Shower Head & Other Bathroom Equipment Reviews

We decorate every room in our house with great accessories and we know what fits where. But when it comes to the bathroom, we stand clueless. The main reason behind this is we don’t know which one to choose, as there are tons of great stuffs in the market. From toilet mat to shower head we can’t handle the absence of any of these (or selection of wrong models). We need all of these in our bathroom.

Choosing the final one from a wide range of bathroom accessories can be tough, and we know it very well as we have been dealing with these issues. That’s why for your comfort we’ve already gone through the process of narrowing down these items to only a few. Detailed usage, features, pros & cons are briefly given so that you can just take a glimpse at this and pick the one that’s most suitable for you.

When we take so much time in making our house perfect why don’t we take some time to brighten up our bathroom with the best quality accessories?

Saving you the hassle we’ve put our expert team to do all those research for you so that you can seat back and trust our top selection.

In we've provided in-depth guide of shower head and other bathroom equipment on this category.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Shower Head & Other Bathroom Equipment

How do portable toilets work?

Portable toilets create a mixture of water & chemicals. This mixture forms a flush. It stays for a certain period of time. The mixture takes along the waste with it from the holding tank.

Do rain shower heads have good pressure?

Rain shower heads may lack in pressure comparing to other shower heads as it’s more widespread. But still, it can deliver a good pressure of waterfall.

What are high pressure shower heads?

High pressure shower heads are specially designed to provide ultimate shower experiences. With the extensive pressure of it, whole day tiredness will be long gone.

What is a fixed mount shower head?

A fixed mount shower head is the most commonly used shower head. It’s mounted permanently in the shower area.

What is a shower filter for?

Sick making bacteria lies in the shower head. To protect ourselves from these we use shower filter. There won’t be any health risk if we use shower filter.

How to install adjustable hand held shower heads?

At first remove the previous shower head and wrap teflon tape around it. Then attach the holding device clockwise and place the hand held shower head there.

How to clean the restrictor disk of a shower head?

First turn off the water flow, grab the disk. Keep the restrictor disk in the water and add vinegar in it. Remove the debris and make sure the holes are unclogged.

Is it safe to shower in chlorinated water?

Human skin is designed to endure nutrients and toxins both. Chlorinated water is dangerous for our skin so it’s better to avoid having shower in chlorinated water.

Are Toto toilets worth the money?

Toto toilet is one of the finest toilets in the market right now. It’s worth every single penny.

Are Toto toilets better than Kohler?

There’s no major downside of these 2 toilet brand. Some prefer Toto and some prefer Kohler.