Your Shower Is Wasting Huge Amounts Of Energy And Water. Here Is What You Can Do About It.

There are so much fun and experiences in taking a shower.  Imagine that time when you rush to the shower, but you don’t have the courage to take in the first cold splashes while water is warming up. The times you feel like washing your face and legs only, and pray no one notices. You convince yourself that you smell nice even without taking a shower.

You spend minutes consoling yourself; you should take a video of these moments for free comedy. Apparently, all this time, the shower is running.  Water and energy are wasted. If you analyze your electricity bills well, you drain more dollars to the shower. I’ve been there.  As far as showering is mandatory, we always indulge in wastages.

The good news is that the wastages are not permanent. You can always do something to ensure that wastages are minimal or do not occur at all.  I have considered some of the ways that can be of great help in ensuring that water and energy is saved. These include the following;

Save The Running Water In A Bucket While It Is Warming Up

Turning on taps and waiting for water to get warm while we get busy elsewhere is a common behavior. Consciously or unconsciously, we use the time to brush our teeth, shave or make our hair. We do not realize the waste at stake.

Therefore, you should not let the water drain away. Hold the water in a bucket, and you can use it later while washing your clothes or cleaning the house. Think about irrigating your flowers or flushing the toilet. I mean, there are so many ways to utilize the water.

Turn Off Water When Not In Use

Most of the time we run the shower to brush our teeth or shave, in the name of saving time. We totally forget that in the long run, we have wasted so much energy and water.

You save time to rush to work and make money which you will use so much of it on electricity and water bills. I am challenging you to turn off all the taps often when you are not using water. With this kind of self-discipline, you will thank me at the end of the month.

Spend Less Time In Shower

Of course, this taking less time in the shower is the ultimate way to save both energy and water. This means that you will schedule your shaving and brushing time well besides bathing. I understand the coziness and the soothing feeling that makes us take forever taking showers.

The bathroom is my favorite room where I get to listen to all the trending blues. I must admit, I have several collections of songs, purposely meant for the shower.  But to save energy and water wastage in the shower, those habits got to go.

Purchase A Low-Flow Head For Your Shower

A certified low-flow showerhead will efficiently save water for you. A more appropriate showerhead is the one that flows at 2.5 gallons per minute or less. Surprisingly, the showerheads give you enough water force and an assurance of a smooth and amazing shower.

Therefore, you should not worry about getting enough running water for a comfortable shower. Low-flow showerheads are perfect.  I know that purchasing one may be a little bit costly, but trust me, at the end of the day; you will have saved more, in regards to wastages caused by a high-flow head.

Recycle Heat Energy From The Hot Water

As water flow down then drain while you are taking a shower, the heat can be seized. I know you are wondering how this is possible. With awesome science and technology advancements, life is awesome and simpler! A drain water heat recovery system can be installed in the drain to capture the energy.

The trapped heat energy is then transferred to the cold water ready to be heated up.  The cycle continues, and a lot of energy is saved and recycled throughout the process. As outstanding as it sounds, you should acquire one for your shower and save that energy!

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