Zenfresh Filtration For Dry Skin and Ionic Showerhead Review

For me, A shower at my own shower stall and spa-like treatment at my own shower stall with an Eco-friendly shower system like Zenfresh is a bliss. If this isn’t reason enough for you, this miracle of a showerhead does a good job on improving the growth of your hair and Inflicts positive change on your skin.

Installing Zenfresh handheld showerhead with the normal hose is easy as pie. I didn’t need any professional help for the task after I bought this one online and it arrived at my doorsteps.

If you want to put an end to dry skin due to impure showers, Zenfresh Filtration Shower Head for Dry Skin and Ionic Showerhead is your best chance. Once you try it, you won’t be able to fit into any other ordinary shower.

Zenfresh Filtration Shower Head Features

Zenfresh Filtration Shower Head

Below we covered Zenfresh Filtration Shower Head For Dry Skin And Ionic Showerhead Review.

Economical water consumption

This is an eco-friendly showerhead that saves a lot of water without interfering with your shower comfort. It doesn’t sacrifice the pressure in as much as it economizes water usage.

Using this shower lowers your water bill while it puts you at a position of enjoying a luxurious shower every time.

Filtered body spray

Impurities that your body get exposed to every time you use an ordinary shower is responsible for the dryness of your skin and poor hair growth.

This Zenfresh Filtration showerhead has 3 layers mineralized spheres that greatly reduce impurities from the water every time you are taking a shower. Using it eliminates any health hazard that you can acquire from showering.

Bioactive Stones

This also perfects on water purity every time you are using this showerhead. The bioactive stones put an end to your days of dry skin after shower and blocked pores.

Most of these problems are caused by impurities in shower water.

Low flow handheld shower head

This showerhead pours water gently on your head and body with its low flow effect. It brings the spa feeling every time you use it, making your showering moments memorable each day.

You won’t experience uncomfortable water flashes when using the Zenfresh Filtration Showerhead. Instead, you have the opportunity to enjoy massage like waterfall and even sprays.

Easy Installation

On top of these exemplary features choose this showerhead is one of the easiest to install. It can be fixed to any standard hose without a single problem.

Once you purchase your piece, you will be able to easily fix it by yourself, saving you the trouble of hiring an installation service.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to use and install.
  • Has a lot of health benefits.
  • This handheld showerhead has a lot of health benefits.
  • You are able to clean shampoo off your hair fast enough.


  • The water control isn’t adjustable

Zenfresh Filtration Shower Head

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the water control adjustable or fixed?

A: It’s just one fixed spray, but it is perfect. The feeling the spray brings makes you not want to use any other ordinary shower ever.

Q: Does it really have an effect on the hair and skin?

A: Yes, it does. This is an amazing shower; it doesn’t leave a bit of shampoo in your hair. It gives the scalp a massage touch every time you use it.

Q: How long can this shower head last?

A: It will serve you long enough. I have been with mine for quite a while now and it still functions like it’s new.

Final Verdict

Taking good shower daily has several benefits to your health and body. A great shower is always admirable apart from its great contribution to stress relief and mood setting.

If you need a showerhead that is able to turn your shower room into a spa, then you should give Zenfresh Filtration Shower Head a try. It pours water with a rainfall effect and gives the head and body a massage touch. This shower head can make shower times you favorite time every day.

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