Why Smart Toilets Might Be Worth The Upgrade?

Technology has made our lives so much easier. You can do anything and everything at your fingertips. Smart toilets are the most recent toilet improvements you need to look at. If you’re impressed with it, it’s time to upgrade your bathroom. Whether you’re remodeling or just replacing your old assembly.

They are fancy and sophisticated. They add some elegance to your bathroom. They also save on water which is environmentally acceptable. Below are reasons why they’re worth the upgrade.

Automatic flushing – every toilet has a sensor that activates flushes. You don’t need to touch a handle to initiate the flushing process. It senses when you move away from it to initiate. If you have children, they may forget to flush. With this toilet, you will not have to scream at them anymore about it. Lack of flushing handles is also hygienically safe as infections can’t be transmitted from one person to the next.

Why Smart Toilets Might Be Worth The Upgrade

  • Automatic flushing that senses when you move away and initiates
  • Protection from overflow especially when there’s a clog
  • Saves water and electricity that makes them eco-friendly
  • Button controls that raise and lowers the lids preventing disease transmission
  • Quick and less depressing cleanup. The toilets spray water before use
  • They come with a variety of features depending on the brand and price including:
  • Electronic bidets
  • Air freshener sprays
  • Emergency flushing especially when there’s a black-out.
  • Foot warmer
  • Bluetooth/AM/FM built-in speakers
  • A nightlight that automatically turns on when it’s dark.

Protection From Overflow

There are times your toilet gets clogged and you may not realize until you flush. And when you do, water overflows from the bowl on to your bathroom floor causing a mess that you have to deal with.

These smart toilets, however, stop you from flushing if it gets clogged. This allows you to call for plumbers to fix the problem. It also keeps the water levels in the bowl low.

Saves Water And Electricity

These toilets sense how much water is needed for flushing. It then uses the correct amount to flush efficiently. It uses as little as 2litres for the small flushes. The normal toilets use 6litres for every flush. For all this to happen, electricity is involved.

The toilets need to be connected either to your house’s wiring system. If this is too expensive, you can decide to use batteries to power it. All you need is to change them regularly to increase functionality.

Button Controls

These toilets use button controls to raise and lower the lid. This is convenient especially in a bathroom used by a lot of people or even in your home. Opening and closing the lid using your hands can lead to serious transmission of diseases and infections.

Quick and Less Depressing Cleanup

Cleaning toilets can be very tough. Especially if you have those stubborn stains that never seem to come off. These toilets spray water on the walls of the bowl just before use. This prevents stickiness on the bowl. Some brands come with a ultra-violet light that turns on automatically after every flush. It kills bacteria that may have been left after flushing.

A variety of features

These features vary per price. The more expensive ones have all the features while the cheaper ones have less features. Some of the features include;

  • Electronic bidets – Shoot water to your genitalia for super cleanliness
  • Air freshener sprays – They automatically release after a flush that makes your bathroom smell nice throughout
  • Emergency flushing – Especially when there’s a black-out
  • Foot warmer – It allows warm air to your feet that help you to relax as you use the toilet

Bluetooth/AM/FM Built-In Speakers

Allows you to play your favorite mp3 tracks from your phone. You can also listen to your best radio station as you use the toilet.


The toilets come with a nightlight that automatically turns on when it’s dark.

In the past, these smart toilets were common in the Asian countries. However, with this ever-changing world, they are starting to infiltrate other parts of the world. These toilets offer cleanliness, comfort, convenience and conservation. They’re a must-have in your home.

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