Health Benefits Of Cold Vs. Hot Showers

Taking showers is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Whether you like it hot or cold, it is important to know how you will benefit from the type of water you use to shower. Depending on the type of your body, you can choose between a cold shower and a hot shower.

For instance, if you have excess heat in your body, it is advisable to take a shower with water that has a lower temperature and vice versa true. You should also know that taking hot showers is not good for your eyes and hair and this is why many people love cold showers.

There is nothing so special about taking hot showers. In fact, the benefits that you get from taking cold showers outdo those of a hot shower. Let me give you more benefits of cold showers as opposed to taking hot showers.

Makes You More Alert

Cold showers are good for your body. Some people fear the thought of taking cold showers in the morning and imagining the cold water running through your body.

The shock that you get from your body responding to cold showers helps keep you warm. On top of that, it increases your oxygen intake hence boosting the circulation of blood in the body.

Boosts Immunity And Circulation

If you take cold showers, you are giving your body so many benefits. Cold water improves the circulation by promoting the flow of blood in different organs of the body.

This is important in combating problems associated with the skin and heart. When your body gets into contact with cold water, blood circulates effectively hence leading the arteries pumping blood, so you improve your overall blood.

Good For Hair And Skin

Everybody wants to have their skin and hair in the best condition, don’t you? If you want to achieve this, it is high time you start taking cold showers. This is the only natural way that will help you maintain your skin and hair. If you didn’t know, taking a shower with hot water dries your skin.

When you bathe with cold water, your cuticles and pores become tight, and this prevents them from getting clogged. Cold water does the magic of sealing the pores of the skin and the scalp which prevents dirt from getting in.

Weight Loss

Are you struggling with excess fats in your body and want to lose them effectively? Taking cold showers can greatly contribute to weight loss. The body has two types of fat: white fat, and brown fat. White fat results from taking more calories that your body requires.

This fact accumulates in different parts of the body such as the thighs, waist, lower back, and the neck. This is the fat that we are struggling to lose. On the other hand, brown fat is the good fat that becomes active when you are exposed to cold.

Improve Emotional Resilience

For those people who become anxious or flustered easily can improve their condition by taking cold showers. Taking a cold shower for the first time might not be as soothing as you think but after doing it in a month, you will get used, and you cannot miss taking a shower once or twice a day. As a result, every time you take cold showers you become calm and very cool.

Reduces Stress

Stress is common in our daily lives, and different things can cause it. It could be a demanding career, financial problems or family issues. Managing your stress is very important for your general health and wellbeing.

Taking cold showers has been proved to lower the levels of uric acid and boosts the glutathione levels in your body. This makes you less stressed, and you can enjoy a stress-free life.

Boosts The Levels Of Testosterone And Fertility

If all men know the benefits they would get from taking cold showers, none of them would ever use hot water. One of the greatest benefits of taking colds showers for men is that it helps in boosting the level of testosterone.

We all know the effects of heat in our DNA, protein synthesis in male testes and RNA. This is balls hang outside the body to remain cool. If you are a man and want to boost your levels of testosterone, take cold showers, and you will love it.

Another great benefit of taking cold showers is that they boost your fertility. According to studies carried out, men who take hot showers for a half hour daily for three weeks become infertile in the next six months.

Relieves Depression

Cold showers are also known to reduce the symptoms of depression. It has the effect of stimulating the blue spot which is the main source of noradrenaline in the brain. This is an important chemical that relieves depression.

Speeds Up Muscle Recovery

After engaging in a vigorous exercise, most athletes prefer taking cold showers as oppose to warm showers. Cold baths after training reduce muscle soreness and help you recover easily. In as much as cold showers will not be as effective as submerged ice baths, it stills gives you more benefits such as improving circulation and removes some lactic acid.

Wake You Up

This is an obvious benefit that many people are familiar with. If you take a cold shower in the morning, you become awake and active because it increases your alertness. For those people who have trouble waking up, taking cold showers will help you change this situation.

Final Words

We all know the benefits of taking showers. Shower moments allow you to cool your mind and you more fresh and relaxed especially after a long day at work. For those who are wondering whether to take cold or hot showers, I believe you have learned the benefits you will get from cold showers.

Men greatly benefit by improving their testosterone levels and their fertility which is very healthy for their bodies. If you have not been taking cold showers, start today, and you will be giving your body huge benefits. The first time you take cold shower, it can be a little uncomfortable, but if you get used, you will never love hot showers.

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