10 Best Shower Shoes – Smart Selections For 2021

If you happen to need to shower in a public place such as a gym or a college campus, then one of the must have items for you is going to be a pair of shower shoes. While not as big of a deal if you don’t use public showers, they can still be an important consideration to keep in mind.

They will protect you from the breeding ground of bacteria and fungi that can be on the floor of many public showers. Below, you will find information regarding what you need to keep in mind when you go to buy a pair of shower shoes so that you get exactly what you want out of the shoes.

​​​​​10 Best Shower Shoes – Comparison

PictureProduct NameColorBrandPrice
Showaflops-Mens-AntimicrobialShowaflops Men’s AntimicrobialBlackShowaflopsCheck Latest Price
Adidas-Duramo-SlideAdidas Duramo SlideBlack/White/BlackAdidasCheck Latest Price
Showaflops-Womens-AntimicrobialShowaflops Women’s AntimicrobialViolet/LavenderShowaflopsCheck Latest Price
Secure-Slip-ResistantSecure Slip ResistantWhiteSecureCheck Latest Price
NaVertico-Shower-SandalmeNaVertico Shower SandalmeBlackVerticoCheck Latest Price
Kaiback-Mens-SimpleKaiback Mens SimpleRedKaibackCheck Latest Price
QCI-Direct-WomensQCI Direct Women’sWhiteQCI DirectCheck Latest Price
Vertico-Slide-on-WomensVertico Slide-on Women’sLight blueVerticoCheck Latest Price
Matari-Womens-MensMatari Womens MensBlueMatariCheck Latest Price
GEAR-ONE-MensGEAR ONE Men’sBlueGear OneCheck Latest Price

Best Shower Shoes – Reviews

1. Showaflops Men’s Antimicrobial Shower


This particular shoe is going to be a great choice for the majority of people looking to find a shoe designed specifically for the shower or the water because it is designed to give you everything you want to find in a shoe and it also has antimicrobial properties to help protect against any bacteria that might be found on the shower floor.

This is one of the first flip flops made that is specifically designed to help keep your feet protected against any germs that might be lurking on the floor where you shower.

These shoes are unique in the fact that they have antimicrobial layers, slip resistant soles and drainage holes so that you feet are constantly protected in the best way possible when it comes to bacteria, fungus and mold.

Additionally, all of the shoes are going to be comfortable, colorful and fun so that you can wear them anywhere, not just in the shower!


  • Antimicrobial
  • Slip resistant soles
  • Unique drainage holes
  • Keeps your feet protected


  • Shoes run on the large side
  • Lots of holes can be annoying anywhere other than the shower

2. Adidas Duramo Slide Sandal


When it comes to finding a great shoe or sandal that you can wear for more than just showering, this is going to be one of the best choices.Adidas is well known for their position in the athletic clothing market and they also make great shoes and sandals such as this pair right here.

You have the choice between seven different styles or colors. As someone who owns this particular pair of shoes, I can tell you that it is one of my favorite choices on this list in terms of handling water or being used in the shower.

In terms of the features of the particular show, it is synthetic and imported and the platform of the shoe measures 0 inches so it is important to understand that it is a flat shoe for the most part.

All of the sizes are unisex sizes so the sizing should be pretty accurate. Last but not least, you are going to find that it is made from an injected lightweight EVA.


  • Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Flat platform
  • Unisex sizes
  • Injected lightweight EVA


  • Little more expensive

3. Showaflops Women’s Antimicrobial Shower


When it comes to shower sandals or shoes, it should be a no brainer that SHowaflops are going to be one of the better options since they are built specifically for use in the shower or at the poolside.They are available in four different colors and you will have a design the goes through your toe.

These shoes are going to help take your feet anywhere you go whether it is a public gym, college, beach or other type of water area.

The design of the shoes is unique in the fact that it is built for shower or other water use so you know you will get unparalleled features including a unique drainage hole design, plenty of antimicrobial layers and slip resistant soles to help make sure your feet stay clear of some of the bacteria and other contaminants. These sandals are also stylish enough so that they can be worn wherever you go!


  • Drainage holes
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Slip resistant sole
  • Stylish and comfortable


  • Squishy when wet
  • Very strong plastic smell

4. Secure Slip Resistant Shower Shoes


If you’re the type of person that worries more about slipping in the shower compared to any other feature of the shoe, this is going to be the pair of shoes you want to go with.These slip resistant shoes are perfect for use in just about any public setting and they can also be a great option in nursing homes if you’re worried about a patient falling or anything like that.

The heavy duty grooved sole has been tested and proven to prevent slipping when you come into contact with wet surfaces. Furthermore, you’re going to find that the shoe offers a soft and comfortable nylon mesh uppers.

There is no inside back seam or no inside front toe seam so that you don’t have to worry about any heel or toe issues caused by uncomfortable rubbing. The expanded foot opening also helps to make sure that you have no problem putting on the shoe. They are available in both men’s and women’s sizes so that you can get the fit that you want.


  • Grooved soles
  • Slip resistant
  • Soft comfortable nylon mesh uppers
  • Expanded opening for easy use


  • Not the most attractive shoe on the market

5. Vertico Shower Sandal Rubber


Last but not least on this review post, this can be a great option to choose from if you aren’t looking for something fancy or flashy and you literally just want something to help make sure that your feet don’t have to touch the floor of the public shower you are using.

There are a lot of different sizes to choose from and you’re going to like the two color options that help to keep it simple so you aren’t given a lot of options to make the decision even easier.

In terms of the features for this particular pair of shower sandals, you will find that they are lightweight and made from an all rubber material.

Additionally, you’re going to get a closed-cell EVA construction and you’ll rest easy knowing that the design of the shoe is 100% safe and you won’t have to worry about slipping in the shower or wherever you might be since it comes with a nonslip grip on the bottom of the shoe.


  • Rubber
  • Lightweight
  • Closed-cell EVA construction
  • Safe and non slip


  • Not the best looking shoe
  • Foot will move around in the sandal

6. Kaiback Mens Simple Slide Shower Sandal


As we approach the end of the review post, you’re going to find that this is still one of the better options that you are going to find thanks to the overall durable performance of the shoes to help ensure that they will last a long time, even if you use them outside of the shower.

These shoes are available in a lot of different sizes but the color of the shoes is really only going to come in brown or tan, which could be a problem for some individuals.

These shower sandals are made from a rubber material with a rubber sole and the fit of the shoe is going to be great for anybody that has bigger feet thanks to the wide fit of the sandals.

Additionally, they are slip resistant which is one of the most important features when it comes to purchasing a shoe to use in the shower or around the pool or beach.


  • Rubber
  • Rubber sole
  • Brown or tan in color
  • Slip resistant
  • Wide fit


  • Size runs smaller

7. QCI Direct Women’s Shower Slippers-Large


When push comes to shove, there is nothing more important than finding a shoe that is slip resistant and ensures that your feet stay off the ground to help make sure you don’t have to come into contact with the contaminants on the ground.

These shoes are only going to be used in the shower and they will have no use besides a shower sandal but they also have some great features to help make sure you get the results you want in the shower.

Perhaps the least attractive design of them all, these shoes have a total mesh upper so that your entire top of the foot is exposed to the shower water so that they can still be easily washed and cleaned with the shoes on.

Despite the open design, you’re going to have plenty of protection from the bacteria or other items on the shower floor. These shoes are available in a medium or large size and they do not have specific sizes that correlate to regular shoes.


  • Total mesh upper
  • Supportive bottom
  • Inexpensive
  • Protection against bacteria


  • No other uses besides shower shoe

8. Vertico Slide-on Women’s Poolside Sandal


If you’re a woman looking to find a pair of shoes that you can wear in the shower or bring with you to the pool or the beach, then this is going to be one of the best options that you will find.

Not only is it going to be a cheap and affordable option for you, but it is also available in five different colors so that you can pick the one that you like best to wear to the beach or the pool.

Despite the synthetic sole, they are fast drying so you don’t have to worry about the shoe retaining water or anything like that. The shoes are also non-porous and mildew resistant so that you never have to worry about bacteria growing inside your shoes.

As with all of the other shoes reviewed in this post, you’ll find that it can help to prevent that transfer of a lot of different bacterias when it comes to public shower area.s Lastly, these shoes are foam injected as one piece so you don’t have to worry about contaminants in any cracks or crevices in the shoe.


  • Fast drying
  • Synthetic
  • Non-porous
  • Mildew resistant
  • Foam injected as one piece


  • Size is very inaccurate
  • Squishy and slippery when wet

9. Matari Womens Mens Bathroom Solid Shoes


Yet again, this is going to be another great option for anybody that is looking to find one of the more inexpensive options while still finding a shoe that does a lot for them.

You are the type of person that cares about the color of the shoe?

Then, you’re going to love the options provided by this pair of shoes because there are seven different options when it comes to the color of the shoe so you can pick the best one to meet your needs.

The look of these particular shoes is going to be a little more unique than what you might see in some of the other shoes but the design is perfect for using them in the shower or pool.

These are made from a PVC material with a PE sole and each shoe comes with a high quality build overall and the anti slip material is exactly what you are going to need when it comes to a shower shoe. If you need to wash them, you’re going to have an easy time to do so.


  • PVC
  • PE sole
  • Seven color choices
  • High quality
  • Easy to wash


  • Strong plastic smell

10. GEAR ONE Men’s Rubber Slipper Shoe


If you want to find a cheaper option and you prefer a flip flop with a between the toe design rather than the standard sliding option, this is going to be one of the better shoes that you are going to find.

Of course, these shoes are going to have nothing flashy but then again, you don’t really need anything incredibly flashy when it comes to these shoes.

They are made from a rubber and synthetic material and that rubber material makes the great for showers or at the beach.

Additionally, you are going to find that these shoes have closed-cell EVA construction for enhanced durability and they are one of the top-rated sandals that you are going to find.

Despite the lower price and the different construction of the shoes, you are going to find that they are still safe and lightweight which helps to make them the perfect shoe in all situations.


  • Rubber
  • Perfect for shower or beach
  • Closed-cell EVA construction
  • Safe and lightweight


  • Not antimicrobial
  • Hold in scents and smells

Things To Consider – Best Shower Shoes


This isn’t going to be an absolute requirement, but it should be no surprise that it can be helpful when it comes to flip flops for the shower to have some sort of an antimicrobial property to it because that will help to give you an additional layer of protection between your foot and the contaminants that lie under it.

Additionally, antimicrobial shoes are typically designed with shower use in mind so they will be more comfortable and they’ll also have a non-slip sole.

Rubber Soles

This particular feature is going to be found in just about any type of flip flop you go to buy but it is important so it is definitely worth mentioning still. When it comes to buying a sandal or shoe that has a rubber sole, you’ll be able to use it for more than just the shower because it will work in all environments.

Additionally, the rubber sole can provide you with a better grip and better traction overall.


If you’re looking to find one of the more average priced pair of sandals or shower shoes, then you should look for a pair that has some drainage holes in them because they are specifically designed to help let the shower water drain through to the ground of the shower.

This is going to be a great feature for a lot of reasons but the main on is that the reduction of water in your sandals will help to give you a better and more improved grip so you don’t slide in your sandal.


When push comes to shove, these are going to be shoes that you wear in the shower, they aren’t a brand new pair of Nike basketball shoes. Even the cheapest pair of shoes is going to do the job just fine for you but some of the more expensive options might come with more helpful features. If you spend a couple bucks on a pair of flip flops or shower shoes, you’ll be good to go.

Dual Purpose

This was briefly mentioned above, but it is really important to make sure that you try and find a pair of shoes that serves multiple purposes so that it can be used as more than just a shoe for the shower.

Of course, if you are only spending a couple bucks on a pair of shoes, then a multi-purpose pair of shoes isn’t really necessary. However, if you spend a little more money, try and make sure that it can work in different environments.

Avoid Mesh Or Foam

In a lot of shoes, sandals or flip flops, you’re going to find that mesh and foam are some of the more popular options when it comes to materials but if you’re using them in the shower, you should make sure to avoid these materials because it can be tough for them to dry out.

They absorb the water and then the bacteria and fungi can seep into that material and it will defeat the purpose of the shower shoes in general.

Beach Shoes

There are a lot of options that you can choose to purchase when it comes to shower shoes but if you don’t know what to look for, you should really look for a pair of beach shoes. In most cases, you are going to find that the beach shoes will also a lot of the same features you would find in a pair of shower shoes.

Additionally, this can help tie in with the multiple purposes of the shoes so that you can take the shoes to the beach and have more uses compared to just the shoes in the shower.

Don’t Care About Looks

When it comes to shoes, there are a lot of people that really care about their look of their shoes for a variety of reasons. Let me just say right now that there is no reason at all for you to pay attention to the looks of these particular shoes. If you’re going to use them just for the shower, then it truly doesn’t matter.

Even if you are going to use it for a couple different uses, there’s really no reason for you to worry about how they look. Just go for the most affordable pair of shoes that offers what you want to see in the shoes.

Final Verdict

When it comes to buying a pair of sandals or shoes to wear in the shower, you might think that there really isn’t a lot for you to keep in mind but it really is important to remember a few things.

If you simply pay attention to the information provided in the post above, you’ll have no problem getting the best pair of shower shoes to help keep your feet protected from what may lie in a public shower.

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