The Toilet of the Future Is Weird & Awesome – What You Need To Know!

When they say, innovation has no bounds that true. Who would have even thought that we will come to use an illumibowl? Looks like a simple innovation but trust me it is not. It also leaves me wondering, what is the level of innovation that will be in the toilet of the future? It will be incredibly weird, and at the same time, it will be awesome.

The illumibowl looks weird to some people to me it is just another incredible invention. Not just me but the world is coming to terms with the new technology put to the toilets.

I love science, and I am always on the look of the coolest innovations in town. The illumibowl just blew my mind.  After knowing about the illumibowl, I had an idea of making some money out of it. So in my home town, there is at least one house party in every two weeks. So I thought to myself what if I learn all that pertains to the illumibowl.

I could buy them in bulk and as a discount offer to install them for my customers. I bought quite a number and after making the first major sale to a guy who was having a house party. The demand raised a hundred fold. I couldn’t handle that and being the honest man I am. I recommended them to Amazon. I think Amazon owes me for that, don’t they?

Now down to the details. What is an il Lumi bowl? It is a simple device that requires no human intervention to light up and go off. The illumibowl uses a proximity sensor to come on whenever you approach the toilet.  The light that the illumibowl gives lights the bowl and leads you as you go to the loo.

Next time you are going to the toilet you do not have to wake up everybody. Science has it that exposure to light in the middle of sleep affects hormones that control sleeping and staying awake. By using the il Lumi bowl, nobody gets to notice that you are going to the loo.

Also, the light is sufficient to show you the way but not disrupt your sleep hormones. You will be in a position to resume to some deep sleep as soon as you are done peeing, or whatever other business you had in the loo. Leave e alone the disrupting sleep hormones bit, who wants too much light just after waking up? The light will blind you.

You already know about the automatic on and off. What you do not know about yet is the capability of the light. The lighting is in different colors. That is Red, Green, Orange, Teal, White, Blue, Purple, and Pink. You can set the color to your color of preference.

I prefer using the color rotate where the lights go through a cycle of all the eight colors. To select your favorite color, you do so by pressing a button on the side of the plastic casing that house the mind of the illumibowl.

The illumibowl attaches to the bowl by using four suction caps that are at the back of the plastic casing. The LED extends into the bowl by using a 3″ cord. At the end of the cord, there is another suction cap that facilitates attachment to the bowl.

The illumibowl is currently lighting millions of bowls across the world. Do not be left out. The whole package is very affordable. Plus it ships all over the world. All you need to do is place an order and join the fun of a lighting toilet.

People question about the lifespan of the LED lights. Precisely, putting in mind that the LED lights when you approach the toilet and goes off when you leave. You will get over 100,000 hours of use.

Also, the conditioning of the light is that it illuminates only in the dark. It is a simple installation and investment that will see you through many years.

For those of you who think it is a stupid idea. Just try one. It will change your mind. The illumibowl news is spreading like a wildfire. It is what everybody is doing, installing the toilet of the future in their homes, the illumibowl. It does not end there the designers are promising that more is yet to come.

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