Best Shower Valve in 2021 – Selections From A Pro!

A memorable shower never comes easy without the right click of components. It is the definition of incredible parts that make a controllable shower for a refreshing clean-up. Not far away from these components is a very pivotal pal Mr. ‘Shower Valve’.

If you need the shower hot or cold, the shower valve ensures water regulation for a constant, safer shower at the temperature of your choice. It ensures your water temperature doesn’t get out of control to scald you. Shower valves come as manual types, concealed models, exposed designs to the mixer ones.

I take my shower seriously; I have been a victim of quite a heck of shower valves, others get broken just after the promise of the cliché’ ‘reliable’ from the manufacturer is emphasized on the label, not to mention those that leak.

Simply put; my bathroom has been moving from faulty shower valves to lackluster imitations. I tried French designs to American shower heads to settle on the best shower heads.

10 Best Shower Valves – Comparison

PictureProduct NamePrimary MaterialFinishPrice
Moen T2152BN Brantford PosiTemp ValveMoen T2152BN BrantfordNickelBrushed NickelCheck Latest Price
Grohe 19457001 Concetto Pressure ValveGrohe 19457001 ConcettoBrassGROHE StarLight ChromeCheck Latest Price
Moen T2191 Align PosiTemp ValveMoen T2191 Align PosiTempMetalChromeCheck Latest Price
Kohler GP77759 Mixer Cap ValveKohler GP77759 MixerPlasticNo FinishCheck Latest Price
KOHLER K-304-KS-NA Rite-Temp ValveKOHLER K-304-KS-NA Rite-TempMetal


Check Latest Price
KES Shower Faucet Solid Brass ValveKES Shower Faucet SolidABS Stainless SteelPolished ChromeCheck Latest Price
Pfister JX8-310P Shower ValvePfister JX8-310P ShowerBrassUnfinishedCheck Latest Price
Moen 2580 PosiTemp ValveMoen 2580 PosiTempMetalNo FinishCheck Latest Price
Grohe 35015000 Grohsafe ValveGrohe 35015000 GrohsafeMetal


Check Latest Price
KES L6700 Bathroom ValveKES L6700 BathroomBrassChromeCheck Latest Price

Best Shower Valve in 2021 – Review

Get A Free Installation Cost Estimate

Before you get to individual product reviews, you can get a free quote from your local licensed plumber for the installation of your shower valve. Don’t take the risk of setting yourself unless you have prior experience.

To get a free quote and talk to your local licensed plumber, you need to select Faucets/Fixtures/Pipes Repair/Replace and put your details in the form below. A local licensed plumber will contact you to discuss the installation shortly.

Now get to the reviews of our top shower valves.

1. Moen T2152BN Brantford PosiTemp Valve

Moen T2152BN Brantford PosiTemp Valve

Featuring a 3-3/8-inch diameter showerhead and a single lever handle, Moen T2152BN Brantford PosiTemp Valve is geared to make you love your shower just like you intended.

The 7.9 x 7.8 x 4.5 inches shower valve weighs only 2 pounds and works perfectly with a PosiTemp pressure-balancing control valve.

To assist you to control the water temperature conveniently to avoid scalding your skin. For an even easier installation, the shower valve is M-PACT common valve system compatible saving your time to move ahead and treat yourself with a refreshing shower.

This polished traditional design can resist corrosion and flaking for long time best service, thanks to its Brantford’s LifeShine brushed nickel finish.


  • Incredible ease of controlling water temperature
  • An elegant nickel finish
  • Easy to install


  • You will have to incur an extra cost to buy the PosiTemp control valve

2. Grohe 19457001 Concetto Pressure Valve

Grohe 19457001 Concetto Pressure Valve

This brand new shower valve never stops to gratify when it comes to serious bathroom plumbing.

You are going to love how transformative is the temperature and flow rate regulation comes by with this quality household name.

You can use it with the Groh Safe® Rough-In Valve (35 015) compatibly aiding your plumbing expectations effortlessly. Be ready for a lever handle included in the Grohe 19457001 Concetto Pressure Balance Valve Trim for quick control of your shower.

At just 1.2 pounds in weight, you will find it portable and packable with less of the bustle. The 2.76 x 8.07 x 21.65 inches shower valve is not just a GROHE Starlight Chrome great good looking finish, but also made of brass for that long-lasting effect you need in the bathroom, cutting down replacement costs.


  • Comes with one handle
  • You don’t need batteries to run it
  • It’s a wall mounting installation
  • Long-lasting body construction


  • Doesn’t have separate thermal control

3. Moen T2191 Align PosiTemp Valve

Moen T2191 Align PosiTemp Valve

Never have to worry anymore of shower valves thanks to chrome finish of the Moen T2191 Shower Valve.

Stand a chance to enjoy not only a modern look of a shower valve but also a compatible valve system to your bathroom design.

For excellent water temperature regulation, this quality brand is to bring you a PosiTemp Shower valve to enjoy the best and most effortless shower control you can count on.

With a single-handle lever, fit it into large bathrooms to open master designs making your internal plumbing a quick job.

Be ready for a more refreshed and modern look in your home, thanks to the elegant align faucets and accessories for a contemporary style.


  • Reflective chrome fine finish
  • More decorative to your style
  • Durable quality body construction


  • Not a universal valve

4. Kohler GP77759 Mixer Cap Valve

Kohler GP77759 Mixer Cap Valve

The Kohler GP77759 Mixer Cap for Pressure Balance Valve plastic construction is here to leave an astounding experience just in time for your bathroom needs.

Love the easy turning off your shower handle for a securely level.

Control the hot temperature of your shower for heightened safety to avoid being scolded, but have most of the fun ever demanded front the bathroom.

With Kohler Genuine Parts, the shower valve prides itself to provide you the convenience of using it in most common shower designs. It comes with a mixer cap kit for better temperature control.


  • Effortless temperature regulation
  • Smooth turn handle
  • Safe, controllable temperature
  • Compatible with KOHLER trim


  • You will have to incur an extra cost to buy the KOHLER K-304 pressure balance valves and a handle

5. KOHLER K-304-KS-NA Rite-Temp Valve

KOHLER K-304-KS-NA Rite-Temp ValveA shower head dedicated for a perfected shower is all you got the courtesy of the KOHLER K-304-KS-NA Rite-Temp Pressure Balancing Valve.

It is an ideal fix for your back-to-back installation for that unique look and finishes in the bathroom.

Be comfortable as you enjoy its reliable temperature regulation, given it is anti-scald designed. Check and control with less of the strain your shower using this valve at a flow rate of 175 gpm.

While repairing the shower valve, find it more convenient to turn off the water supply using the valve using its integrated screwdriver stop assists. For an even better installation process, the mounting tabs are cleverly located on the rough-in.


  • Effortless to install
  • Easy to repair
  • Convenient temperature regulation
  • Body craft of reliable longevity


  • You will need a valve trim sold separately

6. KES Shower Faucet Solid Brass Valve

KES Shower Faucet Solid Brass Valve

Specifically designed for specialists like you, the KES Shower Faucet Solid Brass Rough-in Valve is geared to transform the way you take a shower for the right motives.

You are likely to stay longer in your shower and all the blame goes to the intelligent user-friendly craft emphasized in this shower valve.

Of course, it is the blame for more fun when doing your shower. With an edge of a top performance as opposed to standard shower valves, you are bound to enjoy a valve material of heavy duty brass known for longevity that is a necessity in the bathroom.

With a ceramic disc cartridge, the polished chrome finish boasts any ability to minimize extra costs in your bathroom by being anti-corrosive, thanks to its purified touch. The 4.3-inch by 4.3-inch faceplate sized valve is a suitable fit for your plumbing at any given bathroom design of you intend to use.


  • Rough-in faucet constructed from top quality brass
  • Durable and quality faceplate
  • Easy to operate for effortless flow and temperature regulation
  • Effortless to fix in your bathroom


  • Doesn’t come with instructions for basic plumbing and installation

7. Pfister JX8-310P Shower Valve

Pfister JX8-310P Shower ValveExpect to experience a big transformation on how you have been taking your shower or at least how you intend to go about with this brass-made shower valve.

At only 1.4 pounds, the Pfister JX8-310P Single Handle Tub and Shower Valve comes at a 20.5 x 13.5 x 10.5 inches dimension.

So it is easy for installation and dependable, stable use. Use comfortably the 0X8 valve to effortlessly control and maintain the temperature of the water during your shower plus the water pressure level.

This solid brass construction doesn’t need to be a pain in the neck in installation because it comes with easy step-by-step installation instructions for even basic plumbing needs.


  • Long time Pfister warranty
  • Effortless to install
  • Convenient water temperature regulation
  • Durable brass construction


  • First-time users might need a hand in installation

8. Moen 2580 PosiTemp Valve

Moen 2580 PosiTemp Valve

This brass-made shower head is a treat for keen shower fans like you.

Weighing only 1.4 pounds, the Moen 2580 PosiTemp Valve is designed for either brass or antique brass color options you can choose from.

With 1/2-inch PEX connections with 1/4 turn stops, you can control water flow rate without much of the strain.

Regulate the water temperature using its Postmen technology for a shower experience like no other.


  • Excellent temperature regulation
  • Durable brass craft


  • Not universal use

9. Grohe 35015000 Grohsafe Valve

Grohe 35015000 Grohsafe Valve

A shower is a different experience if you intend to have it right with the Grohe 35015000 Grohsafe Universal Pressure Balance Rough-In Valve.

This GROHE Silk Move is purely emphasized for a smooth operation and service you can count, to enjoy your shower.

Count on the handle limit stop to regulate the way you want to have your shower, thanks equally to its check valves for a more convenient and safe shower.


  • Comes with a Diaphragm cartridge
  • Metal construction for longevity
  • Weight only 3.2 pounds for easy installation


  • Installation needs to be done by experienced plumber for first-time users

10. KES L6700 Bathroom Valve

KES L6700 Bathroom ValveSpecifically emphasized for your smooth showering, the KES L6700 Bathroom Single Handle Mixing Valve Body and Trim Round is effortless to use shower head you can depend on.

It has a stainless steel faceplate to resist corrosion. The metal handle is constructed to serve you for long without your shower control going faulty. This is one Female threaded 1/2″ IPS connection size not only for comfortable use but also chrome plated for that finer look and finish you will admire in your bathroom.

The Ceramic disc valve designing has been done by SEDAL from Europe, for a perfected incredible experience worth the regular crave for your shower.


  • Durable body construction
  • A chrome plated fine finish
  • Suitable for wall-mounting
  • Weighs only 1.8 pounds for best portability and installation


  • Not the best for typical tapered threading

How Much It Costs For The Installation

It takes about 1-2 hours for plumber to install/replace a shower valve. The cost depends on the location and experience of the person who install it. If you have prior experience of working with water leakage and plumbing, you might think of doing the installation/replacement yourself. But it’s always recommended to consult with a professional.

You might experience a malfunctioning and water leakage if the shower valve is not properly installed.

You can get the exact cost estimate by providing your zip code and contact details below. One of the local licensed plumber will contact you to discuss about the project. No obligation.

Things To Consider – Best Shower Valve

The type of shower valve you fix in your bathroom doesn’t need to be a rush business. This is one component likely to last you long in the shower; the better it is for the job, it is an assurance of an incredible shower. Be keen on these guidelines for a quality piece.

The Controls

Shower valves are categorized based on the number of controls they have, and commonly you are likely to come across 1, 2 or 3 controls. The more controls your shower valve has the higher the degree of fine controls you will have in regulating pressure and the temperature at which you want to take your shower.

Single controls shower valves start with cold water flow with the water heating up as more water is allow to flow through it. A 2 control shower valve uses a single control of temperature and another that controls pressure.

Those with 3 controls are best suited for showers designed with multiple outlets, where one control handles the temperature, another pressure and the other to tailor into the outlet of choice in use. Suit yourself with what matters to you.

Are You Going Thermostatic Or Manual?

Thermostatic shower valves come with a device for turning off the water flow beyond a specific temperature. These are incredible pieces when it comes to controlling water temperature to avoid your body getting scolded as a result of high water temperature during your shower.

So if the water flow connection is interchangeable in use on your toilet, never have to worry about water temperature control with these valves. Otherwise, if your home plumbing is all great, considering going for manually crafted shower valves, they work just as fine.

They will allow you to adjust both the temperature and the flow rate. The problem with manual types, in case of reduced cold water flow in a nearby connected tap, you will be forced to adjust the shower again to avoid being heated.


Equally you will come across shower valves with 1, 2 to 3 outlets. The one with 1 outlet will at the least have the option of going with a single showerhead and those with more than one come with versatile options. One outlet might be connected to a handheld shower head or to the body jets.

Options Of Thermostatic Shower Valves To Choose From

  • Twin thermostatic shower valve
  • Triple Thermostatic shower valve
  • Triple shower valve and a diverter
  • Twin thermostatic shower valve diverter

Final Verdict

These shower valves not only just command superb performance in the bathroom plumbing needs, but are reliable acquisitions that resolved my thirst for durable and steadfast bathroom fun that I had long missed.If you face difficulty in installation, for best performance, get an expert to fix your favorite choice.

Check the cost that is comfortable with you and the design specifications that match your bathroom. Be ready for a life time thrill of your daily shower that will get back your home rolling in amusement, with any of these shower valves.

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