When To Get A New Shower Head? Here Is What Plumbing Experts Suggest!

The shower is among some of the most loved and visited places in the house. And this is for many reasons including the fact that it is a relaxing and therapeutic place where we go not just to get clean but to get the feeling of washing down the stresses and troubles that ail us.

However, many people don’t realize that a normal shower head needs to be replaced every 6 to 8 months at least.

Not many people know this, and as a result, we end up with showers that are dirty, clogged and that may present health hazards should we continue to use them in the same way they are. If you are wondering when you should get another shower head, this article will enlighten you about that and much more.

Sediment Build-Up

The water that we use doesn’t just come as it is to our taps or faucets for use. This is because there can be impurities in the water that can expose the users to dangers of infection, sickness and other matters that may be harmful to the users’ health.

For this reason, chemical additives are introduced into the water to make it safe for use to make sure there are no health hazards, and it is these additives that cause some problems sometimes with your showerhead. Over time, the sediments accumulate and end up clogging your showerhead.

Some people trust certain home remedies to take care of the sediments, but if your showerhead has been there for over six months, then you had better replace it rather than try to clean it. In this way, you maintain high standards of cleanliness in your house and make sure you uphold health issues.

Bacteria Build Up

Bacteria is all over and everywhere, and it is because the bacteria is microscopic that we cannot see it as it floats around or sticks to certain things and lives there all the time. Many bacteria are useful and necessary in our daily lives, and they make life better in many ways; however, some bacteria cause harm and make people sick and ail.

Bathrooms as well are notorious with bacteria, and it is common to find them living or stuck in our showerheads. Again instead of coming up with ways at home to clean the showerhead especially after six months of use, that may sometimes not even be effective, the best thing to do is just replace the showerhead.

You have a full guarantee of a clean and bacteria free showerhead. You get to maintain a sparkling environment and at the same time keep yourself from sicknesses and health hazards.

Black Mold

Black mold presents itself as many little black spots on your showerhead. It finds a good environment to grow in and thrive in places where it is the wet and constant flow of water.

For example, if you don’t close your shower tightly so that droplets of water keep dripping after you shower, then it presents a good breeding ground for black mold and the possibility that black mold has invaded your showerhead is very high.

If you have a plastic showerhead then you more at risk of black mold than someone who uses a metallic showerhead. This is another reason to get a new showerhead. There are home remedies for dealing with this too, but they can never be as good as getting a brand new showerhead which is 100% safe.


For those who use metallic showerheads, you might be at risk of developing rust in your showerhead which might be a dangerous thing for anyone using the shower. Rust develops and thrives nicely when metallic materials are exposed to water and oxygen, and when it develops in your shower head, it can be a health hazard.

You should be very careful about your metallic showerhead and check it regularly in case it develops rust. Also as said earlier, you should replace it every six to eight months, make sure it’s fresh and new all the time.

Final Word

Hygiene, especially in your bathroom, is paramount, and it is among the top reasons you should replace your showerhead. This is aside from health hazards, clogging, etc.

Thus, make sure your showerhead is replaced every so often to make sure you are not exposed to any dangers that may come as a result of these factors discussed above.

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