Dometic 972 Portable Toilet Review – Now Takes 1 Press for Flushing

In the modern world, most of us take indoor plumbing for granted. It’s hard to imagine what life must have been like without it, but for much of human history, we did not have this daily luxury.

Dometic - 972 Portable Toilet Review

If you have gone camping out in the great outdoors, then you quickly realize that while being among nature is incredible for a lot of reasons, one downside is that you don’t have that sweet porcelain in which to do your business.

Fortunately, if you are the type of person who wants to continue to have a bit of civilization wherever you go, you can bring the Dometic Portable Toilet with you (and a great solar shower may be?). This handy device can help alleviate the problem that comes with going in the woods, and it is much easier to manage than you might think. Let’s take a look at what this modern luxury has to offer.

2.6 Gallon Waste Tank

When it comes to the portable toilet like this, there is a delicate balance that you have to achieve with regards to size. It has to be large enough to hold waste for a few days, but not so big that carrying it back will be too much of a burden.

While this particular unit is on the smaller side of the spectrum, it is ideal for a few nights of camping, and it is compact enough that you can take it out when full and not have to worry about it being too heavy.

Best of all, this model has an indicator level to show you when the tank is full, rather than you having to guess or check for yourself.

One Touch Flushing

You may think that having a portable toilet will mean that you have to put in more work in flushing, but thankfully with this unit, you can still have all the convenience of your toilet at home. With a single button on the front, you can dispose of your waste in one step, meaning that it’s almost as convenient as the real thing.

Heavy Duty ABS Construction

Because this unit is on the smaller side, you may think that it is limited to people with tinier frames. That is simply not the case. Dometic knows that everyone deserves access to a toilet, so the company has made this device out of high-quality ABS plastic.

That means, it can hold up to 275 pounds without bending or breaking, and that’s even with repeated use.

Splash Free Emptying

Although owning a nice portable toilet can be convenient and all, it does have the unfortunate downside of requiring you to empty the contents when it’s full.

Fortunately, Dometic tries to make this process as painless as possible and thus has provided an extra long disposal nozzle so that you have nothing to worry about splashing or anything when it comes time to take care of business.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy flushing
  • No batteries needed
  • Indicator level included
  • Hook up to waste management system
  • Easy to use
  • Wide seat
  • Splash free discharging
  • Latching lid for transportation


  • Can fill up quickly
  • Odor may emanate from the bowl
  • Thick waste may stick to the sides


Q: How much weight can this toilet take?

A: Manufacturer mentioned, about 300 pounds.

Q: What are the specific dimensions of this toilet?

A: According to the specs sheet, it measures 16 x 14 x 13 inches.

Q: Do you need to pump water into the bowl?

A: No, you push a button, and it empties itself. It’s similar to an airplane bathroom, only with less vacuum suction.

Final Verdict

As far as portable toilets go, the Dometic model sits somewhere in the middle. It’s much more convenient than not having one, but it doesn’t have as many amenities as some of the higher end models.Overall, if you like the idea of using a toilet like this but don’t have the means to bring a larger unit, this will work wonderfully. It does take some getting used to, but you can adapt quickly. Trust me.

Overall, if you like the idea of using a toilet like this but don’t have the means to bring a larger unit, this will work wonderfully. It does take some getting used to, but you can adapt quickly. Trust me.

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