How to Replace a Shower Spout Almost Instantly!

The function of a Shower Spout might seem simple for people, but it isn’t. Generally, a tub spout supplies your bathtub with water. The second job it does is it keeps water from getting into the wall and damaging it in the process. If your spout isn’t good for any of the two functions (or you are just renovating the bathroom), it is time you say goodbye to your old spout and install a new one.

But the answer to the problem isn’t easy. You need to understand how spouts connect to the tub and then proceed to change each type with appropriate measures. In this little piece, I’m going to guide you through the entire process.

How Do Different Types of Spouts Attach to the Valves?

Well, first of all, some spouts have what we call a “Setscrew, ” and it sits right at the bottom of the spout. These are “Slip-fit” spouts.

Then there is the second kind. It doesn’t have a setscrew, and you can remove it by twisting the nipple or the pipe. We call it the “Threaded Spout.”

Both the types take different methods to remove and then re-attach. Let us go through the processes step-by-step for a clear understanding.

How to Take Out Slip-fit Spout from the Setting?

When you are trying to remove this type of spout from its place, it’s best to follow some steps that make things easy for you. I’ll list the steps you need to go through below.

Once you look closely, you’ll find a lot of clucking around the spout, be sure to remove it using a putty knife or a single razor.

The next thing to do is to locate the setscrew and remove it. As I said earlier, it typically sits under the spout. If you can’t find it, use the flashlight to find it. Then, loosen it with a flathead screwdriver.

The next step is to pull the spout out. You can use your bare hands at this point. Just pull it out. If you can’t, and it resists, simply use your hands or a wrench to turn it as you try to pull it out.

How to Replace a Slip-fit Spout with a New One?

When you are dealing with a “Slip-fit Spout,” replacing it with a new one of the same kind is pretty simple. Let me walk you through the process.

Purchase a spout that fits your pipe size for this to work. Slip-on spouts work best with a minimum of 1-inch to maximum 2-7/8-inch pipes. Be ready with an adapter to connect between the spout and the pipe if it turns out to be shorter than the aforementioned diameter.

If the pipe turns out to be the opposite, cut it down to fit the spout.

The next thing to do is to clean the pipe if you see mineral or dirt buildup inside.

Finally, you’ll need to slide the spout you have all the way back until it reaches the wall. Then, just put the screw on and tighten it with the screwdriver.

How to Remove a Threaded Spout?

Doing this is rather easy compared to the first one. You just need a pipe wrench for this gig. Just hold the pipe wrench around the spout and turn it counter-clockwise to loosen the thing. Then just pull it out.

How to Replace a Threaded Shower Spout?

Now, this requires some steps for you to follow. Let us go over them one by one below.

You need to conscious to buy a spout that is of the same length as your previous one was. Or else you’ll need an adapter. Front-end threaded spouts need to be measured from the wall to the nipples. The telescopic threaded spouts need to have a nipple of 1-3/8” of length maximum. And for the Wall-end thread spout, the nipple has to be ½” of length.

If you have any PTFE thread sealing tape, do 4-6 wraps on the pipe.

You should apply some caulking just around the edge of the spout and into the wall. It will prevent water from dripping onto the product.

The last thing to do here is to thread the spout back into the pipe slowly. Go slow and tighten it until it is snug and doesn’t move.

Final Words

Spouts are pretty integral parts of your bathrooms if you have bathtubs in them. These products play a crucial part in the setup for shower equipment. In this little piece of mine, I tried to explain how to replace a Shower Spout depending on its type. It is an easy process. Just remember to put the new spout in alignment with the rest of the shower equipment once you are done.

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