Taking a Shower During Pregnancy – Things You Need To Know!

Pregnancy period is an incredible journey that is delicate at the same time. Nothing feels good as carrying and giving someone life. There are many dos and don’ts, myths, and misconceptions that various people have talked about concerning this awesome stage of life.

Well, people tend to believe what they have seen, read, experienced or even heard about from the experiences of other mothers. It is often good to be knowledgeable about the matter so as to ensure that both the mother and the baby are safe at all times.

Taking a shower during pregnancy is a routine that much has not been discussed. You will find out that it is indeed a critical matter when you think about all the risks and the dangers that a mother might face at this stage. Talking from experience, showers during pregnancy is a topic that should be given top priority.

To save a life, I have analyzed some of the things that you need to know. Mothers should have each other’s back, right? I thought it wise to share my experiences and advice to other mothers, especially the first time moms to be. The key things you should know include the following;

Importance Of Taking A Shower During This Period

If you have heard people say you should not take a shower when you are expecting, ask them the kind fragrance they want to put on the entire time. The showers will aid a lot in improving your hygiene. This adds up to good health during the period. You can imagine the fungal or bacterial infections you might contact if you do not ensure good hygiene.

In addition, taking a warm shower will help you relax. A shower is the best medicine for fatigue during the period. It also soothes any pain or aching. Most moms will agree with me that they may tend to experience a lot of pain in the back or legs; you now know what to do.

Recommended Water Temperature

The bathing water should not be too hot. You should enjoy the shower, not scorch your skin. In addition, the water should not raise your body temperature for a long period. This can be the genesis of all problems. High temperatures will cause a drop in your blood pressure.

Poor blood circulation will hence deprive your baby of oxygen and nutrients. Low blood pressure is also likely to cause a miscarriage. Dizziness and weakness also cannot be evaded. On extreme cases, birth defects can be experienced, especially in your first trimester.

Soaking In Shower

It is advisable to avoid long hot and steamy showers. Although, it is okay to take a hot shower as long as you do not overstay your visit to the washroom. I would recommend that you try as much as possible to avoid saunas, hot tubs or steam baths during this period.

Some mothers may worry that soaking in hot water may lead to water getting to the uterus and harm the fetus. This has been a misconception because the developing baby is protected within the amniotic sac hence there is not harm that will reach it whatsoever.  There is no contact between your baby and the water, so your baby is safe.

Washroom Surfaces

You should ensure that the washroom surfaces are not too slippery that you could slide and get injured.  Of course, the surfaces may be wet, which is apparently unavoidable.

Hence, you should ensure that you wear sandals with good quality materials such as rubber that are not slippery on wet surfaces. In addition, you may want to walk slowly and carefully in the wet areas.

Bathing Products

Having in mind that your nose or skin will be very sensitive during this period, you may prefer to avoid products with harsh chemicals or those with strong scents.

Harsh chemicals in the products will scorch or dry your skin and make you feel uncomfortable or cause stress. Products with strong scents also cause great discomfort, and you may experience a lot of nausea and even allergic reactions such as blocking of the nose.

Extra Comfort

You may want to set the mood right for this moment. I would do scented candles, cool lights, flower petals and even cool music.  A little self-love right!

I always consider this moment as the best moment to appreciate the bundle of joy I’m carrying. I would not mind massage or even a sip of fresh juice as this is the best moment to show a little affection to my baby too.

Help During Shower

It would be of great importance to have a second party in the house while you are taking a shower. In case of emergency, aid will be right there with you.

You may experience difficulty getting out of the bathtub especially on the last stages of the pregnancy. Considering your increased weight and the additional blessing you are carrying, doing chores may be a little bit tough.

Hence you will need someone to run errands for you to ensure that you get a lot of time to relax. It would also be romantic to have your husband accompany you to the shower. This way, you totally relax since you feel totally safe in his hands.

In addition, you will need someone to help you clean the areas you cannot reach. This includes body parts such as the legs or back.  This way, you will not strain or pains in your body later.

Final Words

Taking a shower is not just a walk to the washroom and back after a few splashes of water and soap. As much as I have listed a lot of precautions to have in mind, you should not be scared; neither should you be reluctant to overlook these important details.

It only takes a little care, and attention and everything will be okay. If done right, you will experience the best journey to your delivery as you will be full of life, health, and happiness throughout the period.

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