Water Heater Resources

Water heater is a must need if you’re living in a cold area. It’s a device that you need to use daily so having the best one will help you a lot. There are many types of water heater. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed seeing all those heaters on the market. For choosing the right water heater, you need to know how much water will be consumed by all the members and some additional information.

If a family uses 41 gallons or less hot water, then water heaters can be 24%–34% more energy efficient. Now if you use a higher quantity of hot water like 86 gallons per day then the energy efficiency will reduce to 8%-14%.

Many people worry about setting up the water heater. It’s not a thing to worry about. Just consult with your manufacturer, and they may have necessary installation and instruction manuals for you.

There are various water heaters, but we’ve only shortlisted the best. Tank-less heaters can provide heated water at an impressive rate of highest 5 gallons. Some tank-less water heaters are gas powered. They provide you with high rate of water flow. Electric ones provide much lower rates. Whether you want electric, gas or hybrid water heater, we have the best of the best heaters in our list.

In Showerhacks.com we publish in-depth reviews of each water heater on this category & we release side by side comparison of each model.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Water Heater

Are electric water heaters expensive to run?

Whether electric heaters will be expensive or cheap, it depends on certain things. Depending on these the bill can rise or fall. An average water heater runs for 3 hours daily. Gallons of usage, needed watt of the water heater, efficiency all these things will depend on the total cost.

Are gas water heaters better than electric?

If we calculate as per cost, then gas water heaters are typically cheaper than electric water heaters. Gas water heaters use the heat from burning a fuel and electric ones use electricity. Gas water heaters are less energy efficient.

How loud are hybrid water heaters?

Hybrid water heaters are quite loud. That’s why it’s kept in the basement. If it’s in the basement, then the sound won’t be any problem.

Are water heaters supposed to leak?

Yes, Water heaters can leak. Depending on where it’s leaked someone may need a new heater or not. If it’s leaking from T&P valve, there’s no need of new heater. But if it’s from the tank a new heater is needed.

Can we cover water heater with a blanket?

Most of the times water heaters are stored in basements and wrapping it with a blanket really helps keeping it clean. But we have to keep in mind that mold can be an issue.

Can water heater explode?

Yes, water heater can explode if there’s any gas leakage in it.

Can water heater freeze?

Most water heaters have built in freeze protection. But it may freeze if it’s subjected to extreme cold.

Can water heater affect water pressure?

Yes, if there’s hard water buildup in the pipes then water heater can produce low water pressure.

Do water heaters make noise?

Yes, there will be a popping noise in the water heater. Boiling water will cause this noise. From model to model the noise can vary.

Do water heaters have filters?

Yes, water heaters have air filters in it. These filters need to be maintained from time to time.