to provide the new coating for the mirror.

It’s very cheap and it provides a lot of coatings, so it’s certainly much cheaper to get this than to buy a new shower mirror each time the fogless coating fades.

Mirrorvana Fogless Bathroom Shaving Mirror is rectangular, and it measures about 6.6 inches on each side. That should be enough to show your entire face, since there’s no basin between you and the mirror. You can just get close.

Installing it on to your wall is very easy too. It uses a suction cup. You just have to make sure that you’re sticking to a surface that’s flat and non-porous, like marble or granite tiles, or glass.

Once you mount it on your wall, it should stay there securely even if it gets splashed or if you bump into it. That’s because detaching the suction cup from the wall requires you to use the release lever.

The mirror is adjustable, and you can adjust it without worrying that your efforts will cause the suction cop to detach from the wall. It offers a wide degree of pivot, so people of different heights can use this with no need to reattach it to the wall.

Then when you remove it, you don’t leave any nasty residue. Since it is compact and light, it’s perfect to bring along with you when you’re a guest in another home. It’s also completely shatterproof, so dropping it on the shower stall floor is no big deal.

2. Fogless Shower Mirror and Razor Holder

Fogless Shower Mirror and Razor Holder

With this hölm mirror, there’s no tedious respraying needed when the chemical coating dissipates. It just stays fogless, as is.

Of course, this won’t really last forever, but then at this price point it doesn’t have to. Still, some have tried spraying it with hot water from the shower

Fogless Shower Mirror and Razor Holder is very easy to install on the wall, and it stays firmly in place no matter what. That’s because there’s a special ring mechanism that creates a vacuum so that the suction cup really stays put. You just have to turn the ring counterclockwise first. Then you use some tap water to get suction cup surface wet.

Choose the spot on the wall where you want to put it, and then just press the suction cup on that spot. Then turn the ring clockwise to create the vacuum, and that will put it in place.

Some people don’t know about this feature, which accounts for some negative feedback. That’s it main drawback, which is that it doesn’t come with instructions. Also, it’s important that the surface is flat so that the suction cup can create a tight seal. And it also has to be porous, or else the vacuum will leak and eventually it will fall off.

Once you have it up, it’s very useful. Everyone in the family can use it as the adjustable head swivels 360 degrees. So even young kids who are washing their hair can make sure they’ve got all the shampoo out.

To remove the mirror from the wall, you just have to turn the ring counterclockwise, and then you pull the tiny tab on the side to release the vacuum.

Fogless Shower Mirror and Razor Holder is round, and it’s quite big at 7.1 inches across. That means you shouldn’t have trouble seeing your whole face there. It also comes with a hanging shower caddy with 3 separate hooks. So you can put razors, tweezers, or toothbrushes there. It looks simple and neat, and it should complement any bathroom design in place.

3. DecoBros Bathroom Shower Shave Mirror

DecoBros Bathroom Shower Shave Mirror

This is also an extremely affordable shower mirror, and the demand for it is quite high. That’s why you may find it a bit hard to buy online, since it’s often out of stock.

Still, if you can get it then you really ought to consider it. Many have reported that at the very least you get your money’s worth, and perhaps a lot more.

First DecoBros Bathroom Shower Shave Mirror offers a handy large size at 8 by 6 inches, so you can see your entire face even at close range. It’s semi-rectangular, and the sides curve just a little bit. At the bottom of the mirror, you have a built-in rack of 3 hooks where you can hang various implements like your razor, toothbrush, or tweezers.

To mount it to your wall, you have silicone adhesives at the back, which pretty much attaches the mirror to the wall on a permanent basis. It comes with a set of instructions on how to attach it properly. Follow the directions, and it will stay put regardless of how long you expose it to your shower water.

Now it’s possible that you’ll drop this while you’re trying to attach it, or perhaps you’ll bump it with your handheld shower head. Don’t worry, as it’s a safety mirror that just won’t break.

Some people have complained that it isn’t fogless, even though such a feature isn’t even mentioned in the advertisement. Of course just wiping it down won’t work either. But it can be fogless simply by directing a jet of how water spray on its surface. After a few seconds, it should remain clear for some time, which is enough for you to shave and to brush your teeth.

4. InterDesign Power Lock Suction

InterDesign Power Lock Suction

Again we have an extremely affordable shower mirror for you to consider. This one is somewhat rectangular, although the sides and the bottom do curve out just a little bit.

At the top you have the 2 suction cups, and at the bottom you have 2 built-in hooks within a shelf.

InterDesign Power Lock Suction mirror is very sizable, as it measures 11.1 inches long and 7.5 inches wide. That should be good enough even though you think you have a huge or long face. It also juts out only by 2.5 inches from the wall.

The mirror promises to be fog-free, and it does have a chemical coating that prevents it from fogging up. This coating wears down eventually, but that doesn’t mean it has to fog up every time. You just have to spray it with a jet of your shower water, and after a few seconds it’ll be as warm as the shower water. That should keep it fog-free long enough.

The bottom shelf is quite handy, as it can hold up razors or toothbrushes. You can also use it to store your small tube of toothpaste. Some even use it to hang their wet swimsuits up as they take a shower.

The weight of the wet swimsuit won’t dislodge the mirror from the wall, as the suction cups work well enough. You just have to follow the directions on how to mount it properly, and the mirror should be located out of the direct line of the shower spray. There’s a locking mechanism for the suction cups so they stay put. And again, you need a flat and nonporous surface to get the suction cups to stick.

It’s made of special plastic that’s resistant to breaking, so don’t worry when you have wet hands when you’re trying to stick it to the wall. It’s a rather handy mirror for travel, as it is light and compact and the hook attachments are built in. And it uses suction cups, which don’t leave residue.

5. No Fog Shower Mirror with Locking Suction

No Fog Shower Mirror with Locking Suction

Although it’s one of the most expensive mirrors on this list, this is still quite affordable.

It’s probably why this mirror from Upper West Collection is so popular, as it has received thousands of reviews already. And most of them are very favorable.

No Fog Shower Mirror with Locking Suction is round and it measures 7.1 inches across. The reflective surface is 5.75 inches across, which should suffice to let you see your whole face. It can be used by everyone in the family, as the rotating arm can turn 360 degrees. It tilts up and down and side to side.

Because this mirror turns every which way, it can really be fogless. All you need to do is to spray the front and back with the warm water for a few seconds, and you’re all set.

Turning the mirror also won’t cause it to detach, as the suction cup locks in very well. You just have to ensure that you have a 3 by 3-inch area to stick it to. This wall surface has to be completely flat for the suction cup to work, or else air can get in through the seal and there won’t be a vacuum to hold it in place. There’s a locking mechanism that secures it in place, and you have to twist this lock again before you can take it off from the wall.

This means that you can’t use this for a textured wall. But if you find that this mirror won’t stick to your bathroom wall, you can just contact the customer support and take advantage of the 100% money back guarantee. As a bonus, you also get a separate hook holder for your razor.

6. Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee

Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee

Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee from ToiletTree emphasizes long periods of effectiveness, whether for its fog-free feature or for the mounting.

It’s “guaranteed” to be fog-free for life, because it has a reservoir of water at the back.

You just have to fill it up with the water from your shower, and that takes about 7 seconds so it’s no big deal. The big deal is that since the reservoir is covered, the water inside doesn’t cool down quickly, so the mirror won’t for a very long while.

The mounting is also on a semi-permanent basis, as it uses silicone adhesive and double sided tape. It will attach easily to any bathroom tile as long as you follow the directions. You’ll have to clean the surface of the wall properly first, but then at least it’ll be very secure afterwards.

The design of Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee resembles a computer monitor. It’s rectangular and the reflective surface measures 5 inches high and 7 inches wide. At the base, there’s a convenient shelf where you can place your razor or toothbrush.

It also has a built-in squeegee, so you can clean off the mirror once you’ve filled the reservoir with hot water. The mirror is adjustable too, so it can be used by different people.

It looks great, and it even has color options for you to choose from. The bezel can be white, silver, or black. It’s designed not to rust or discolor, and it won’t damage your bathroom surfaces either.

7. Miusco Fogless Shower Mirror

Miusco Fogless Shower Mirror

Miusco Fogless Shower Mirror is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you simply don’t like it, you can get a refund.

You can also get a replacement if you think something’s wrong with the mirror you got.

It does have lots of features going for it, however. The mirror surface has been specially treated so it can remain fog free for a long while. You don’t have to spray it with fog-free spray.

Miusco Fogless Shower Mirror itself is 5.75 inches across, which should be large enough for you to see your whole face. And the arm swivels by 360 degrees too, so tall adults and young kids can use it. It also has a built in holder for your razor.

At the back, there’s a large suction cup that you have to twist clockwise to get it in place securely. And you have to make a counterclockwise twisting motion to get it off the wall. The suction cup needs a flat and nonporous surface, so drywall or wallpaper won’t work.

Because of its size, suction cup, and built in razor holder, this works well as a portable mirror for your travels. Don’t worry if you drop it, as it’s resistant to breakage.

8. Fogless Shower Mirror

Fogless Shower Mirror

This Cassini mirror comes with “anti-fog nanotechnology”. Basically, it’s a surface treatment for the mirror that lasts for a very long time, unlike regular chemical treatments that come off in a matter of weeks.

However, you cannot use Windex and other commercial cleaners on the mirror surface, as those have chemicals that just remove that special treatment right off.

Fogless Shower Mirror itself is shatterproof, with an oval design that measures 6 inches wide and 8 inches tall. That has to be big enough even for a huge face, since regular shower mirrors measure less than 6 inches across in diameter.

Fogless Shower Mirror has a hole at the top so you can hook it up to the stainless steel wall mount, and that means it’s detachable too. And if you want to use this for an outdoor shower with wooden walls, you can just drive a nail to use as a hook.

There’s no need to worry about dropping it while your hands are wet, since the mirror is shatterproof.

The mount uses adhesive, and you have to clean the bathroom wall surface with rubbing alcohol first. Once the alcohol dries, you can stick it to that area and it just won’t come off easily after that. You can remove it with mail polish remover if you have to, but then you can’t use the adhesive again to stick it back on. It also comes with a stainless steel wall mount to hold your razor.

9. InterDesign Bathroom Shower Suction Mirror

InterDesign Bathroom Shower Suction Mirror

The oval design is simple yet elegant, so it won’t look out of place in a “fabulous” bathroom. It’s made of steel and it comes in a chrome finish.

It’s easy to clean and is resistant to corrosion. The simple oval design is 5.75 inches wide, which is standard.

InterDesign Bathroom Shower Suction Mirror also doesn’t fog up, which works well when you want to shave in the shower stall. It also sticks to the wall securely, using 3 suction cups.

All in all, it looks great and it’s easy to mount, and it can be brought along in your travels.

Final Word

If you’re looking for the best shower mirror, it’s time to realize that a regular mirror just won’t do. With the examples here, you can find extremely affordable shower mirrors that don’t fog up and stays put on the wall.

Now you can shave in the shower and the basin remains clean, thanks to the shower mirror!

How to Choose Your Best Shower Mirror

Here are some of the factors you have to consider when you’re looking for the best shower mirror:


Now you may be wondering how much this will all cost, especially if you’ve been using huge ornate mirrors around the house for decoration. But you can relax, because you can find good ones in the $10 to $30 price range.

There’s really no need to get something more expensive.

Fogless technology

A regular mirror in the shower will fog, so you need something that won’t. There are several ways of doing this. Some are just inherently fogfree, while others may need a regular application of spray coating.

Some need to be sprayed with the water from the shower, and other units even have reservoirs at the back that you fill with warm water to keep the mirror from fogging.


Now you also have to deal with keeping the mirror firmly stuck to the wall.

Here you can use suction cups, but they have to be very reliable or else they’ll just slide off eventually. But the advantage here is that with suction cups it’s easier to take the mirror off the wall and there’s no sticky residue to deal with.

Another method is using silicone adhesives or stickers (similar to Velcro tapes), which are often more reliable and can stick to more types of surfaces. But they can leave a sticky residue that’s hard to remove, and that makes it a problem if you’re just a guest in the place you’re staying in.


It should be big enough to at least show your entire face when you’re shaving, at the distance you usually use it.


Can it tilt up or sideways? This is a useful feature because you may not stand in the same exact place all the time. It’s also important when not just one people use the mirror.

If one of those people is much taller than the other, then it really must be adjustable. And it should maintain its position.


Here many factors have to be taken into account.

  • It shouldn’t be too big and heavy.
  • It should use easy to attach and detach mounting.
  • And if possible it should come in a travel bag.


ome of these mirrors may have lights to help illuminate your face when you shave. Others may come with holders for razors, tweezers, or toothbrushes. Just remember that these accessories usually raise the price of the mirror considerably.

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