How to Buy Towels that Are Best in the Business?

When it comes to towels, we often dwindle between functionality and style. Plus, towels are often “Made to look” appealing, but they aren’t. Others are not so appealing when it comes to looks. But they do perform. So, which one to go for? How to strike a balance between looks and functionalities? How to Buy Towels that can go through thick and thin?

Honestly, the concept of “Ideal” towel differs from person to person and their preferences. Considering all the factors and generalizing them into a Towel Buying Guide is quite difficult. Then again, I’ve taken up the challenge and formed a little article that should serve as a buyer’s guide for people.

Decide What You’ll Use the Towel for

This is the crucial part you need to come to terms with. What do you need the towel to do for you? Do you need a towel for bathing or for wiping your face? Do You Travel a lot? Depending on these facts, the choice for towels will be different.

For example, if you want a bathing napkin, I suggest you get a bath sheet. It wraps your whole body and soaks water rapidly. It is slightly bigger than a bath towel. You can choose to have bath towel as well.

If you want something to wash your face with, you’ll need a washcloth. Hand towels are great if you want to dry your hands quickly. I use “Finger Tip” towel for my guests when they are done washing their hands and want to dry them. It is pretty.

Looking for A Water Absorbent Towel?

People make mistakes in choosing super fluffy, water absorbent towels and those that last long. But the trick with normal towels is, if you wash them few times, these towels become rugged and rough on your skin. You should choose a material which holds water by nature and is soft on your body.

My personal favorite is cotton. Specifically, I prefer Egyptian cotton. Towels which use Egyptian Cotton as materials, are fibrous and have long threads. As a result, these things suck in more water than others. But these towels are “High-end” ones. Proceed to buy only if you have the budget available.

Want a “Quick Drying” Towel?

Well, some of the use do like a towel that dries quickly. This variant of towels is perfect for travelers. I suggest you get a towel made of microfiber. This is a material that man has invented. These have small fibers and help water vaporize in the air.

However, these are not plushy as many would expect. I would advise you not to use them as bathing towels. These towels are often labeled “Quick Dry” by the manufacturers. These are “Quick Drying” even among their own kind. You can store these things quite easily.

You Can Even Choose Environment-friendly Options

To be honest with you, I am for environment-friendly stuff. That is why I suggest people use “Organic Cotton” towels. These things are grown without any help from Pesticides or fertilizers. Of course, these things require “Third Party” inspections and certifications. But that doesn’t bear any impact on the towel you get.

If you are worried about the feel, both organic and non-organic cotton towels feel the same. Microfiber types are also something of an “Environment-friendly” option as you don’t need to launder them for long in the washer with chemicals.

Buy “Machine-washable” Towels Carefully

First of all, you need to read the label of the thing you are buying. If it says, “Machine-washable,” you can buy the towel. Secondly, wash with care. If you buy a single-color towel, you can wash on the highest temperature setting there is.

Buy the ones that don’t support “Chlorine Bleaching.” Chlorine Bleach weakens the fibers. It also dulls the shine of your towel. After three to five washes, your towel will look “Aged, ” and yes, even some of the white towels don’t do too well when bleach is used. A best towel rack will help you here as well.

Few Tips to Make Sure Towels Remain Functional

Always buy towels with double stitching and double-turned edges. These things increase the durability of your towel.

You can buy towels that use “Rayon” as the core material if you want soft ones. These are also environment-friendly.

Follow the instructions carefully and to-the-letter if you want your towels to be clean and functional for long. Roll it as soon as it dries to prevent getting wrinkles.

At the End

You’ll have to tactical when you are out to buy these things. You’d want to buy a towel that compliments your day-to-day activities. People usually go for the cheap stuff. But I’ll advise you to spend some bucks and get yourselves something that is “Top-notch” in quality and in performance.

Just buying one doesn’t let you off your duties. You need to care for the towel too. These things need proper maintenance. I hope my advice along with few tips that I shared, will be helpful to you guys. If I’ve missed something I needed to mention, reach out to me in the “Comments” section.

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