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Toilet is one of the most important sanitation fixtures that stores and dispose of all the human waste. They are connected to the municipal drainage system in the developed area, or in septic tanks in urban areas.

In the developed countries, different types of toilets are used to perform the duty. Flush toilets are the modern version for the West while squat toilets are common in East Asia. Dry toilets and composting toilets are standard in my developing countries.

In most of the countries, homes are now designed with modern bathroom (along with nice shower head, faucets, and music system) where flushing toilet is the most important component. Whatever type of toilet you want to use, there are hundreds of models on the market.

Toilet manufacturing companies are hugely investing in research and development to bring newer models with updated facilities. This is the reason people often get confused on what type or particular model they should get for themselves. That's where team came to help. Our team of experts’ research on dozens of models, review & rate them and tell you exactly which one you should get.

We posy very in-depth reviews of each toilet on this category & we also post side by side comparison of each model.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Toilet

Does toilet paper cause cancer?

There’s not one answer to this question. Some toilet paper may cause harm to you, but not all of them. Some people dye toilet paper with chlorine and chlorine dioxide. Also some toilet paper has harmful BPAs. If we want to be safe then we simply have to use unbleached and BPA free toilet paper.

Does toilet paper decompose in septic tank?

Whether toilet paper will decompose in septic tank or not it depends on some criteria. If the toilet paper is made by good material and single ply then it will most probably decompose in the septic tank easily. The heavier the toilet paper the more time it will take to decompose in the water.

How have toilets changed over time?

In the ancient time people used to have highly sophisticated toilet. But that was only for the rich people. Under privileged people had to use low quality toilet. From time to time toilet became more than a place that deals with more things other than human waste disposal.

How toilets work?

In the toilet there is a flush lever that we can see from the outside. When it’s pulled it opens a plug and the plug let water flow in. After a while the tank is filled with water and the water then disappears through another pipe because of gravity.

How toilet tank works?

There are float balls in the toilet tanks. There is also a valve that controls whether the water will come inside the tank or not. When the float ball falls freely it allows the valve to open. After the valves are open the tank is filled with water. After the flush the water carries the disposal out along with it.

Is toilet water safe to drink?

The toilet water has the same water that comes in our kitchen. Nowadays almost every area treat and recycle water for reuse. And this water is just as safe as any other drinking water.

Do I need a vent pipe on a toilet?

Yes, you’ll need a vent pipe in your toilet. Not having a vent pipe will create problem while flushing. Vent is the tall tube that lies in the toilet. Without vent pipe there can be blockage in the toilet.

When did toilets come inside?

The most popular flush toilet technology that we are using now was first designed in 1596 by John Harington. But even after that the system wasn’t used widespread by people. Only in the late nineteenth century it became popular.

Does electricity power our toilets?

No, the water in the toilet is fed in the toilet by gravity when someone flushes the toilet. There is a level and valve inside the toilet that uses gravity to flow the water in the flush system.

Does toilet have bacteria?

Toilet have more bacteria than any other portion of the house. Public toilet have more bacteria than normal household. It can be reduced if the toilet remains properly clean. Also washing hands after using the toilet helps a lot.