Ways to Clean a Bathroom – Step By Step Guideline!

Cleanliness can save you and everyone else who ever set foot in your home from infections. Keeping your home clean can help boost its beauty and style in a great way. It makes the home more appealing and warm so that you enjoy and cherish every moment you spend in it.

That’s one of the reasons why we need to keeps every part of our homes spotlessly clean always, especially the bathroom. Take the bathroom for example. It is one of the smallest rooms in a house. The bathroom is the place where you get cleaned up.

Though a lot of cleaning often occurs in this small room, it is also the place where notorious germs, molds, and lichens like to hide. The cleaning is supposed to cover every part of the bathroom including showers, sinks, bathtub, toilet, floor, walls, glass, mirrors, and every other part that needs to be cleaned up.

Remove Every Item That Doesn’t Belong In the Bathroom

The bathroom is much more than just a place where you clean yourself up. It is also a place where you can meditate and relax your mind when you are not in a hurry. Therefore, if you crowd that little space with unnecessary items, you drain its therapeutic power and ability because you won’t be as comfortable in it as you should.

But don’t worry. With just a number of steps, you can free up your bathroom and the bathtub for the greater good. It all begins with removing all items that don’t belong in the bathroom. Most times we put in the bathroom, things that just take up space and jam the bathroom for no reason. Items such as clothes, cups, and trash don’t belong in the bathroom.

Once you remove every item that can be somewhere else from the bathroom, you free up space inside your bathroom. That marks the beginning of your bathroom cleaning and a good life in the shower.

Move Items to Clean Under Them

Some items can’t be removed, but can be moved to clean beneath them. Most times, dust and other dirt hide beneath, on and in these objects. Cleaning the bathroom must be done thoroughly to make sure nothing like dirt is left to behind, and that would sometimes mean you move side tables and movable storage cabinets to let you clean beneath them thoroughly.

Beneath such items often harbor filth and dust. If you don’t clean such areas regularly, there will be a large buildup of dust and other dirt components under them, especially if you haven’t accessed beneath their bases for a long time. Wipe these items to free them of dust, and then you can also clean under them. It will help your bathroom look more attractive and keep germs away.

Shower head

Clean your showerhead twice a month. Because it’s the part that distributes water on to you while bathing, it must be kept clean always. Cleaning it twice a month is enough to keep it spotlessly clean and healthy for use.

When cleaning the showerhead, scrub the nozzle with a grout brush and an all-purpose cleaner, then wipe it with a sponge. Use white vinegar every three months to clean the showerhead. You simply pour white vinegar in a plastic bag and secure it on the nozzle by use of a rubber band.

Clean the Sink and Faucet

Sinks often attract soap scum and toothpaste. You can clean the bathroom sinks by scrubbing off the soap scums with a small amount of cleaner and sponge. Make sure you rinse the sponge thoroughly as you continue with the scrubbing. After every last soap scum and toothpaste are cleaned, you rinse the surface until it becomes shiny and clean. Sinks need regular cleaning because the soap scums build up very fast.

Keeping your bathroom clean improves the face of your home and makes you enjoy life in your home even more. Just make sure you don’t clean the sinks with the same paper towel or rag you used to clean your toilet. That can transfer germs to your sink and counter area.

Each of these parts deserves different cleaning rags. The faucet is cleaned together with the sink, hence doesn’t need too much attention. When you are cleaning the sink, make sure you clean and wipe the faucet until no spots can be seen on it.

Walls and Ceiling

Due to the dampness of the bathroom, molds often build up on the walls and the ceiling. You can make it a habit of cleaning your walls every day. Clean it once a day, especially after you complete taking a shower.

Use a water bleach, or disinfectant solution on it then let it rest for a few minutes. Whether it is the walls or the ceiling that you are cleaning, you can use another cleaning product if you don’t use bleach or disinfectant. Then with a clean rag or a sponge, scrub the tiles in the areas you have sprayed.

Counter Area

Wipe off the tops and fronts of the cabinets and drawers. Use hot, soapy water to clean this area so that it can tough stains are loosened and freed of the surfaces. You can add a bit of bleach to the soapy water if you are worried about germs on the surfaces.

Wipe inside the cabinet with a clean sponge to remove any traces of dust in it. The thoroughness of cleaning your counter and the materials or detergents used depends on the material that it’s made from.

Clean the Toilet

To clean the toilet, make sure you begin with the exterior as you move toward its interior. With cleaning gloves on, wipe the exterior of your toilet beginning with the flush handle.

Wash and rinse every outside surface of the toilet bowl, including the flared base, underside, top, and underside of the seat and lid.

Don’t forget to clean the hinges and the mounting area with a detergent and a cloth. The cloth or paper towel you use should be specifically assigned for toilet cleaning only. From then, you can now clean the interior of the bowl. Use a toilet brush and a flush to make the bowl spotlessly clean.

You won’t even need to scrub too hard. Just coat the interior of the toilet bowl with a vicious acidic cleaner and wait patiently for it to react with the stain. After half an hour or so, you scrub all around the interior before flashing the toilet to rinse it.

Clean the Mirror and Glass Surfaces

There are special sprays for cleaning glass surfaces. Choose a multi-surface cleaning spray that works excellently on glass surfaces over traditional glass cleaners. They help in cutting through smears such as hair sprays and toothpaste splatter.

After that, you buff dry with a microfiber cloth. You can also use a cleaner and rinse it, then wipe off the excess water with a squeegee or a towel. You can add shine to your mirror by adding a bit of vinegar to the water you use for cleaning the mirror.

Sweep and Mop the Floor

To clean the floor, you first sweep it thoroughly and exhaustively. Start with the furthest area from the door. Sweep up all the debris and dust that might have fallen on the floor when cleaning other parts. After every dust particle and debris is removed, mop the floor with hot soapy bleach water.

If there are areas that need serious scrubbing, use a brush to scrub until only the floor is seen.

From there, you can then rinse the floor with clean water to remove and clear the slipperiness off the floor.

While cleaning the floor, ensure you get to the areas around the bathtub and toilet bowl where they are anchored to the floor. These areas often get notoriously dirty. Clean the base molds or baseboard because these areas often accumulate dust and sometimes molds if not taken good care of.

Air Freshening

After cleaning every part of the bathroom, you can conclude with spraying air fresheners to give your bathroom the pleasant smell that it needs. There are various options to choose from when it comes to air freshening products.

Just make sure you don’t use products that are harmful to your health or your children. You can freshen your bathroom without using toxic products.

Final Verdict

If you don’t clean your bathroom well enough, it will attract a bad smell, and it can even discourage you from using it. Cleaning is fun if you know how to do it. With just a few steps, you will manage to cover the whole bathroom with a thorough cleaning.

Once the cleaning is done, your bathroom has transformed into an attractive area that you’ll be proud of. The bathroom being the place where you clean up yourself, it should always remain clean. With these tips, you can clean your bathroom fast and efficiently.

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