How to Replace a Shower Head Arm in 20 Minutes! Ultimate Guide From A Plumber

We’ve all done something in our life that we didn’t like. For me, it was changing the shower head arm in my bathroom with a new one. Add to it, I had to do that myself. I don’t have a degree in Plumbing, so I was skeptical. Luckily, I did my research, and an old friend helped out. I realized, with a few steps you can do it in about 20 minutes’ time. So, in this article of mine, I’ll be writing about how you can Replace a Shower Head Arm in about 20 minutes.

Get All the Things You Need

The success of any gig relies on how well you are prepared for that. Removing and changing an old showerhead arm requires some tools of the trade. Make sure you have the following things at your disposal.

– A new Showerhead Arm.

– Monkeywrench or Channel Lock Pliers (I prefer the wrench).

– Teflon Tape for sealing.

– CLR solution for cleaning.

– Vise Grips.

– An old rag or a towel.

Now that we have what we need let’s jump to the job.

Turn off the Water Supply and Remove the Showerhead

At first, you have to turn off the water supply to your house. You need to consider, your shower arm is at fault here, not your showerhead. You can reuse it with a new one. So, remove the showerhead to be used later. For that, you need to immobilize the shower arm with vise grips.

Then use the monkey wrench to turn the channel nut anti-clockwise. This will loosen the showerhead. It will be quick. However, you need to put the old rag or cloth around the neck of the showerhead and then turn it with the wrench. It will protect the bathroom fitting from scratches.

Get the Old Shower Arm Out of the Wall

For this, you need to get the longest wrench in your house. Make sure you wrap the wrench around the shoulder of your shower arm. Then turn it counter-clockwise. After a few turns, it should become loose. Then, pull it out of the wall.

Sometimes, the shower arm refuses to come out. Soak the wrench in WD-40 for an hour before the job just to be prepared for your rusty shower arm blocking you.

Make Sure the Replacement Shower Arm is Ready and Insert it in Place

This is where actual work lies. First of all, when you buy the new shower arm, it should sit perfectly by your pipes. Try to purchase the same shower arm model as the current one.

Once you are sure you have the correct fit, apply some Teflon tape on it for better sealing. Make sure to wrap the tape 4-6 times around the shower arm. The seal should be waterproof.

The next thing to do is to insert the shower arm in place and turn the wrench clockwise. Make sure the attachment is snug, tight, and doesn’t move.

Attach the Old (or the New One) Showerhead in Place

The next step is to apply some Teflon tape to the spigot end of the shower arm and then attach the shower head to it. You can either attach the old one or replace the showerhead too. [link the existing content on changing the showerhead] Then turn the water supply of the house back on.

The Bottomline

Whether you are a professional or a novice at replacing bathroom fittings, this article will help you in getting a better grip on how to replace a shower head arm. Follow these steps, and you’ll find that the job is not as hard as it looks. But for safety purposes, please wear goggles and gloves. Also, when you are disassembling things, be sure to put an old cloth or a rug on the floor. This way, the small and intricate parts won’t go down the drain.

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