Top 5 Reasons To Get A Handheld Shower Head – Curated List From Top Plumbers in NYC

The benefits of a good shower whatever time of the day can never be overemphasized. However, we are used to the usual normal fixed showerhead that brings water down to us from one direction.

When you use that for too long, you start thinking it’s the best option without knowing the benefits and advantages of a handheld shower head over the fixed one.

This article brings you to light about the wonderful benefits of a handheld shower head and 5 good reasons why you as a person should get and use a handheld shower head. It is a detailed insight into the matter of handheld showerheads and their advantages.

Conserves Both Water And Energy

In this day and era of increased global warming and fast paced environmental degradation, it is important that every device and equipment made takes into consideration the idea of conserving the environment.

Showerheads are an incredible way of conserving both water and energy, and the most impressive part of it all is that it does this without compromising on performance. You still get a good amount of pressure and performance that’s as good if not better than the fixed overhead showerhead.Wouldn’t we all want to be part of the massive global community that is dedicated to taking care of our home, the planet earth?

Helps You Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Dirt accumulates very easily in our bathroom walls most times even without our knowledge. This ends up forming layers and layers in our bathrooms. The most advisable thing to do is to clean the bathroom after every use, but we all know and understand that it is tough to do the cleaning especially when you’re using the traditional showerhead.

A handheld showerhead makes it very easy to clean the walls since you can simply wash down the soap that gets to the walls during bathing and in so doing prevent the accumulation of soap scum in your bathroom walls.

Improved Comfort And Flexibility

When using the traditional overhead showerhead, flexibility is something you just don’t have a choice about. Water comes from one direction, and you cannot change it no matter how much you’d like to.

However, a handheld showerhead offers the user much-needed freedom to move and reach various places within the bathroom as a result of its flexibility. This works incredibly even for ladies who when bathing may want to keep their hair dry. The handheld showerhead gives you the freedom to move and make choices in the bathroom as you would love to. This improved comfort and flexibility give it a huge edge over the traditional showerheads.

Convenient For Pets And Kids

In our homes our pets, we love them we adore them, and as this is true, we love to take care of them as well. We want our pets to remain clean and neat that’s why every often we treat them to a good wash to make sure that first, they look clean and presentable and also on top of that smell wonderful.

Can you imagine having to wash your pet using the traditional showerhead? How hectic would that be? Consider a handheld showerhead instead, how easy how manageable? It becomes very easy to bring the showerhead right to the specific place you would like to clean on your pet making the whole exercise greatly effective.

Even our kids, bathing them becomes pretty easy, and it’s safe to say they can even learn to bathe on their own very easily. Which is exactly what every parent would like.

Better Control For The Elderly And Disabled

Those among us who may have a bit of a hard time to bathe like the rest of people, like the elderly and disabled can find a handheld showerhead very useful since the head comes right to them and because of its flexibility can be manipulated to make bathing for the elderly and disabled quite easy and manageable. They can have better control, ease of operation and an enjoyable bath guaranteed.

Final Verdict

A handheld showerhead is an incredible piece of innovation, and this article tells you how exactly it is an incredible innovation. After reading this, I trust I have convinced you to look at handheld showerheads’ in a favorable light.

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