Shower Head Guide & Resources

Having a multi-functional shower head in the bathroom has become mandatory nowadays. After a hectic day, only a great shower can refresh our body providing a powerful rain like waterfall feeling.

There are many types of shower head available in the market right now. Some have a dual shower head, some provide low fall pressure in the water, and some creates rainfall like experiences. People choose these shower head according to their need.

It may sound surprising, but men and women have different preferences in the shower. While men prefer less powerful shower women prefer a more powerful shower. As their needs are different, their choices also vary from one another.

Having a well-designed shower head in the bathroom is worth it. People spend a lot of time in the shower; and only a great shower head can make the user experiences better.

There are also some rules that need to be maintained. For example when you get in the shower just stand and relax for some minutes. Let your body cool down and then properly wash. Also, it’s very important to keep the shower head clean so that no bacteria forms in it.

In we publish in-depth reviews of each shower head on this category & we release side by side comparison of each model.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Shower Head

How can I get my shower head to come off?

Removing shower head is nothing but a piece of cake. Just find the screws that are connected with the shower head and attach a towel around it. Then use a screw driver to turn it anti-clock wise.

How to clean shower head?

Shower head can be cleaned in many ways. You can remove the shower head and keep it in a bowl filled with warm water and baking soda. You can also use vinegar with distilled water. Then the shower head will be properly cleaned. It’s advised to clean the shower head in every 6 months.

Why there's no water coming out of my shower head?

If you’re having low pressure or absolutely no water coming out of your shower head, then it’s likely that your shower head is clogged. It’s nothing to worry about. Just detach the shower head from the pipe and clean it with proper cleaning materials like vinegar maybe. The water problem will be fixed.

Are shower heads easy to install?

Shower heads are quite easy to install. First you need to clear off any rust presenting in the shower arm threads. Then you need to wrap a tape in the clockwise direction. Then just screw the new shower head in the clockwise direction. Installation is complete.

Can shower head affect water pressure?

Yes, shower head can affect the water pressure. There are low pressure shower head & also high pressure shower head.

Can shower head make you sick?

Shower head needs to be cleaned in every 6 months. If it’s not properly dealt with then a bacteria will form named “Atypical Mycobacteria”. This bacteria can make people sick. To avoid this it’s advised that shower head should be cleaned with vinegar.

Can shower head cause hair loss?

It’s unlikely that shower head will cause hair loss. It will only cause trouble if the water is hot enough. In every 6 months shower head needs to be cleaned applying vinegar. Only then it be fully risk free.

Do shower heads affect water temperature?

Yes, shower head can affect the temperature of the water. It varies from one type to another. If you want hot water then you’ll have to choose that type of shower head that can produce that.

Do shower heads have different sizes?

Yes, shower heads have many sizes. You have to choose according to your need.

Do shower heads get clogged?

Mineral deposits in the fine pores of shower head. If it’s not properly cleaned then the water flow will reduce. The best way to get rid of this problem is cleaning the shower head with vinegar after a certain period of time.