Best Toilet Flappers For 2021 – Guide & Reviews

Think of situations when you flush your toilet, after some minutes you still continue to hear trickles. Chances are your toilet flapper is in a mess. This could result in high water bills due to wastage of essential water you would like to conserve.

A toilet flapper is a device that is designed to create a seal in the water holding tank in your toilet, such that before and after you flush, it ends up holding tight control of water flow to the bowl.

If you push the handle, the flapper is raised effortlessly allowing your toilet to flush. When it goes back to its original position, it creates a watertight seal to stop the flow.

I am a busy one, and I don’t hang around home too often. But I noticed I have been paying high water bills lately until my plumber came to my rescue. Every time I flush, there has been a leak on the toilet flapper, a significant amount that ends up wasting the very precious liquid.

10 Best Toilet Flappers – Comparison

PictureProduct NameSizeItem WeightPrice
Fluidmaster-400CR-ToiletFluidmaster 400CR ToiletN/A16.32 ouncesCheck Latest Price
Korky16BP 1.6 Toilet FlapperNameKorky16BP 1.6 Toilet Flapper2 Inch0.32 ouncesCheck Latest Price
TOTO THU331S 28+1 Rings TOTO THU331S 28+1 Rings 6.4 x 4.3 x 2.4 Inch4.8 ouncesCheck Latest Price
Plumb Craft Water Saving Plumb Craft Water Saving 2 Inch1.28 ouncesCheck Latest Price
Plumbcraft Flush ValvePlumbcraft Flush Valve 3 Inch10.2 ouncesCheck Latest Price
Kohler GP1078441 Cimarron Kohler GP1078441 Cimarron 3-1/4 Inch2.72 ouncesCheck Latest Price
Kohler GP85160 2-Inch Kohler GP85160 2-Inch 2 Inch1.6 ouncesCheck Latest Price
TOTO THU499S Universal TOTO THU499S Universal 499S4.8 ouncesCheck Latest Price
American Standard 7381.129 American Standard 7381.129 1.6 ouncesCheck Latest Price
American Standard 738920-0070A   American Standard 738920-0070A   3 inch8.8 ouncesCheck Latest Price

10 Best Toilet Flappers – Review

I had to go for some sampling of many be wielding an array of flappers, shifting from luck luster Chinese ones, European designs to some variety of American crafts. Thanks to the effort, these toilet flappers stood out exceptionally.

1. Fluidmaster 400CR Toilet Flapper

Fluidmaster 400CR Toilet Flapper

Be ready to handle the mighty delivery of this flapper in your daily toilet flush. Designed to ensure you utilize your flush water efficiently.

This white in color Fluidmaster 400CR Toilet Fill Valve and Flapper Repair Kit is emphasized to ensure you enjoy the speed of every flush without any trace of poor drain.

The 3-Inch flapper assembly manufactured in China is the king of flappers, thanks to its high durability. One of the easiest to use flappers you can witness, this flapper is one of the less noisiest you can ever use while running your toilet.


  • Long lasting
  • Effortless to use
  • Less noisy
  • Handle 3.5 GPF or more
  • Anti-bacteria accumulation design
  • Chlorine-resistant


  • Doesn’t include flusher handle and arm attachment to chain

2. Korky16BP 1.6 Toilet Flapper, 2-Inch

Korky16BP 1.6 Toilet Flapper, 2-Inch

Let your plumbing to up for an upgrade when fixing a flapper with the Korky 16BP 1.6 Toilet Flapper, 2-Inch.

Be assured to find this 0.3-ounce flapper, one of the easiest to install in the toilet design in your home.

Since 1994, this newer flapper’s performance is way much better, an aspect emphasized in its flexible rubber tight seal, able to stop flushing when done quickly, saving you from the extra water bill in the long term. This is why it is an acclaimed favorite among water conservatisms.


  • Able to handle 1.6-gallon toilets
  • Made of long lasting rubber
  • Able to resist chlorine effects on body
  • Ensures tight seal


  • Doesn’t work in all toilets

3. TOTO THU331S 28+1 Rings Flapper

TOTO THU331S 28+1 Rings Flapper

Nothing compares to the TOTO THU331S 28+1 Rings Flapper for Toilet installation, an aspect that will make you love the process your plumbing because it is an assured easy task.

For over 90 years of dominance, this flapper is not only a household brand but also a quick delivery in performance.

It is a reliable flapper able to last for long, courtesy of its dedicated engineering design based on modern innovativeness.

It controls effectively the amount of water per a flush, thanks to its holistic craft. This will save your water bills in the long run.


  • Durable and reliable
  • A superior performance
  • Quick to install
  • Translates to low maintenance costs


  • Not usable for all toilets

4. Plumb Craft Water Saving Flapper

Plumb Craft Water Saving Flapper

Stand a chance to save most of the water you use in flushing your toilet with this flapper that has remained a trusted performance for over 50 years today.

The Plumb Craft Water Saving Flapper saves you the extra water bill costs too.

Never worry about toilet leaks anymore, thanks to this 1.3-ounce adjustable toilet flapper. It is the ultimate fix for any mind boggling flapper you have.

With a 2-way mounting for brass, the flapper brings your more flushing enjoyment and maintenance that is dependable, courtesy of its craft able to resist harsh, chlorinated water effects. It will fit most American of the toilets.


  • Leaking toilet best solution
  • East to install
  • Saves water


  • Doesn’t fit all types of toilets

5. Plumbcraft Flush Valve and Flapper

Plumbcraft Flush Valve and Flapper

Superbly crafted for your modern flushing, the new arrival boasts the ability to control the flushing in your toilet.

The Plumbcraft Flush Valve and Flapper not only just to save your water, but also cut down water bill costs.

The flapper continues to delve into creating toilet flushing solutions by replacing perfectly the 3-inch flush valves for the right performance reasons.

Love every time you flush your toilet courtesy of the strong seal of thePlumbcraft Toilet Flush Valve and Flapper – 3″, Fits Most Toilet Tanks With 3-Inch Flush Drains.


  • Fits most 3-inch drain toilets
  • Reliable performance
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Easy to use


  • Not the best performance for a one piece toilet

6. Kohler GP1078441 Cimarron Flapper

Kohler GP1078441 Cimarron Flapper

Fit Kohler GP1078441 Cimarron Flapper in any two piece toilet courtesy of its class five technology.

That continues to put this flapper first in any genuine replacements parts for your plumbing.

The Kohler Genuine Part made is the USA, weighs only 2.7 ounces, measuring only 5.2 x 4 x 2.5 inches for the most of your quick installation.

You will be thrilled by this perfect piece since it comes as a 3-1/4 in flapper, that is quick to minimize water wastage in every single flush your enjoy doing after using your toilet.


  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Saves water
  • Effortless to use


  • Not my favorite more than 5-year durability

7. Kohler GP85160 2-Inch Flapper

Kohler GP85160 2-Inch Flapper

Arriving at your home to leave a performance mark, the Kohler GP85160 2-Inch Flapper has a reason to last for the right reasons.

It is one of the most highly durable flappers ever to hit the market while weighing 1.6 ounces on 5.2 x 3 x 1.8 inches.

Priding itself of material construction with 50% strofoam, it is the reason why you should be ready to have it last with you for the longest time while delivering effectively in your toilet. It is a 2 in a model that not only amazes flapper fanatics but gives them genuine parts that are worth the cost.


  • Highly Durable
  • Fit for 2-piece toilets
  • Blue in float color
  • Easy to install


  • Not the best control in flip push

8. TOTO THU499S Universal Flapper

TOTO THU499S Universal Flapper

Made of rubber, this universal toilet flapper is compatible to any of your toilet design saving you time of hopping from one brand to another for the right fit.

If your toilet is a 3-inch flapper requirement, this is the choice you have been waiting for.

The TOTO THU499S Universal Flapper takes over from most of the older TOTO flappers, for heightened performance.

Find this brand a reliable durability, assisting you to cut down long-term replacement costs. You can’t wait to get excited about its flushing capability, and it is superb.


  • Made of rubber
  • A universal toilet use
  • Easy to install
  • High performance make


  • Mostly best performance for TOTO toilets only

9. American Standard 7381.129# 200.0070A

American Standard 7381.129# 200.0070A

This American Standard 7381.129#200.0070A Flapper and Chain never stops when it comes to delivering the best flushing needs.

It is an acclaimed 2-inch flush valve flapper that will efficiently deliver best as a universal replacement without further extra costs in the long term.

You will get it with a flapper chain and a hook to use in the installation and performance. Don’t worry of the float, and this is the real deal. Expect to have it with included clips too.


  • Superb flushing performance
  • Quality material
  • Suited for 2-inch flush valve
  • Easy to install


  • Works best with large volume of water flush

10. American Standard 738920-0070A

American Standard 738920-0070A

Be ready to enjoy the best flushing you can ever count on with the installation of the American Standard 738920-0070A 3-Inch Flapper Assembly in your toilet at any given time.

The flapper is a long lasting construction and is highly credited to its chlorine-resistance especially if you happen to use water with much of the chemical. This leaves it less-corrosive and effective for a long time if purpose.

It is cleverly crafted with the right weight for the best of the performance as it saves most of your water.


  • Able to handle 3.5 GPF toilet designs and larger
  • Has weight of 1 pound for excellent flush
  • Less noisy for every flush
  • Certified and approved


  • Doesn’t fit in some toilets

How To Choose The Best Toilet Flapper

There are those flappers that will allow some amount of water to flow before closing and those that will allow all the water in your tank to drain before closing; conventional flappers and low flow flappers.

Before settling on either of these, take into reflection these quick tips for a decisive option.

The Type Of Frame

Don’t be surprised when you come across flappers with flexible frames. They tend to have a body construction of pure rubber. The good thing about them is that they can fit in most designs of modern flush valve drains.

Performance Of Frame

To make flushing more exciting, all rubber flappers can fit into oddly sized flush valves, those without mounting posts for a non-movable attachment and even those that are angle seated. I recommend you identify your toilet style and go for what suits your preference.

Remember, solid framed flappers are quite impressive when it comes to stopping your toilet from leaking. I found out, though, they don’t work well with wall flush valve drains.

What Size Do You Need?

For those with toilets that can accommodate common size flush valve drains, 2-inch drains or 3-ich drains.

Take into account of the fact that, 2-inch flappers can be flexible and solid framed, 3-inch flappers are mostly available in a solid frame. This should assist you to match the right flappers to your toilet design.

Type Of Flapper

You are likely to come across adjustable flappers and non-adjustable ones, they are commonly designed for specific capabilities of flushing toilets ranging from 5 GPF (gallons per flush) to as small as 1.28 GPF.

Select one which befits you. But adjustable flappers tend to perform better when flushing 1.28 to 1.6 GPF in your toilet. Non-adjustable ones are best in more than 3 gallons of water your flush.

Other Tips

  • If buying a used one, know the age of the flappers and material quality of construction
  • Know how easy it is to replace the type of flappers you consider

Final Verdict

You need the right kick in your toilet performance with the flapper of your choice but ensure your do regular cleaning and check on the flapper for durability.

Check on the specifications your toilet comes with to choose the right best toilet flapper that will be a great replacement while minimizing chances of incurring extra replacement costs.

How about another treat with any of these flappers, for quality service delivery, any enthusiast can reliably count on?

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