How To Buy The Best Shower Head?

Hygienic lifestyle is the order of the present years with so many diseases invading our homes. Hygiene begins with proper way of bathing. While many of us overlook the fact, proper bathing starts with a great shower head. Funny but true, shower heads contribute to your bathing experience in every possible way. So, for me, buying a suitable showerhead is the first step towards hygiene.

This article will help you in choosing the best showerhead from thousands of them available in the market. Let us go over few of the key points you need to remember before making the choice.

How to buy the Best Shower Head

# 1 – Decide whether a handheld shower head is good enough

Many of us use standard shower head that is on top of a facet. These things don’t move and deliver water from a standard position. But if you install handheld shower head, you will be able to spray water to every part of your body and have a proper bath.

You can have your pet washed in the bathtub now! The best thing is, these handheld shower heads can be used as standard shower heads too. Just put them on top of the bracket.

# 2 – Decide on your Spray Pattern

It’s somewhat funny but true. Different shower heads have different patterns when it comes to spraying water. The feel of bathing depends on this hugely. For example, some of us feel at ease when the water is pouring down from the shower head vigorously and then there are others like me who prefer gentle drops like rain shower. There are showers which let you switch between spray pattern with the touch of a button.

Feel free to shop for the single-spray shower heads if you have a bathroom only for yourself. But if the bathroom is shared by someone else, you’ll do well to choose shower head which supports multiple spray patterns for both of you.

# 3 – Your Height Matters

Yes, specially when you are about to buy a shower head, your height definitely matters. When you are tall, the large shower heads might pose a problem as you will find it hard to take a shower by standing under them.

But when the shower head is medium to small size and is high above the ground, the shorter users won’t even get near it let alone operating that thing. The thing to do here is to measure the enclosure of the shower head you are going to buy.

Also, figure out the angle of the shower head beforehand or just after you have installed it for better shower experience.

# 4 – Buy a Showerhead Suiting the Water-Pressure of Your House

While buying a shower head, you need to know about flow rates. Flow rates are counted in gpms and shower heads of these days have 2.5 gpm. This is good if you consider having an acceptable water pressure.But in houses where the water pressure is low, this will feel as a

But in houses where the water pressure is low, this will feel as a trickle down your back. This won’t probably wash away the soap or the shampoo. Some might choose a shower head with a regulator to negate the issue.

Others might choose the one without a pressure regulator. But a simple solution can be aerated shower heads. These things will push air with water to boost up the water speed where it is low. Oxygenics is a good brand which comes at $30 in this regard.

# 5 – Consider the Price, Crack the Correct Deal

Price is a big issue when you are buying anything, even a shower head. You might see a certain shower head will cost you $30 and last for a year. But a $75 shower head which lasts 12-14 years is obviously a better deal as it will save money for you in the future.

If you are going to purchase a shower head with additional parts, do a checking and find out the cost of the additional items you are purchasing with it first. Also, check on whether the additional parts are available or not.

These things (shower arms, filters, pressure regulators) can add to your cost of ownership and ultimately can make the purchase an expensive one.

# 6 – Some Additional Tips for Purchasing

You can avail a great shower head if you keep the things in mind which I’ve already discussed. Remember, a showerhead can waste water if you are not aware enough. A good showerhead won’t spoil your hot water by turning it cold. You will do well to buy the models which go by the Low-Flow technology if you want better output.

Shower heads are not too tough to install. A reputed shower head brand should take minutes to be installed and the process is not fussy like some of the others in the market. There are instruction manuals for the customers to go through.

And if you feel things are going south with the installation, you can even contact the company’s customer care service if you so choose.

Always buy showerheads which are less problematic when adjusting. The pressure regulators often present problems if you are not careful enough. The quality products will withstand the test of time and run on for years without any leaks or lose ends before finally letting up.

Shower head is a little thing but plays a big part in bathing and therefore in your hygiene. It is a great and efficient tool that can decide how cleanliness is maintained around your house. So, buying an ideal showerhead is the key.


This little article will serve as your buying guide and help you in making an effective decision that contributes to the purchase. You can find great showerheads in or any other online marketplaces as well as in physical stores.

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