How to Remove Stains from The Toilet Seat

If you are going through the process of cleaning down your bathroom right now, you probably already know that your toilet is typically the most unpleasant part of the bathroom to clean. When dividing up chores in your household, the bathroom is always the last part of the house to get picked, and the toilet is put off as the very last thing to be cleaned in the house.

Here’s a question for you though, have you ever tried really scrubbing underneath the toilet seat? This can be one of the hardest and most frustrating placed to clean on the entire commode! You already know the reason why.

The underbelly of the seat is the part of the seat that is the most exposed to the bacteria and mess from your toilet. Therefore, it can be really difficult to scrub the bottom of your toilet seat until it is totally clean.

Today we are going to give you the step by step process for how you can clean the bottom of your toilet seat so that it’s just like new.

What You are Going to Need

Here is a list of some of the essential items that you are going to need to get your toilet sparkling clean again.

  • Cleaner with bleach
  • Soft scrub
  • A Magic Eraser from Mr. Clean
  • Baking soda
  • Comet cleaner with bleach
  • General bathroom cleaner
  • A scrub brush or a sponge that you can use to scrub the bottom of the toilet seat
  • Rubber gloves for protection and to stop the transference of bacteria
  • A bucket or a large bin that you can use to mix water and your cleaning solution. Make sure that the bucket is big enough to fit your entire toilet seat in it.

In case you don’t have these cleaning products already, around your home, you can get most of these at just about any grocery store or supermarket. If you need help finding them, just ask one of the customer service representatives at the store where the cleaning supplies section is.

How to Clean Your Toilet

1. Mix Your Cleaning Solution

What you are going to need to do first is grab that large bucket that you have, and fill out with one three parts water and one part bleach. This is going to be the initial soaking station for your toilet seat.

2. Remove and Soak the Toilet Seat

Put your gloves on first, then carefully remove the toilet seat and put the entire seat into the bucket of bleach and water. If your toilet seat is white and not another color, you don’t have to worry about any discoloration of your toilet seat.

Just in case you have a toilet seat that is a color other than white, you may just want to test part of the seat in the solution for a quick couple of minutes to make sure that you don’t discolor your toilet seat.

3. Let is Soak

After you have tested your toilet seat, you are going to want to let it soak. For white seats, we recommend that you let them soak for 10-20 minutes before you remove it from your water and bleach solution.

4. Scrubbing Your Seat

While keeping your rubber gloves on, the next thing that you are going to want to do is scrub the remaining stains off of your seat by using a sponge or the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. For tougher stains that may be more deeply embedded, you may need to test some of the cleaning products mentioned above, to scrub the stains off.

5. Rinse and Repeat

You are then going to repeat this process of soaking and scrubbing until all of the stains on your toilet seat are completely removed.

6. Further Cleaning

If you continue to soak and scrub and find that there are still some stains that are being persistent, you may need to cover some of your stains with baking soda and really put some muscle into scrubbing those stains out.

7. Using Other Cleaners

You may need to use other cleaners to remove those tougher stains. If you have a variety of cleaning products for your bathroom (like we mentioned before) you may need to try some different ones to get all of your stains out. Just make sure that you follow each cleaners specific instructions for further stain removal.


Make sure that when you are using some of the heavy-duty cleaners to start by using less muscle and pressure to clean the toilet. Some cleaners can damage your toilet seat if you are scrubbing too aggressively. After you have removed all of the stains from your toilet seat, rinse it off with some warm water and set it out to dry.

After your toilet seat has dried completely, you can reinstall your toilet seat. Congratulations! You have now successfully cleaned and removed the stains from underneath your toilet seat.

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