Best Solar Shower Reviews – 2017 Guide From A Camping Expert

There is nothing like a steamy bath when you need. Best solar shower is a portable shower system which lets you have the steamy bath anytime and anywhere.

Solar showers have impressive heating systems that utilize the sun, a portable shower bag which holds water for multiple showers and other benefits.

This article explains why you would need solar showers and enlists few of the best solar showers available in the market!

Best Solar Shower - Comparison

I have spent hours analysing the features of each of the best model, and prepared this final comparison and in-depth solar shower review for each of them.

Best Solar Shower - Reviews

If you are still confused which one is the most perfect solar shower for you, check our in-depth reviews to decide the final one!

1. Advanced Elements 5 gal. Summer Shower

Advanced Elements Summer Shower

Editor Rating:

This Advanced Elements 5 gal. Summer Shower is designed for outdoor fun with family. The capacity of the shower is 5 Gallons which is more than even in-house showers of yours.

You can have a durable outdoor shower with this as it is solar powered and 4-ply construction guarantees sturdiness for the panels.

You can use the Velcro straps to keep your washed clothes. Also, there is a side pocket if you want to keep soaps and shampoos. It doesn’t even take up much space in your travel bag. It requires the space of an iPad for your convenience.

Operating it is easy as well, just turn the shower on and off with a switch but you cannot regulate the shower speed.

Features at a Glance

  • 5-gallon out of doors shower supercharged by star technology
  • 4-ply construction with reflector panel and dielectric panel
  • Easy-to-use on/off nozzle and extra-large filling valve
  • Side pocket for soap and shampoo

2. Advanced Elements 3 Gallon Summer Shower

Advanced Elements Summer Solar Shower

Editor Rating:

This product has the capacity of 3 Gallons which makes it suitable for multiple showers. This Advanced Elements 3 Gallon Summer Shower / Solar Shower is perfect for outdoor picnics, hiking and a bunch of other activities.

While taking a shower with it is easy, you can also monitor the water temperature through the gauge. It also follows a four layer construction.

The construction makes the shower sturdy for continuous use. You will have carrying handle as an extra. The Velcro straps will keep the soap and shampoos in place.

It is very easy to store the shower as it folds in a travel bag. You can take it anywhere you like without worrying for damages. It comes with a one-year warranty.

Features at a Glance

  • Ideal for hiking, hunting, fishing, and alternative out of doors adventures
  • 2 1/2-gallon capability
  • Designed to heat water quick within the heat sun
  • Durable, four-layer construction
  • Extra-large filling valve with twist-off cap
  • Covered by a annual manufacturer warranty

3. GAME 4376 Outdoor Solar Shower

GAME 4376 Outdoor Solar Shower

Editor Rating:

GAME 4376 Outdoor Solar Shower is a compact outdoor shower which is easy to connect with any source. Simply add it with the garden hose and you are done!

This solar panels work quickly to heat up your water. You can even adjust the temperature of the shower water to your liking. Once you are done with it, simply put it on a base that comes with this shower.

The manufacturers also have made few showerheads that will go well with the bag. For example, you can try on the rain showerhead with it and have customized flow of water. You can have fun during hiking trips or camping nights.

Features at a Glance

  • Rinse off before and when swimming with water warm by the sun's energy
  • Easy to assemble - merely hook up with a customary hose
  • Hot and cold adjustment for the right out of doors shower
  • Free standing or mounts to most surfaces
  • Holds 5.5 gallons of water

4. Coleman Sun Shower® 4 Portable Shower

Coleman Sun Shower® 4 Portable Shower

Editor Rating:

This Coleman Sun Shower® 4 Portable Shower holds up to 4 Gallons of water, so you can take multiple showers. This is particularly suited when you are on long distance journeys. While traveling, you can keep the soaps and shampoos in a well-designed side pocket.

It is a showerhead perfectly suited for families. To make sure the water temperature is soothing to all, you will get a temperature gauge to monitor. It won’t puncture or tear up even if your kids drop it as it is strongly built.

The solar shower is backed up by the standard 2-year warranty. As far as the reviews go, this is one of the top-selling solar showerhead brands .

Features at a Glance

  • Holds four gallons - enough water for multiple showers
  • Uses alternative energy to heat water
  • Strong handle for reliable hanging and carrying
  • Built-in measuring system permits you to see the temperature before you switch it on
  • Great for encampment journeys and through emergencies once predicament is not offered

5. Coghlan's Camp Shower

Coghlan's Camp Shower

Editor Rating:

The Coghlan's Camp Shower is excellent although many consider it small. With only three gallons of capacity it does the job. The solar shower takes less time to heat up the water so you can have a bath quickly on the road for a big trip.

The material used to build this solar shower is PVA, and it is not reactive towards your skin. You and your family won’t have irritations of skin anymore and it is perfectly within your budget.

Having a shower with it is fun as it will last 5-10 minutes when you are camping and it is full. Coghlan’s shower is put to best use when you are considering it for dishwashing or quick wash of hands before eating.

Features at a Glance

  • This light-weight
  • Non-toxic PVC coghlan's star heated camp shower stores enough water for 3-4 showers
  • Compact and simple to use, includes twine for hanging, you may ne'er take a chilly shower whereas inhabitancy once more

Final Verdict

Solar showers are fun when you are looking to have a quality time outdoors. They are particularly made for camping trips, hiking, adventure tours and so on. You can also use them when you need emergency hot water.

The brands and models I spoke about in my article are some of the very best solar shower when it comes to portability, water output, temperature control and comfort. You can choose any of them for your comfort without being worried of quality.

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