When Should I Shower, Morning Or Night? What Experts Say?

It is a common question. When should I shower? Some would say in the morning and others in the evening. Some have reasons. Others do not have a reason. It is a routine that has been passed on by their parents and, they never have even given the subject much of thought.

Should I shower in the morning or night? Morning maybe, so that I can approach the day when fine and fresh. I guess the night would not be a bad time either.

What about getting rid of all the dust and sweat that I accumulate during the day? We could start a debate on this subject. What do the experts say?

The best thing to do is to break down the two. I will give you reasons to stick to your shower time or, decide it is time for a change.

Showering In The Morning

Showering in the morning makes for the following benefits;

1. Makes For Creative Minds

I do not intend to say that you are not a creative genius. It is just that most of the people who depend on creativity for survival opt to have a shower in the morning. It could be a hot or cold shower.

Either way, it helps them with getting into their right minds. Their creative juices start flowing effortlessly like water over through a fall.  Below is a list of the benefits of showering in the morning.

2. Some People Prefer To Get To The Gym In The Morning

If your best time to hit the gym is in the morning, then a morning shower will the most appropriate time for you. So right after exercising you hit the shower and get all ready for the day while fresh.

3. If You Get Trouble Waking Up

Some people get out of bed, but their minds are still in a slumber. These are the people that need a morning shower most to get the brain in action. If you are such a person, I would recommend for a cold shower to inject some life in your mind.

4. Fresh Morning Shavers

Shaving in the morning requires wet hair. Moist hair is soft, and the shavers do not tug on the skin. Tugging result in injury and eventually razor bumps. Also, with the possibility of accidentally cutting the skin, the blood clots more quickly. You will not bleed excessively.

5. You Have Oily Skin

If you categorize among people who have got oily skin, you will wake up with clogged skin pores. If you fail to take a shower in the morning, you will have one of the roughest days. Your body temperatures will be hitting the rooftops all day long. Also, it is just common sense that if you sweat at night to shower in the morning.

Showering At Night

Showering at night makes for the following benefits;

1. Triggering Sleep

Sleep highly depends on the body temperatures. A fluctuation in body temperatures induces sleep. By taking a hot shower at night, you raise the body temperatures, and they gradually start to lower. It takes time but eventually you will have the best night sleep. Do not shower just before your sleeping time, do it sometime earlier.

2. It Is A Hygiene Measure

One thing is for sure. People who shower at night have the cleanest beddings. During the day you expose the body to all kind of dirt, not to mention the sweat. People who clean up before getting in between the shits keep the dirt off the bed. The practice of cleaning up before bed time means they do not have to plan for regular beddings cleaning.

People who have dust related allergies will also need to clean up at night. By showering at night, you will keep the allergens off by keeping the bed clean.

3. You Can Afford To Save Some Minutes Of Sleep In The Morning

Those who take morning shower trade off quite some time to shower oversleeping. Showering at night give you some freedom to snooze the alarm a couple of times and still make it to work on time. On the contrary, snooze the alarm, and you have not yet had a shower. You will most likely get in trouble for being late to work.

If you leave in an extended family, you can attest that things get a little tricky. Everyone needs to take a morning shower, and you have no option but to wait in line.  Taking your shower at night saves you the trouble.

4. The Lotions And Moisturizers Will Work Best After A Night Shower

To get the full benefits of moisturizers and the body lotions apply them before going to bed. You will need to have a night shower for that. At night the body is the least active hence giving the skin ample time to moisturize without the sweat, for example, getting in the way.

5. You Work In Areas That Call For A Night Clean Up

These go to people who work in dusty places, hospitals for the obvious reason that they are rich in germs. It comes without saying that you fall into such a category you will need a night shower.

Final Verdict

I was hoping that I could make a solid verdict. This topic puts me in a situation that I have to admit, may it be a morning shower or a night shower. It is not all put to us in black and white to choose. It will depend on a list of factors that contribute to your lifestyle.

Which lifestyle best promotes your personal hygiene. If morning showers promote your personal hygiene and health, then stick to it. In the course of the article, you have learned the different benefits of a morning or night shower. There is a possibility that you were doing it wrong depending on skin type and other personal traits. Do not shy from embracing a new time to shower. It will be worth it.

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